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17. At 77, Great King Street, Mrs L. Cathcart, March. 11. At Calcutta, Mrs George Ballard, of of a daughter. a son.

- At Roehampton, the Lady of the AttorneyMay 10. At sea, on board the Hon. East India General, of a daughter. Company's ship Farquharson, Mrs Major Taylor, 20. At Calais, the Lady of S. G. Marshall, his of a daughter."

Britannic Majesty's Consul, of a daughter. Aug. 11, At Geneva, the Lady of Henry Iveson, - At 5, North Charlotte Street, Mrs William Esq. of Blackbank, near Leeds, of a son.

Tennant, of a daughter. 19. At Florence, the Lady of William David 21. At Monymusk, the Lady of Robert Grant, son, Esq. younger of Muirhouse, of a son.

Esq. of Tilliefour, of a son. 28. At Linlathen, the Laily of Captain James 23. At Barns, Mrs Burnet of Barns, of a daughPaterson, of a daughter.

ter, still-born. - At Westridge, Isle of Wight, Mrs John 24. At Linkfield, the Lady of Wm. Aitchison, Young, of a son.

Esq. of a daughter. – Åt Pirn, the Lady of Captain Tait, Royal In Great King Street, the Lady of Captain Navy, of a son.

Boswall, Royal Navy, of a daughter. 30. At Kilnflat, near Forres, Mrs William Grant, - At Kentish Town, near London, Mrs James of a son,

Block, of a daughter. - At Rennishawe, the Lady of Sir George 27. The Lady of Walter Long, Esq. of Baynton Sittwell, Bart. of a daughter.

House, Wilts, of a son and heir. - At Buccleugh Place, Mrs David Campbell, Sept. 28. At Havre-de-Grace, the Lady of Wil. of a daughter.

liam Davidson, Esq. of a son. Sept. 1. At Culduthel, Mrs Frazer of Culduthel, 29. At Glasgow, the Lady of Licut.-Colonel of a daughter.

Hastings, of a daughter. 3. At Kilbryde Castle, Lady Campbell, of a son. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Orr, Hart Street, of a

- At Edinburgh, the Lady of William Thomas son. Carruthers, Esq. of Dormont, of a son and heir. - At Sunny Side, the Lady of Captain Invera

At Teddington, the Lady of Lieut. Colonel rity, of a son, Mercer, 3d Guards, of a son.

-At Woodend Cottage, Mrs Leith Hay, of a - Ai Milton, in Northamptonshire, the Right daughter. Hon. Lady Milton, of a son.

Oct. 1. In George Street, the Lady of Adolphus 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone, Northum Ross, M.D. of a daughter. berland Street, of a daughter.

- At Portsmouth, Mrs Major Dalzell, of a son. - At Pinkie House, Lady Hope of Craighall, of 2. At Midhurst, the Hon. Lady Stopford, of a a son.

daughter. - At West Heriot Row, Mrs Morson, of a 3. At Ruchlaw, the Lady of John Buchan Syddaughter.

serf, Esq. of Ruchlaw, of a son. 5. At Yester House, the Marchioness of Tweed - At Sandgate, Ayr, the Lady of William Fuldale, of a daughter.

larton, Esq. of Skeldon, of a daughter. 7. At Brighton Place, Portobello, Mrs M. Sten - In York Place, Mrs Ferrier, of a son. house, of a daughter.

6. At Dean House, near Edinburgh, Lady Brad8. In Castle Street, Mrs Alexander Robertson, ford, of a son. of a daughter.

- Mrs James Moncrieff, Northumberland 9. At North Berwick, Mrs Dr Fogo, of a daugh Street, of a daughter. ter.

7. In the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, the Lady of - In Gardner's Place, Dublin, the Lady of William Scot, Esq. secretary to the Medical Board, Lieut.-Colonel Ross, Esq. of Laurence Park, of a Madras, of a son. daughter, still born.

- At Priory Cottage, St Andrews, the Lady of - At Drummond Place, Mrs Megget, of a Lieut-Colonel Robert Moodie, of a son. daughter.

9. Mrs Cargill, Scotland Street, of a son. - At Ednam Cottage, the Lady of Captain 10. At Scalloway, in Shetland, the Lady of John Loch, Royal Navy, of a son.

Scott, younger, Esq. of Scalloway, of a son. 10. At London, the Marchioness of Shandos, of - At No. 33, George Street, Mrs Espinasse, of a son.

a son. 11. In Great King Street, Mrs P. Robertson, - Mrs Mercer, Society, Brown Square, of a of a son.

daughter. - In George's Square, Mrs Mitchell, of a son. 12. At the Mount, Harrow, Middlesex, the Lady

- At 31, Howe Street, Mrs Scott Moncriefl, of of Archibald Campbell, Esq. of a ou. a daughter.

13. The wife of James Mackenzie, seaman, Mon12. Mrs Lawrie, Hay's Court, of a son.

trose, of three boys. - Mrs Craufurd, Duncan Street, Newington, - At Spreull's Court, Glasgow, Mrs MacArthur, of a daughter.

of a daughter. - At Mount Melville, Fifeshire, Lady Cathe - At Auchterarder, Mrs Hutchison, of a rine Whyte Melville, of a daughter.

daughter. 11. At 9, York Place, Mrs Boyd, of Broadmea - At Edinburgh, the Lady of William Robertdows, of a son.

son, Esq. 75, Great King's Street, of a son. - Mrs Hopkirk, Northumberland Street, of a 14. Ai Orchardhead, Stirlingshire, Mrs Walker, son.

of a son. - At Ancrarn-house, the Lady of Captain 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs William Scott, 13, Adam, Royal Navy, of a son.

Northumberland Street, of a daughter. 16. At Mousebank, Lanarkshire, the Lady of 16. At Chester, the Lady of Major Dudgeon, Deputy Commissary-General Mackenzie, of a son. 58th regiment, of a son.

Ai her mother's house, Stockbridge, the Lady 17. At Powfoulis, Mrs Bruce, of a daughter. of Henry Warter Meredith, Esq. Pentretzchan - In Park Crescent, London, Lady Elizabeth Hall, Derbyshire, of a daughter."

Murray Macgregor, of a son. - At Leith, Mrs Learth, St Bernard Street, of 18. Mrs Bell, 9, Queen Street, of a son. a son.

- At Prestonpans, Mrs Hislop, of a son.

19. At No. 1, Buccleuch Street, Mrs W. A. Law. Kirkcudbright, to Jane, daughter of Robert Gorrie, of a son.

don, Esq. of Larglanlee. 20. In Drummond Place, Mrs Gordon, of Cairn - The Rev. Richard Vivison, of Middlebie, to bulg, of a son.

Miss Davidson, of Cushathill. 22. At Farme, the Lady of Hugh Mossman, Esq. 9. Andrew Fyfe, M. D. to Margaret, daughter younger of Auchtyfardle, of a daughter.

of John Johnston, Esq. of Southtield. 25. Mrs Douglas, Great King Street, of a son. 11. At London, Colonel lichibald Maclaine,

24. Mrs Johnson, No. 1, George Street, of a 17th Infantry, C. B. to Eliza Bridges, daughter of daughter.

the late Gen. Bridges, of the Horl. Company's ser- In Coates Crescent, Mrs Dr Brewster, of a vice. daughter.

15, At Kilbride, in Arran, Robert Wallace, Esq. - The Lady of John Cay, Esq. advocate, of a to Catherine, eldest daughter of the late William son.

Crawford, of Doonside, Esq. 25. At Campbeltown, Argyleshire, the Lady of - At Edinburgh, Mr John M.Lachlan, mer Captain Watts, of a dau hier.

chant, to Marion, only daughter of Alex. Russel, 6. At Haughton, Mrs Farquharson, of laugh- Esq. Prince's Street. ton, of a son.

Sept. 15. At the English Ambassador's Chapel, - In Stanhope Street, May-fair, London, the Lord Viscount Sandon, eldest son of the Earl of Lady of the Right Hon. Robert Peel, of a son. Harrowby, to Lady Frances Stewart, only daugh.

47. At Meadowbank, Mrs Macobochic, of a son. ter of the Marchioness of Bute, and grand-daugh

29. In Castle Street, Mrs II. D. Dickie, of a ter of the late Mr Coutts. daughter.

16. At Elleston House, Captain Scott, of Stone - At Gorgie Park, Mrs Hope, of a son.

of Morphy, to Anna Maria, youngest daughter of 31. At Cloend House, the Lady of Frederick the late Thomas Tulloch, Esq. of Ellieston. Grant, Esq. of a daughter.

- Atauchaber, the Rev. George Garioch, miLaicly, At Edinburgh, Lady Pringle, of Stitch nister of Meldrum, to Margaret, youngest daughel, of a daughter.

ter of James Wilson, Esq. of Auchaber - At Maltby Hall, near Doncaster, York - At Blantyre, George Gardner, Esq. Springshire, the Lady of George Swaby, M. D. of a son. field, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late

At St John's Town, Carmarthen, Mrs Mar. George Gardner, Esq. Brownpark. garet Davis, of three daughters.

18. At Lyndhurst, John Morant, Esq. of Bro

kenhurst, llants, to Lady Caroline Augusta Hay, MARRIAGES.

daughter of the late Earl of Errol. July 23. At St Croix, West Indies, Joseph - At Rochester, John Schank Grant, Esq. af Bushby, Esq. to Ann Sarah, second daughter of the Hon. East India Company's Military Engi. William Stedman, M. D. of that Island.

neers, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Aug. 7. At Derby, Edward Nicholas Hurt, Esq. Francis Barrow, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister at law, to Caroline, 19. At Miramichi, Alex. Frazer, Esq. of that daughter of Joseph Strutt, Exg, of Derby.

place, to Miss Elizabeth Grigg . Aug. 17. At Leghorn, Captain Edward William - At Edinburgh, Mr John Somerville, mer. Henry Shenly, of the Rifle Brigade, to Catherine chant, North Berwick, to Elizabeth, daughter of Anne, eldest daughter of Williain Inglis, Esq. of Mr James Murray, cabinet-naker there. Middleton.

22. At Leith, Willian Glover, Esq. W. S. to 19. At Dunfermline, Mr James Arot, mer Jane, daughter of the late Mr James Cuinming, chant, to Miss Scotland.

shipmaster there. 28. At Dalkeith, the Rev. Andrew Elliot, Ford, - At Currie, Nicol Dassuaville, Esq. surgeon, to Isabella, youngest daughter of Jr John Gray, Edinburgh, to Christiana Hardie, daughter of the merchant, Dalkeith.

late Mr James Hardie, Currie. 30. Mr Alexander M'Intosh, to Jane, third - At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Twecdie, mer. daughter of Mr John Ferrier, coinmercial agent, chaut, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late Mr Edinburgh.

Alex. Tweedie, Torsonce, Sept. 1. At Greenhead, Glasgow, Captain Tho 23. At Dalyell Lodge, Fifeshire, William Bermas David Steuart, of the Hon. East India Com. ry, of Taytield, Ew. to Miss Slenderson, daugh. pany's Service, Bengal Estab ishment, to Mary, ter of Sir Robert Ilenderson, of Earl's Hall, Bart. eldest daughter of George Pinkerton, Esq.

23. It Langholin, the Rev. John Dobie, Lang2. At Walcot Church, Joseph Martineau, Esq. holm, to Janet, only dau hter of Hugh Sornerto Caroline, youngest daughter of the late Dr ville, Esq. merchant there. Parry of Bath.

8. At the Grange, Humphrey St John Mild- At Beith, the Rev. James Dobbie, of Annan, may, Esq. son of the late Sir llcury St John Mildto Jane, only daughter of Mr James Faukis, mer may, to Miss Barin:, eldest daughter of Alex. Ba. chant, Benth.

ring, Ex. M. P. 1. At Stoke Church, Captain James Stirling, 29. di Ciastkomains, the Rev. John Wylie, of R. N. to Ellen, fourth daughter of James Man Carluke, to Caroline Anne, daughter of John gles, Esq. of Woodbuidge, near Guildford.

Dick, Ex. adrova - At Leith, the Rev. William Rutherford, of 30). At Paisley, th Rev. David Allison, of Stew. Newton, Roxburghshire, to je ic, daughter of artfield, Aberdeenshire, to Jane, eldest daughter the late Rev. Williain Elder, of Newton.

of Mr Matthew Clark, minufacturer, Parsley. - At the Manse of Prestonpans, Dr John War. 3. It Dolar, ir l'eter Steven, of the Institu. roch Pursell, physician in Edinburgh, to Janet, tion there, to blua, daughter of Mr Clark, late third daughter of the Rev. Piter Prunosc.

rector of the grammar whool. - At Green l'ark, Libburton, Willian Steele, Oll. Alberdeen, thie Rer. Hilliam Robert South St Andrew's Street, lo Elina, youngest son, Ruthu, county of Sutherland, to Elizadaughter of Mr W. Ellis, Hull.

buth Aune, ellest daughter of Mr (eo. Robert- At Woodhouselee, James Baillie Fraser. $on of the place younger of Ruleck, Exq. to Miss Jane Fraser 2. A kirktown of Benholm, Kincardineshire, Tytler, youngest daughter of the late Hon. Alex. Mr Thom in lutton, writer, Edinburgh, to Mar Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhousclee.

garet, daughter of Mr Geo. Scott, farmer there. 6. At Edinburgh, John Horsley, E. of the - 1 Lechbuy-house, John Stewart, Eq. of Ciul Service of the Eas: India Company, Madras Fasnacloich, to llenrietta, daughter of the late Establishment, to Elea, youngest daunhter of the Murdoch M.Lune of lachbuy. late Captain George Story, of the oth Light Dra. 5. Mr James Sanyth, je eiler, Elinburgh, to goons.

Margaret Buur, third shtor of David Jouson, - At George Place, Leith Walk, Philip III, senior, Ex. merchant, D idee. Esq. Greck Street, Soho, London, to Helen, ell. 4. At York, Gerd Stanford, son of the late est daughter of the late John Stewart, Esq. of Samuel Deverill, Est. Cliftol, Nottingham, to Skelmuir, Aberdeenslure.

Jernia Kclar, only daughter of John Bland, Es - At St George's Church, Hanover Square, of Ormside Loige, We unoreland. London, the Hon. Thomas Dun las, eldest son of 6. Al Hamilton, Mr John Wingfield, to Miss Lord Dundas, to Sophia Jane, daughter of the Janet Ilunnah, only claughter of James Reid, Esq. late, and sister to the present sur lleworth Wl of Newton. hamson, Bart.

It Arbroath, MrJ. S. Sands, writer, Cunar 6. At Kirkcudbright, the Rev. Dr Jlamilton, of Ingus, to Miss Christian Anderson, Arbroath.

son of L: M. A. of Exeter ute; W. S. R. Cook

7. At Berwick, Mr Thomas Dores, Leith, to 12. Marion, youngest daughter of Mr George Isabella, third daughter of Mr William Denovan, Lindsay Rae, Archer's Hall; on 5th Oct. George Berwick.

Lindsay, his eldest son; and on 12th Oct. Helen, 8. At Slateficld House, Captain Charles M'Ar. his second daughter; also, on the 6th Oct. Mr thur, Adjutant 2d Regiment R.L.M. to Mrs Ca. John Jamieson, the step-father of Mr Rae, who therine Wyllie, of Slatefield.

has thus lost four members of his family within 9. At Ditton Park, Bucks, the Hon. Peregrine the short period of three months. F. Cust, M. P. to Lady Isabella Montagu Scott, 20. At George Town, Demerara, John Buchandaughter of the late, and sister to the present an, Esq. younger of Auchmar. Duke of Buccleuch.

23. At Savannah-la-Mar, Jamaica, Mr Alex. 11. At Kimbolton, Evan Baillie, Esq. of Doch Lockhart Finlayson, son of the late Mr William four, to Lady Georgiana Montagu, daughter of Finlayson, depute clerk of the bills, Edinburgh. the Duke of Manchester

24. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, Quarter-mas13. At Craigielands, Alex. Allan, Esq. advo ter Miller, of the 91st, or Argyllshire Regiment cate, third son of Alex. Allan, Esq. of Hillside, to of Foot. Jemima, only daughter of William Younger, Esq. 28. At Orwell Manse, Kinross-shire, the Rev. of Craigielands.

Patrick Spence. 14. At Kirkcaldy, the Rev. Edward Irving, 29. At Bahia, on board his Majesty's ship Tar. A.M. of Hatton-Garden Chapel, London, to Isa tar, in his 15th year, William Alex. Ogilvy, son of bella, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Martin, Alex. Ogilvie, Esq. Bengal, and nephew of Sir Kirkcaldy.

William Ogilvie, of Inverquharity, Bart. 15. Eardisley, Herefordshire, W. S. R. Cock Aug. 3. Åt Melville Place, Stirling, Mrs Murray burn, Esq. M. A. of Exeter College, Oxford, only of Wester Livilands. son of Lieutenant-General Sir William Cockburn Aug. 9. At George Town, Demerara, George of Cockburn and Rylaw, Bart. to Anne, eldest Falconer, Esq. fifth son of Mr John Falconer, far. daughter of the Rev. Francis Coke of Lower mer, Balnakettle. moore, Herefordshire, Prebendary of Hereford, 11. At Bahia, Dugald William Campbell, Esq. &c. &c.

merchant there. 21. At Scougal, Mr Peter Handyside, West 14. At Melfort House, Archibald Campbell, Esq. Fenton, to Jane, daughter of John Brodie, Esq. of Melfort.

22. At Hemel Hempseed Herts, Robert Play. 17. At Rumpenheim, the Landgravine of Hesse fair, Esq. nephew of the late Professor Playfair, Rumpenheim, mother of the Duchess of Camto Miss E. White, youngest daughter of the late bridge. J. White, Esq. of Devonshire Place.

18. In Chesterfield-street, Mayfair, London, Jo- At the Bridge of Earn, W. S. Laurie, Esq. seph Charles Mellish, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's surgeon, Edinburgh, to Catherine, daughter of Charge d'Affaires and Consul-General for the Cir. the late William Geddes, Esq. Cupar Fife.

cle of Lower Saxony. 24. At Edinburgh, Mr John Logan, of Abbey 19. At Whithorn, John Milroy, Esq. who, for St Bathan's, Berwickshire, to Janet, eldest daugh upwards of 10 years, held the office of town-clerk ter of Mr John Sharp, writer in Cuiross.

to that burgh. 28. At the New Church, Mary-la-Bonne, Lon 20. At Tours, Keith Jopp, Esq. don, Sir Charles Joshua Smith, Bart. of Suttons, 25. At Stoneyfield, Thomas Warrand, Esq. in the county of Essex, to Belinda, daughter of 27. At Kilmarnock, John Carse, Esq. of Orthe late George Colebrooke, Esq.

chardhill. 30. At London, Lieut-General Sir Thomas Ilis- At Kirkaldy, Mr George Dougall, shipowner lop, Bart, G.C.B. to Emma, daughter of the there, Right Hon. Hugh Elliot; and, at the same time,

In Upper Baker Street, London, William Captain Elliot, eldest son of the Right Hon. Hugh Campbell, Esq. of Craigie. Elliot, to Margaret Seymour, only daughter of 28. At Gayfield Place, William Arthur, Esq. James Masterton, Esq. of Braco Castle, Perth - In Forth Street, Mrs Janet Peat, wife of shire.

John Peat, Esq. Lately, at Sutton Coldfield, the Rev. William - At Aberdeen, the Rev. Alex. Browne, minisRiland Bedforil, to Grace Campbell, youngest ter of Coull. daughter of the late Charles Sharpe, Esq. of Hod 29. At the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, Elizabeth, damn

fourth daughter of Colonel M‘Lean, of the Royal - At Northwood Church, Isle of Wight, Cap Artillery. tain William Augustus Montagu, Royal Navy, C. - At Dunfermline, Mr Robert Johnstone. B. to Anne, third daughter of Sir George Leeds, - At Pooley, near Penrith, Cumberland, ChrisBart.

topher Wilson, Esq. of Fenchurch Street, London, - At Raeburn Place, Lieut. William White He was sailing, with a party of ladies, on Ullshead, ordnance store-keeper, Stirling Castle, to water Lake, and in the act of drawing the charge Charlotte, youngest daughter of Captain Wil. from one of the barrels of his gun, with which he liamson.

had been shooting, the contents of the other bar

rel (were lodged in his left side. DEATHS.

29. At the Isle of Wight, Frances Murray, wife Nov. 1822. At Quito, South America, William of Lieut. Murray, 91st Regiment. Henderson, Esq. son of Dr Henderson, physician 30. In Leven Street, Mrs Ann Clark, reliet of in Dundee.

Mr Thomas Smith, wood-merchant in Fisherrow. Dec. 22, 1822. At Calcutta, on board the Eliza - At sea, on her passage from Quebec to Leith, beth, one of the country ships, of which he was Miss Janet Brydon, aged 75. First Officer, Mr George Rolland, third son of - At Tullibody, Mr Alex. Paterson, sen. tanPatrick Rolland, Esq. late of Newton.

ner, aged 71. Mar. 19, 1823, At Puneah, in the East Indies, - At his house, No. 7, James's Court, Mr Tho. Mrs Bertram, wife of Captain William Bertram mas Henderson, merchant. of Nesbit.

- At Dean Bank, Jean, youngest daughter of April. On board the ship Marquis of Hastings, the late Mr Thomas Matthew, principal clerk of at Calcutta, Mr Allan Farie, son of James Farie, the Post Office Esq. of Farme.

31. At Peebles, Giles Templeman, Esq. late a May 7, 1823. At Cape Vincent, America, Mr Bencher of the Hon. Society of the Inner Temple, George Leslie, aged 80, late merchant, Edinburgh. London.

May 21. At Calcutta, Robert Ross Young, Esq. Sept. 1. In Cullachy, in Inverness-shire, Mr son of the late John Young, Esq. of Bellwood. Robert Oliver, farmer.

July 3. At Montreal, Mrs Elizabeth Harvey. 2. At Alloa, Mr Alex. Bald, sen. aged 79. wife of Robert Armour, Esq. cashier of the Bank - At Inverness, William Scott, of Seabank, in of Canada,

the 79th year of his age. July 8. At Kingston, Upper Canada, John Dick - The Rev. Thoinas Winstanley, D. D. Prinson, jun. W.S.

cipal of St Alban's Hall, Camden, Professor of An12. At Dominica, Henry Bowyer Tulloh, Esq. cient History, and Laudean Professor of Arabic ('olonial Secretary in the above Island, and second in the University of Oxford, and Prebendary of son of Lieut.-Colonel Tulloh, Royal Artillery. St Paul's, London.

- At Augusta, North America, Mr James An 3. At Pitmuis, Forlarshire, James Mudie, jun. derson, jun. merchant, Forres,

Esq. in his 215 year.

burn, Ac Edinburhis ager Rayner, a pulis death

many subal the large as, it was

3. At his father's house, Merchant Street, Edin. attention in the House of Commons. He has pub. burgh, William Cadell, youngest son of Thomas lished several pamphlets on those subjects; and to Edmonston.

him the country is indebted for the original plan - At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Gilmour.

by which the resumption of cash payments by the Sept. 5. After a few days' illness, at his father's Bank of England was effected without inconvehouse in Edinburgh, Lieut. Matthew Miller, of nience or danger. Mr Ricardo had amassed conthe 51st Reg. (King's own Light Infantry) young siderable wealth on the Stock Exchange. He has est son of Sir William Miller, Bart. Lord Glenlee, left a widow, and a large and amiable family. His aged 24 years.

death will be much regretted as a public man, and It has seldom fallen to our lot to record the still more by those who knew him in private. death of a more promising officer than Mr Miller. 11. At the house of his uncle, Robert Stodart, In addition to a rich store of cla sical erudition, Esq. Queen Street, Edinburgh, James Stodart, acquired in the course of his education, he had Esq. of Russel Square, London, F.R.S.L. subsequently made himself master of the higher 12. At his house, Gayfield Place, Mr Alexander geometry, and of the more abstruse branches of

Hutchison. mathematics, and he was deeply skilled in their 13. At Fortrose, R. M'Kenzie, Esq. of Flower practical application to the study of natural phi burn, convener of the county of Ross. losophy and the arts. He was a member of the - At Edinburgh, Dr John Smith, physician, in Philosophical Society of Edinburgh, to which he the 39th year of his age. addressed several valuable papers on various inte - At Bath, Mr Henry Rayner, a pupil in the resting subjects of scientific research and philoso Bath City Infirmary and Dispensary. His death phical inquiry; and he had lately suggested, in was occasioned by the absorption of matter through an Essay on the Principles of Gunnery, some cu a wound in his finger, when assisting in the dissecrious experiments which the Board of Ordnance tion of a diseased body. directed to be made in elucidation of the laws of 14. At Edinburgh, Alexander Skene, Esq. Capprojectiles, and as tending to ascertain the circum tain of his Majesty's ship, Britannia. stances affecting the course of spherical bodies 15. At Ayr, Mrs Smith, of Drongan. passing through the atmosphere at various heights, 15. At Kinneswood, the Rev. John Dun, many with a view to the practical purpose of giving a years minister of the gospel, Marypert, Cumbermore precise direction to round shot discharged land. from guns of different calibres.

16. In Dublin, the Hon. George Finch, brother Presenting a striking contrast to the conduct of to the Earl of Avesford. too many subalterns in the army, who waste in 17. By an accident while shooting in his own idle dissipation the large portion of leisure time grounds, Samuel Fenton, Esq. of Underbank, which their situation affords, it was in pursuits of near Penistone. While in the act of scaling a wall, this description that Mr Miller cultivated his with a gun in his hand, in an incautious manner, highly gifted talents; at once reconciling to them the piece discharged its contents, thereby inflicting a strict and regular observance of his regimental a wound, which caused his immediate death. duties, and making them subservient to his ad - At his house in Portobello, Alexander Laing, vancement in the profession he had chosen, by a Esq. architect. timely qualification for any rank he might ulti - At Luthrie, in her 79th year, Mrs Euphemia mately hold in it.

Hamilton of Luthrie, widow of Colonel Alexander In general society, he was always distinguished Baillie, inspector-General of Barracks, N. B. for his personal accomplishments and amiable 18. At his house, Argyll-Square, Thos. Campmanners; while by his more intimate acquaint bell, Esq. late assistant surveyor-general of taxes. ance and friends, he was beloved and respected for 19. At Edinburgh, Lieut. James Doig, late of the strict integrity of his moral and religious prin the 57th regiment. ciples, for his varied and extensive acquirements, 19. At Cork Barracks, Lieut. John Alexander for the unassuming friendliness of his disposition, Maxwell, of the 26th Regt. of Foot, third son of and a suavity of manner and soberness of judg. the late Major Hamilton Maxwell of Ardwell. ment rarely to be observed in a man of his age. 20. At Meadside, Mrs M‘Laren, relict of the

His brother-officers feel that, by his premature Rev. John M.Laren. death, they have lost a sincere and valuable friend. 21. At Morriston, near Elgin, Major Lewis He will long live in their memory, and be cited as Carmichael, R.A. an encouraging example to the young men who 2 2. At Kinloch, Helen, third daughter of Geo. shall hereafter join the 51st Regiment. And they Kinloch of Kinloch, Esq. trust that this assurance of the general respect and 29. At Kirkton of Glenbucket. Christian Benesteem in which he was held by the Corps, will be ton, in her 110th year. some alleviation of the heavy affliction which has 23. At Kilwinning, Mr John Burns, of Reidfallen on his father and other surviving relations. stone, in the 83 year of his age. -Corfu, 1st Oct.

- At Morningside, Eugene, P.L.J. son of Alex. 6. At Stockbridge, Major William Forrester of Falconer, Esq. of Falcon-Hall. Cuimore.

- In Salisbury-Street, Mr William Innes, hat- At Edinburgh, the infant daughter of William ter, South-Bridge. Young Herries, Esq. of Spottes.

25. At her house in Hope-Street, Miss Far- In Charlotte Square, Mrs Joanna Baillie, quhar, daughter of the late Mr James Farquhar, wife of John Horner, Esq.

merchant in Edinburgh. - At Hillhousefield, David, son of Mr Robert - At No. 5, Minto-Street, Newington, Mrs Bayne, merchant, Leith.

Janet Balleny, wife of Mr J. Howden. 7 At his house, Argyll Place, Glasgow, Mr - At Leith, Ann, fourth daughter of Mr W. Alexander Campbell, manufacturer, aged 14. Mowbray.

- At Addingston, Jessie, eldest daughter of 25. Ai Elsinore. Mr William Gowan, merchant John Simpson, Esq. of Blainslie,

in Leith, 8. At Forgan, Fifeshire, Mr William Innes, -- At 11, Gilmore Place, David Robertson, Esq. parochial schoolmaster, in his 76th year.

26. Mrs Smith, frelict of Donald Smith, Esq. - At Greenock, William Fullarton, Esq.

banker, Edinburgh. 9. At Greenock, David, eldest son of Mr George - In James's Square, Catherine Maccallum, Kerr, merchant.

wife of John Meiklejohn, Esq. W.S. - At Glasgow, Captain Duncan Stewart, aged - At Balblair Cottage, Aird, Mrs Fraser of Cul74, late of the 79th regiment.

bockie. - At his house, Young Street, Charlotte Square, - At Ecton, Northamptonshire, Elizabeth, wife Mr William Lamb, upholsterer, in the 81th year of the Hon. and Rev. P. Mead, and daughter of of his age.

the late Right Rev. Dr Percy, Bishop of Dro10. Ai Jedburgh, Lieut William Aitkin, of the more." 3d veteran battalion.

27. At Fernie Hill, near Edinburgh, Robert 11. At his seat, in Gloucestershire, of water on Marshall, Esq. W.S.' the brain, David Ricardo, Esq. M. P. for Portar - At Greenock, Alexander May, Esq. postlington. Mr Ricardo has long been considered one master, in the 71st year of his age. of the ablest political economists of the day, and

George Gordon, Esq. of Hallhead. his speeches on all subjects of a cornmercial and 28. David, eldest son of Mr William Tennant, financial nature, were always listened to with great North Charlotte Street.

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28. At Ayr, Allan Dunn, Esq. surgeon, royal 6. At Aberdeen, John Orrok, Esq, of Orrok. Ayrshire militia.

- At Crossflatts, near Linlithgow, Alexander 29. At Bank-House, Rear-Admiral Sir William Learmonth, Esq, of Crossflats. Ogilvy, Bart. of Inverquharity.

- In his son's house, Great King Street, John At Liverpool, Margaret, third daughter of Horne, Esq. of Stirkoke. Walter Grindlay, Esq. shipowner, Borrowstoun- - At Sanquhar, Mr Edward Whigham, for se ness.

veral years Provost of that burgh, aged 71. - At Edinburgh, Mr David Christie, of the - At Greenock, Mr James Duncan, merchant. firm of Gibson, Christie, and Wardlaw, North St 8. At Mosleyhill, William Ewart, Esq. merAndrew's Street.

chant, Liverpool. 29. At Lyons, France, Mr John Honyman, - At Aberdeen, John Chambers Hunter of merchant in London, sixth son of the late Patrick Auchires. Honyman, Esq. of Gremsay.

- At his seat, in Dorset, the Right Hon. Na- At Dunfermline, Mr Robert Johnston. thaniel Bond, one of his Majesty's Privy Council,

- At Livilands, the Rev. James Bain, LL.D. and a Bencher of the Inner Temple. of Livilands.

9. At Newington, Mrs Jean Vernor, wife of - At Montrose, Mr George Beattie, writer. James Skinner, Esq. writer in Edinburgh.

- At Boreham, Sussex, Col. John Carnegie, - At Mayfield, Louisa Cameron, eldest daughbrother of the late Sir David Carnegie of South- ter of Patrick Robertson, Esq. Advocate. esk, Bart.

- At Ratho, Mrs Curtis, relict of Mr Charles 30. At New Saughton, James Watson, Esq. of Curtis, surgeon, Edinburgh. Saughton.

12. Here, Mrs Douglas, relict of the late Geo. 31. Charles Grant, Esq, one of the Directors of Douglas, minister of Tain. the East India Company.

- At St Andrews, Mrs Balfour. Lately. On her passage from India, Jane, eldest 13. After three days' illness, at Harewood. daughter of James Burns, Esq. youngest son of house, aged 20, the Hon. Frederick Lascelles, the Ayrshire Poet.

sixth son of the Earl and Countess of Harewood. - Át Henfield, Sussex, Martha Louisa, wife of — At his house, at Bungay, Suffolk, MajorEdward Ollerenshaw, Esq. daughter of the de General Kelso. ceased Lieut.-Colonel Francis Robson, Hon. East 16. At Oxenford Castle, Harriet, Lady HamilIndia Company's service, and formerly wife of the ton Dalrymple, wife of Lieut.-General Sir John late Captain Little, 92d regiment of foot.

Hamilton, Bart. - In Portland Place, London, the Dowager - At Denboig, Fifeshire, General Nesbit BalLady Templeton.

four, Colonel of the 39th Foot. At his seat, Willesley Hall, Derbyshire, Ge 17. At Craigie Manse, James, eldest son of the neral Sir Charles Hastings, Bart. G. C. B. late Rev. Dr Stirling. Colonel of the 12th regiment of foot, &c.

- At Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, John -- At Grenada, in his 430 year, A. F. Webster, Mitchell, Esq. late Consul-General in Norway. Esq. His corpse weighed 555 pounds, or within - At Glasgow, in the 8th year of his age, the five pounds of 40 stone.

Rev. Alex. Jamieson, of the Scottish Episcopal At Teddington, Middlesex, Mr Sergeant Chapel. Marshall. A fortnight previous to his death, he 18. At Gifford, East Lothian, Mr James Marpresided at the Chester Assizes.

tin Wright, late Commander of the ship Corn- At St Petersburgh, the Abbe Lemeny, who wall, of Liverpool. taught Buonaparte inathematics in the school of - At Parkhill, near Dalry, Ayrshire, Miss SaBrienne.

rah Hamilton, daughter of the late William HaOct. 1. At the Manse of Barrie, the Rev. David milton, Esq. of Craighlaw, Sim, in the 70th year of his age, and 48th of his -- At Dundee, Mrs Guild, relict of John Guild. ministry.

Esq. merchant there, aged 77 years. - Eliza Ann, infant daughter of James Simp. At Candia, Stirlingshire, in the 74th year of son, Esq. advocate.

his age, Matthew Ross, Esq. Dean of the Faculty - General Dussaux, aged 75.

of Advocates. 2. At his house, Charlotte Square, Colonel Ro 19. At Glasgow, Eneas Morrison, Esq. bert Wright, Royal Artillery.

20. At Seatown, near Arbroath, Thomas Renny - At Doon Foot Mill, Mr David Watt, miller, Strachan, Esq. of Tarrie. in the 68th year of his age. He was school-fellow - At Callander, John Campbell Macfarlane. with the celebrated Robert Burns, and was the son to Captain Macfarlane, half-pay 91st Regt. last person laptized in Alloway Kirk.

21. The Earl of Bridgewater, in the 71st year At James's Place, Leith Links, Mrs New- of his age. He gave employment to every labourbigging, wife of Mr Thomas Newbigging, wine er in his neighbourhood who was disposed to merchant.

work; and thus dispensed charity with an un3. At Musselburgh, James Inglis, Esq. late of sparing hand, in the best of all modes of adminiKingston, Jamaica.

stering it, by promoting industry. For the em- At Charlesfield, Mary, fifth daughter of plovment and improvement of the poor and pa. Thomas Farquharson, Esq.

rish of Ashridge, Herts, he left 600OL. per annum - At Aberdeen, Mr George Wilson, only son for ever. of the Rev. Mr Wilson, Farnel.

- In Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Brother- At Rassay House, James Macleod, Esq. of ston, aged 66. Rassay.

Lately, At Bath, Jamaica, Alex. Mill, Esq. of 1. At Auchlochan, Mrs Brown, relict of James Castle Gordon. Brown, Esq. of Auchlochan.

At Cork, Peter Kelly, Esq. M.D. sturgeon, - At Ingestre, Staffordshire, in the 230 year R. N. Oculist to the Cork Eye Dispensary, and of her age, Frances Charlotte, Countess of Dart. late physician to the Fever Hospital, New Market, mouth.

county of Cork. - At Letham Cottage, Fifeshire, Licut. Wil. - At Priory Cottage, St Andrews, Charles Macliam Duguid, of the Marines.

arthy Moodie, the infant son of Lieut.-Colonel Robert Moodic.

bert At Doorear of hiRobert Bas Kik: Mrs Nine

erork: anand, in

Printed by James Ballantyne and Co. Edinburgh.

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