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which will be added, a Guide up the in the Note-book of a Briefless Barris river Ganges from Calcutta to Cawnpore, ter. Futtch, Ghur, Medrat, &c.

Memoirs of the Rev. C. Church, late The Vespers of Palermo; a Tragedy Chaplain on the Hon. East India Com. in Five Acts, is now in the press. pany's Bombay Establishment. By the

The Green House Companion, intend- Rev. J. Hough. ed as a Familiar Manual for the General The Italian Interpreter ; consisting of Management of a Green House. By Dr Copious and Familiar Conversations. By Thornton.

A. Bernardo: Portraits of the Worthies of Westmin- Letters from the Caucasus and Georster Hall, with their Autographs ; being gia, with Maps and Plates, are announFac-similies of Original Sketches found ced.

EDINBURGH. Adam Blair. The second edition, cor- Scotland written in the ancient Scottish rected, will be published in a few days, in language. one volume, 12mo.

A Treatise on the Theory and PraeTournay; or Alaster of Kempelcairn. tice of Music: By G. F. Graham, Esq. By the Author of the “ Fire-Eater;" An Account of the Life and Writings 12mo.

of the late Thomas Brown, M.D. ProA new Edition of the Philosophical fessor of Moral Philosophy in the UniWritings of David Hume. It will con- versity of Edinburgh. By the Rev. Datain the Treatise on Human Nature, vid Welsh, Minister of Crossmichael. In together with the other Essays and 8vo. with a Portrait engraved by Walker. Treatises on Morals, Politics, and the A Treatise on the Law of Libel. By Belles Lettres, including all the Essays John Borthwick, Esq. Advocate. omitted in the later editions. The Au- An Italian translation of Dodsley's thor's most remarkable corrections and Economy of Human Life-rendered into alterations, as they occur in the different that language by Signor Aloisi, a native impressions, will be added in the shape of Tuscany. of Notes, and the Life, written by him- “ Recollections of an eventful life, self, will be prefixed to the whole. chiefly passed in the Army. By a Soi

In the press and speedily will be pub- dier," containing Sketches of a Sailor's lished, Traditions of Edinburgh, or Le life-The Army-Operations at Cadiz gends and Anecdotes respecting the City by the troops under General Grahamin former times.

Grand Army in Portugal - General PicVolume Third of an Etymological ton's Division, with Sketches of the vaDictionary of the Scottish Language ; rious engagements where that division in which the words are explained in their fought-amongst others, Fuentos d'Odifferent senses, and deduced from their nor, Roderigo, Badajos, Salamanca, Vitoriginals. By John Jamieson, D.D. Fel- toria, Toulouse, &c. &c. up to the peace low of the Royal Society of Edin. &c. in 1814.

The History of Scotland, from 1436 to Preparing for publication, a Practical 1561, including the reigns of James II., Guide to English Composition, or a comIII., IV., and V., and ending at Queen prehensive System of English Grammar, Mary's return from France. By John Criticism, and Logic, arranged and illusLesly, Bishop of Ross. Written in the trated upon a new and improved Plan, Scottish Language about the year 1570, containing opposite Principles, Rules, and mentioned in the Bishop's Dedica- and Examples, for writing correctly and tion to the three last books of his La elegantly on every subject; adapted to tin History. In 4to., uniform with Bel- the use of Schools and of Private ScuJenden's Chronicles of Scotland, of which dents. By the Rev. Peter Smith, A.M. it forms an appropriate continuation. It True Happiness only found in the is the intention of the publishers to print Christian Life. By the author of Israel's similar editions of all the Histories of Shepherd.



signs for Swiss Cottages. “The differA Series of Designs for Ornamental ence of expense between good and bad Cottages, Gate-Lodges, Farm-houses, forms is comparatively tribing." By P. Alms-houses, Parsonages, Dairies, and F. Robinson, Architect. Complete in 12 Gentlemen's Residences, with some De- numbers. L.3.


plained ; with an Appendix of Cases, inMemoir of the late Mrs Henrietta For. cluding arguments particularly relating dyce, relict of James Fordyce, D.D. to Trading Joint-stock Companies. By Containing Original Letters, Anecdotes, George Farren, Solicitor, and Resident and Pieces of Poetry; to which is added, Director of the Economic Life Assurance “ A Sketch of the Life of James For Society. Dedicated (by permission) to dyce, D.D." Post 8vo. 6s.

the Earl of Eldon. Price 7s. Memoirs of the Life of the Reverend Observations on the Case of the King and Venerable John Connant, D.D. Rec- 0. Geddington, relative to the Law of tor of Exeter College, Oxford, Regius Parochial Settlement by Equitable EsProfessor of Divinity in tbat University, tate, decided by Mr Justice Bayley, Mr Arch-deacon of Norwich, Prebendary of Justice Holroyd, and Mr Justice Best, Worcester, and Vicar of All Saints, Nor- after the last Trinity Term, upon a Case thampton, at the time that town was de stated by the Justices for the County of stroyed by fire, of which dreadful catas- Northampton. By Andrew Amos, Esq. trophe a particular account is given in a Barrister at Law, and late Fellow of Triprivate letter to a friend. The whole nity College, Cambridge. written by his son, John Connant, LL.D. The Speech of Daniel French, Esq. and now first published by the Rev. W. Barrister at Law, in the case of the King Stanton, M.A. 4s. 6d.

0. John Jones. 2s. 6d. Memoire du Duc de Rovigo, sur la The Case of Odwin v. Forbes, on the Catastrophe du Duc D'Enghi French plea of the English Certificate of Bankand English. 3s. 6d, each.

ruptcy in Bar, in a Foreign Jurisdiction, The Memoirs of George III. from the to the Suit of a Foreign Creditor, as conPeace of Amiens, 1802, to the termina- firmed in Appeal, with the Authorities, tion of the Regency, 1820. (Forming and Foreign and English Cases. To vols. 13 and 14 of the History of Great which is prefixed a Treatise on the DifBritain.) By William Belsham. In 2 ference between Personal and Real Stavols. 8vo. L.l, Is.

tutes, and its effect on Foreign JudgMemoirs of the Life of Ferdinand VII. ments and Contracts, Marriages, and King of the Spains. By Don

Wills. With an Appendix, on the preAdvocate of the Spanish Tribunals. sent Law of France respecting ForeignTranslated from the original Spanish ers. By J. Henry, Esq. of the Middle Manuscript. By Michael J. Quin, Au- Temple, Barrister at Law. thor of “ A Visit to Spain in 1822 and 1823."

The Medical Guide, for the use of the The Life of Mary Queen of Scots, Clergy, Heads of Families, and Pracdrawn from the State Papers. With Six titioners in Medicine and Surgery; comsubsidiary Memoirs-1. Of the Calum- prising a Domestic Dispensatory and nies concerning the Scottish Queen-2. Practical Treatise on the Symptoms, Memoirs of Francis I1.-3. Of Lord Causes, Prevention, and cure of the DisDarnley—4. Of James Earl Bothwell- eases incident to the Human Frame, with 5. Of the Earl of Murray—6. Of Secre- the latest discoveries in Medicine. By tary Maitland. By George Chalmers, Richard Reece, M. D. Member of the F.R.S. F.S. Second edition. 3 vols. 8vo. Royal College of Surgeons in London,

&c. Thirteenth edition, with additions, Matthiæ's Greek Grammar. By the 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. Rev. E. V. Blomfield. A third edition, An Engraved Representation of the 2 vols. 8vo.

Anatomy of the Human Ear, exhibiting, EDUCATION.

at one view, the external and internal An Epitome of Locke's Essay on the parts of the Organ in Situ, &c. By Human Understanding, in Question and Thomas Buchanan, C.M. Licentiate of Answer, chiefly for the use of Students the University of Glasgow, &c. Folio. in the University of Cambridge, and of 12s. 6d. boards. those who intend to pursue their studies Observations illustrative of the Histhere,

tory and Treatment of Chronic Debility, HISTORY.

the prolific source of Indigestion, SpasElements of General History, Ancient modic Diseases, and various Nervous and Modern, by the Abbé Millot; with Affections. By William Shearman, M.D. a continuation from 1760 to 1815. By Member of the Royal College of PhysiMr Professor Miller. 6 vols. 8vo. L.3, 3s. clans. 78. LAW.

MISCELLANIES. A Treatise of Life Assurance; in which The Sporting Scrap-Book, by Henry the Systems and the Practice of the lead- Alken, wherein are delineated the greating Life Institutions are stated and ex- est variety of Sporting Animals, rural and




amusing subjects, hitherto submitted to 3s.; half-bound, 4s. ; fine half-bound, the Public by this admired Artist. Fifty 5s. 6d. plates. L.1, 8s.

NOVELS AND TALES. The Graces, or Literary Souvenir, for Italian Tales; Tales of Humour, Gal. 1824.

lantry, and Romance; beautifully printLetters to Richard Heber, Esq. M.P., ed on French wove paper, and illustrated containing critical remarks on the series with 16 original designs by George Cruik. of Novels beginning with " Waverley,” shank. Some copies, with proof plates, and an attempt to ascertain their author. 14s. Second edition.

Hurstwood ; a Tale of the year 1715. Observations on Prison Discipline, ex- In three vols 12mo. 16s. 6d. boards. emplified by the Tread-Mill and Dietary The Spectre of the Forest ; or, Annals adopted in the Nottinghamshire House of the Housatonic. A New England of Correction, at Southwell. By Benja- Romance. 3 vols. 163. 6d. min Hutchinson, Surgeon to the Estab- Herwald de Wake ; or, The Two lishment.

Apostates, A Romance. 2 vols. 18s. Points of Misery, or Fables for Man- Koningsmarke, the Long Finne. 3 kind; Prose and Verse, chiefly original. vols. 12mo. 18s. By Charles Westmacott. Illustrated The Stranger's Grave. 12mo. 6s. with twenty designs, by Robert Cruik

POETRY. shank. 8vo. 10s, 6d.

Don Juan. Cantos the Twelfth, Thir. Essay on the Inventions and Customs teenth, and Fourteenth. of Ancient and Modern Nations in the Mary Stuart; a Tragedy. --The Maid use of Wine and other Liquors, with an of Orieans; a Tragedy. From the Ger. historical view of the practice of Distilla- man of Schiller; with a Life of the Aution, shewing its importance in Political thor. By the Rev. H. Salvin, M. B. Economy as a source of Wealth and Re- 10s. 6d. venue. By Samuel Morewood, Surveyor The Spirit of the Lakes; or, Mucruss of Excise. 8vo. 123.

Abbey, a Poem in three Cantos; with A Guide to Practical Farriery; con. Explanatory Notes, from the best and taining Hints on the Diseases of Horses most approved authorities. By Miss Luand Neat-Cattle, with many valuable and by. 10s. 6d. Original Recipes from the practice of an The Pilgrim's Tale; a Poem. By C. eminent Veterinary Surgeon. With an Lockhart. 6s. Appendix. By J. Pursglove, sen. 10s. 6d. The Nun; a Poetical Romance. 7s.6d.

A Complete Exposure of the late Irish The Count Arezzi; a Tragedy. 7s. Miracles, in a Letter to Dr Murray, titular Archbishop of Dublin. By a rational A second Series of Sermons, Doctrinal Christian. 8vo. 2s. 60. sewed.

and Practical, adapted to the Service of An Attempt to Explain, on Natural particular Sundays. By the Rev. James Principles, the Cures, alleged to be mira Aspinall, A.M. of St Mary Hall, Oxford, culous, of Miss Lalor and Mrs Stuart. and Curate of Rochdale. 8vo. 8s. By a Physician. Second edition. 8vo. Canon of Scripture Vindicated. The ls.

absurd hypothesis that Eusebius of CæThe Calcutta Annual Register, vol. 1, sarea was an Editor, or Corrupter of the for the year 1821; to be continued an- Holy Scriptures, exposed a second time. nually. L.), ls.

With an Appendix, in defence of the auTime's Telescope for 1824; or a com- thor's Eighth Bampton Lecture against plete Guide to the Almanack; contain- the Strictures in a Work, entitled “ Paing an Explanation of Saints' Days and læoromaica." By the Rev. Thomas FalHolidays, Illustrations of British History coner, M.D., formerly Fellow of Corpus and Antiquities, Notices of Obsolete Christi College, Oxford. Rites and Customs, Sketches of com- Gleanings from Pions Authors, incluparative Chronology and contemporary ding a choice Collection of Letters, (some Biography, Astronomical Occurrences by the late Rev. John Newton, never bethroughout the year. 9s.

fore published,) original Poetry, and a SePigot and Co.'s London and Provin- lection of Texts on various Subjects. By cial Directory for 1824.

the author of " Miscellaneous Thoughts.' Collin's Memoranda for 1824, contain- Short Sermons to Children. By the ing a Diary for Memorandums, Appoint. Rev. Alexander Fletcher, Minister of iments, Bills Due, List of Stamp Duties, Albion Chapel, Moorgate. 2s. 6d. Public Holidays, Assessed Taxes, and a The General Connection and Harmony variety of other most useful information. between the Laws and Religion ; a Ser. In 4to., neatly printed on the best large mon, preached in the Cathedral Church thick wove post paper. Price, sewed, of Chester, before the Judges of the As.


size, on Sunday, August 24, 1823. By boards. Also may be had Vol. I., with George Henry Law, D. D., F. R., and numerous Engravings in 4to. L. 4, 14s. Cd. A. S., Lord Bishop of Chester.

Travels into Chili over the Andes, in A Present for the Convalescent; or, the years 1820 and 1821; with some for those to whom, it is hoped, some Re- Sketches of the Production and Agriculcent Affliction has been attended with a ture, Mines and Metallurgy, Inhabitants, Divine Blessing; and for New Converts History, and other Features of America, to Religion in general. By the Rev. particularly of Chile and Arauco ; illusJohn Fry. 4s.

trated with 30 Plates, &c. By Peter An Examination of certain prevailing Schmidtmeyer. 4to. L.2, 2s. Opinions on some of the fundamental Recollections of the Peninsula, conDoctrines of Christianity, in a course of taining Sketches of the Manners and Sermons preached at Cambridge. By the Character of the Spanish Nation. By Rev. William Sharpe, M. A., &c. Third the author of “Sketches in India.” Seedition. 8vo. 58. sewed.

cond cdition. 8vo. 8s.
Sicily, and its Islands.

From a comTravels in the Interior of Southern plete Survey undertaken by order of the Africa. By William J. Burchell, Esq. Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, by: With a large and entirely new Map, and Captain W. H. Smytí, R.N. With foura Hundred and Sixteen coloured and teen Plates, beautifully engraved by DaBlack Engravings. Vol. II. L.4, 14s. 6d. niell. 4to.



Percy Mallory. By the Author of on some of the Duties and Scenes of Do" Pen Owen.” 3 vols. post 8vo. mestic Life. By the Rev. Henry Belf

St Johnstoun; or, John Earl of Gow- rage, Minister in Falkirk. 7s. 6d. rie; a Scotch historical Novel. 3 vols. Edinburgh Christian Instructor. No. 12mo. L. l, ls.

CLXI, for December. The Spae-Wife; a Tale of the Scottish An Elementary Cempendium of PhyChronicles. By the Author of “ Annals siology for the use of Students. By F. of the Parish," " Ringan Gilhaize," &c. Majendie, M. D. Translated from the 3 vols. 12mo.

French, with Notes, &c. By E. Milligan, St Ronan's Well. By the author of M.D. 8vo. 14s. “ Waverley,” “ Quentin urward,” &c. The Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; or Dic3 vols. post octavo.

tionary of Arts, Sciences, and MiscellaNovels and Romances of the Author neous Literature. Conducted by David of Waverley, comprising the Pirate, the Brewster, LL. D. F. R. S. London, Sec. Fortunes of Nigel, Peveril of the Peak, R. S. Edinburgh, &c. &c. ; with the asand Quentin Durward. 7 vols. 8vo. sistance of gentlemen eminent in Science L. 4, 4s.

and Literature. Vol. XVI. Part II. 4to, The New Calliope, No. I. ; being a ll. ls. selection of British, and occasionally Fo- The Voice of Facts, from the Convent reign Melodies, newly arranged for the of Saint Joseph, Ranelagh, Dublin. By Piano-forte, and engraved on copper by the Rev. Joseph Finlayson, A.M. 18mo. John Beugo; with Vignettes to each Father Clement. A Roman Catholic Song. To be continued quarterly. 7s. Story. By the author of “ Decision."

Caius Gracchus, a Tragedy; as per- 24mo. 4s. 6d. formed at the Theatre Royal, Drury- A Selection of Antiquarian and HistoJane. By James Sheridan Knowles, Esq. rical Notes. By R. O. Jeunoway. 8vo. author of “ Virginius.' 3s. 6d.

9s. A Volume of Sermons preached before Transactions of the Medico-Chirurgithe Congregation at St John's Church, cal Society of Edinburgh. 8vo. 185. Glasgow. By the Rev. Thomas Chalm- An Inquiry into the Doctrine of Oriers, D.D. 8vo. Price 10s. Bd. boards. ginal Sin. By the Rev. John Cormack,

Parts I. to X. Bibliotheca Britannica, Minister of Stow. 12mo. 5s. or a General Index to the Literature of Supplement to Morrison's Dictionary Great Britain and Ireland, Ancient and of the Decisions of the Court of Session. Modern, with such foreign Works as have By M. P. Brown, Esq. Advocate. Vol. been translated into English, or printed 1. Part I. 4to. 158. in the British Dominions ; including also Metaphorical Sketches of the New a copious Selection from the Writings of and Old Systems. With Opinions on inthe most celebrated Authors of all Ages teresting Subjects, by Abraham Combe, and Nations. By Robert Watt, M.D. Edinburgh. 2s.

A Monitor to Families; or, Discourses
Vol. XIV.

5 A


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...-8. Od ...-8. Od.


Oats. Pease & Beans.
Ist,.. 358. Od. 1st,... 258. od: 1st....... 22s. Od. Ist......, 21s. Od.
2d, ...32$. 6d. 2d, ... 24s. Od. 2d,...... 20s. Od. 2d,...... 20s. Od.
3d, ...19s. Od. 3d, ... 20s. Od. 3d,......158. Od. 3d, ....19s. Od.

Tuesday, Dec. 9.
Beef (17} oz. per lb.) 0s. 3d. to Os. Gd. Quartern Loaf Os. 8d. to Os. Id.

Os. 3d. to Os. 6d. | New Potatoes (28 lb.) Od. to Os.
Os. 78. to Os. 9d. Fresh Butter, per lb. ls. 2d. to 0s.

Od. Pork

Os. 3d. to Os. 5d. Salt ditto, per stone 16s. Od. to 18s. Od. Lamb, per quarter . Os. Od. to Os. Od. Ditto, per lb.

ls. Od. to Os. Od. Tallow, per stone 6s. 6d. to 7s. Od. | Eggs, per dozen Is. Od. to Os. d.




Beans. Ist, ....34s. Od. 1st, ... -s. Od. Ist; ... 20s. Od. 1st, ....21s. Od. 1st, ....21s. Od. 2d, ....33s. Od. 2d, ... -S. Od. | 2d,.....J8s. Od. | 2d, ....19. Od. 2d, ....19s. Od. 3d, ....32s. Od. | 3d, ... —S. Od. 3d, ....16s. Od. 3d, .....175. Od. 3d, ...178. Od.



Beans. 1st, 31s. Od. Ist, 259. Od. 1st, 20s. Od. 1st, 16s. 6d. Ist,

- Od. 2d, 27s. Od. 2d, 23s. Od. 2d, 18s. Od. 2d,

-s. Od. 2d, 3d, , 25s. Od. 3d, , 20s. Od. 3d, 16s. 0d 3d,

-$. Od. 3d, Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended Dec. 6. Wheat, 51s. 100.-Barley, 288. 4d.-Oats, 21s. 70.-Rye, 328. Od.-Beans, 345. 8d.-Pease, 345. &d. London, Corn Exchange, Dec. 8.

Liverpool, Dec. 9.

d. 8. d. Wheat, red, old 46 to 58 Maple, new - to - Wheat, per 70 lb. Amer. p. 196 lb. Fine ditto. 40 to 42 White pease. 30 to 35 Eng. new 7 9 to 8 8 Sweet, U.S. 28 O to Superfine ditto 44 to 49 Ditto, boilers . 56 to 40 Foreign ...4 0 to 1 9 Do. inbond - 0 to Ditto, new 32 to 38 Small Beans, new 33 to 38| Waterford 6 6 to 7 0 Sour free. 30 0 to 33 0 White, old 52 to 65 Ditto, old . 36 to 40||Limerick

- O to

- oOatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine ditto. 4) to 50 Tick ditto, new 30 to 34 Drogheda 6 9 to 7 3English 27 0 to 30 0 Superfine ditto 52 to 56 Ditto, old 31 to 36||Dublin 6 4 to 6 10 Scotch .. 23 0 to 26 0 Ditto, new 35 to 44 Feed oats 19 to 22|Scotch old 8 6 to 9

6 Irish ..

23 O to 26 0 Rye

36 to 40 Fine ditto 92 to 23|Irish Old . 6 6 to 8 4 Bran, p.241b. 1 3 to 1 Barley, new 21 to 23 Poland ditto 20 to 24Barley, per 60 lbs. Fine ditto. 94 to 26 Fine ditto. 25 to 26 Eng.

Butter, Beef, &c.

4 6 to 5 OL Superfine ditto 28 to 31 Potato ditto 21 to 21|Scotch - 0 to - 0Butter,p.cwt. s. d. &. d.

48 to 52 Fine ditto. 25 to 26 Irish. 4 3 to 4 9 Belfast, new 89 0 to 91 0 Fine 52 to 58 Scotch 27 to 28 Oats, per 15 lb.

Newry 81 0 to 86 0
Hog Pease 30 to 32 Flour, per sack 50 to 55 Eng. new 3 0 to 5 2 Waterford . 79 0 to
• 31 to 33 Ditto, seconds 45 to 48 Irish do. . 5 0 to 3 i Cork,pic.2d, 78 0 to

Scotch do30 to 3 2
Seeds, fc.

3d dry 72 0 to 00
Rye, per qr.34 0 to 36 6 Beef, p. tierce.
$. d.
$. d. Malt per b. 8 0 to 8

78 0 to 84 0 Must. White, . 10 to 10 6,Hempseed to-0–Middling 7 0 to 7 9 p. Darrel 50 0 to 56 O Brown, new 9 to 14 o Linseed, crush.

Beans, per q.

Pork, p. bl. Tares, per bsh. 5 to 96- Fine

English . 33 O to 42 01- Mess

65 0 to 67 0 Sanfoin, per qr. 30 to 35 0Rye Grass, . 16

.. 36 0 to 40 01- Middl.

60 O to 69 0 Turnips, bsh. 10 to 15 0 Ribgrass, 28 to 34 O Rapeseed, p.l. £23 to 25 Bacon, p, cwt. - Red & green 10 to 14 o Clover, red cwt.54 to 75 of Pease, grey32 0 to 36 6Short mids. 16 0 to 18 0

Yellow, 9 to 11 0 - White .. 62 to 72 0-White .41 0 to 50 o Sides. 44 0 to 45 0 Caraway, cwt. 46 to 54 o Coriander . . 12 to 13 0 Flour, English, Hams, dry, 54 0 to 56 O Canary, per qr. 50 to 52 0 Trefoil .. .. 10 to 23 ollp.2401b.fine38 0 to 48 O Green -Oto 0 Rape Seed, per last, £24 to £25. Ilirish, 2ds 36 0 to 47 OlLard,rd.p.c. 50 0 to 52 0 Weekly Price of Stocks, from 3d to 220 November 1823.


15th. 22d.



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9- Mess

[blocks in formation]

Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced, a.com
3 per cent. consols.............
3 per cent. consols,..........
4 per cent. consols,
New 4 per cent. consols,....
Imper. 3 per cent. .......
India stock,

Long Annuities,
Exchequer bills,
Exchequer bills, sm..
Consols for acc.com
French 5 per cents.




994 994 100

1037 104


81 p. 79 p.

78 p.


46 48 49 p. 45 47 p.

49 p. 47 49 p.) 45 47 p.

46 49 p. 83 % 3 831 831 88f. 60c.


38 42 p.
38 42 p.
98f. 25c.

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