The American in Paris, Tom 2

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H. Colburn, 1838
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Strona 105 - What the state ought to take upon itself to direct by the public wisdom, and what it ought to leave, with as little interference as possible, to individual discretion.
Strona 194 - Bianca nieve è il bel collo, e '1 petto latte; il collo è tondo, il petto colmo e largo: due pome acerbe, e pur d'avorio fatte, vengono e van come onda al primo margo, quando piacevole aura il mar combatte.
Strona 63 - He was always good, always polite, and every one loved him;" and then she burst into tears. The last grave I looked upon, I will now read to you: "Died, March 1st, 1832, Frances Anne, Countess Colonna de Walewski, daughter of the late John Bulkeley, Esq., of Lisbon, widow of the late General Humphreys, of the United States, minister in Spain and Portugal."—I could write a romance at the foot of this monument. I lingered here until the last glimmerings of day faded, and night covered all but the...
Strona 159 - Un conquérant, dans sa fortune altière, Se fit un jeu des sceptres et des lois , Et de ses pieds on peut voir la poussière Empreinte encor sur le bandeau des rois.
Strona 45 - The site of his grave here is occupied by the pyramidal monument, with two lateral staircases of fifteen or twenty steps descending to its base, of a rich Portuguese family, Dios Santos. A Frenchman, who enjoys life so well, is, of all creatures, the least concerned at leaving it. He selects his marble of the finest tints; and has often his coffin made and grave dug in advance.
Strona 29 - A Frenchman has a tormenting load of animal spirits that cannot live without employment: he has no idea of happiness in a calm; and it is not likely that he will remain " endimanche chez-lui" during the twelve hours of the day, or that his Sunday evenings would be better employed than in the theatre and ball room. This is my opinion; but I have great doubts whether a man ought to have an opinion of his own, when it does not correspond with that of others, who are notoriously wiser than himself. I...
Strona 245 - ... good gifts filled is. Thy pipe, O Pan, shall help, though I sing sorrily. A heap of sweets she is, where nothing spilled is, Who, though she be no bee, yet full of honey is : A lily field, with plough of rose, which tilled is.
Strona 285 - Con un color angelico di perla: Graziosa a vederla , E disdegnosa, dove si convene : Umile, vergognosa e temperata, E sempre a vertù grata, Intra' suoi be' costumi un atto regna , Che d
Strona 184 - ... novelty. Some of these men keep regular offices, and sell out plots and counterplots and bon-mots, as brokers do mortgages and bills of exchange. Others bring their rough materials to the great manufactory under which they are employed, and receive from Monsieur Scribe or some other master workman, their pay or an interest in the piece proportionate to the value of the contribution. I know of one who has been living upon the eighth of a vaudeville for several years; and another, who is getting...
Strona 286 - ... neath which you see Two crisp young ivory apples come and go, Like waves that on the shore beat tenderly, When a sweet air is ruffling to and fro." I send you a copy of her washerwoman's list for the last week. I have seen one of the Queen Elizabeth's somewhere, which began thus: Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queen of England, Ireland and France, Defender of the Faith. Two petticoats, fyc. This Frenchwoman's is without preface as follows: One frock...

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