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elsewhere, for prochuce, unless a war comes, me of Moses, with his eye pot dim, nor which may require America to supply other his natural force abated.'” nations in want. Sometimes I think Birk Twofold character indeed, Mr Faux! beck is right. But still I think that both he judge, senator, tavern keeper, farmer, and Flower will get rid of all their dollars, hostler, horse-jockey, and waiter, all and never raise more; dollars and they will one! Call ye this twofold ? part for ever. They will live, but not as they did, and might have lived, in Eng.

Another Judge! a Daniel come to Judgement !"? land or in the Eastern States. Labour costs “ I had a long and interesting convermore than double what it does in the east. sation with a young lawyer, the supreme The west is fit only for poor men, who are Judge Hart, living in this town, but prothe only proper pioneers of the wilderness. scribed and suspended for sending a chal. I do not believe that land will improve in lenge to three agents of his estates in Kenvalue, but that much money will be was. tucky, who, after injuring him, caricatured ted in improvements. Slavery, sir, is not him, and then refused to fight.” so bad as we thought it to be, provided the “The Supreme Judge, Hart, is a gay slaves are not hired out like pack-horses, young man of twenty-five, full of wit and but kept by their own proper owners. They humorous eloquence, mixing with all comwould then be gentlemen-servants. You panies at this tavern, where he seems nei. know that we never prize a pack-horse, ther above nor below any, dressed in an nor treat it so kindly as one of our own.'old white beaver hat, coarse threadbare

“ The American, considered as an ani. coat and trowsers of the same cloth (domal, is filthy, bordering on the beastly; mestic,) and yellow striped waiscoat, with as a man, he seems a being of superior ca. his coat out at the elbows ; yet very cleanpabilities ; his attention to his teeth, which ly in his person, and refined in his lanare generally very white, is a fine excep- guage. What can be the inducement for a tion to his general habits. All his vices young man, like him, equal to all things, and imperfections seem natural; those of to live thus, and here ?" the semi-barbarian.”

Yet one more judicial sketch. Here is another amiable family pic- “ Judge Waggoner, who was a notoriture.

ous hog-stealer, was recently accused, while “ To his honour Judge Chambers's to sitting on the bench, by Major Hooker, the breal.fast. His log-tavern is comfortable ; hunter, gouger, whipper, and nose-biter, of he farms two and a half quarter sections, stealing many hogs, and being, although a and raises from 40 to 60 bushels of corn judge, the greatest rogue in the United an acre. Nearly all the good land on this States. This was the Major's answer to road is entered. I had,' says he, hard the question Guilty, or Not Guilty, on an work for the first two or three years. The indictment presented against him. The judge is a smart man of about 40, and not court laughed, and the Judge raved, and only a judge, but a senator also, and what bade Hooker go out and he would fight is more, the best horse-jockey in the state. him. The Major agreed, but said, ' Judge, He seems very active, prudent, cautious, you shall go six miles into the woods, and and industrious, and, like all the rest of the longest liver shall come back to tell his the people on this road, kind-hearted. He tale !' The Judge would not go. The fills the twofold station of waiter and ost. Major was now, in his turn, much enraged ler in part; I say in part, for, as he has by the Judge ordering him into court to no servant, the drudgery must be done by pay a fine of ten dollars for some former the traveller himself, if he have a horse or offence, the present indictment being sufhorses. His honour left my driver to do fered to drop." all, and hastily rode off to a distant mill “ Judge Waggoner recently shook hands for his grist, now much wanted, and with at a whisky shop, with a man coming bewhich he returned in about two hours, fore him that day, to be tried for murder. while her honour, Mrs Judge, and the six He drank his health, and wished him well Miss Judges, prepared my good breakfast. through." These ladies do all the work of the house, “A pigeon roost is a singular sight in and some of the field; everything seems thinly settled states, particularly in Tenescomfortable and easy to them, although the see in the fall of the year, when the roost blue sky and the broad sun stare and peep extends over either a portion of woodland through cracks and crevices in the roof of or barrens, from four to six miles in cir. their house. While I sat at breakfast, his cumference. The screaming noise they honour's mother, a fine smart young wo. make when thus roosting is heard at a disman of fourscore, came briskly riding up, tance of six miles; and when the beechand alighted at the door ; as good a horse- nuts are ripe, they fly 200 miles to dinner, woman as ever mounted a side-saddle. She in immense flocks, hiding the sun and darkhad been to pay a distant visit, and seem ening the air like a thick passing cloud. ed as though her strength and youth were They thus travel 400 miles daily. They renewed, like the eagle's. She reminded roost on the high forost trees, which they day, and earn from ten to twelve dollars leath.' This young gentleman, naturally per week. One of these gentlemen, a witty, and highly gifted, has married and Staunch republican, Mr Atman, of Lynn, abandoned three wives, and yet is only 22 near Boston, and an intelligent man, says, years of age.” in reference to the federalists, that for every Sunday, 9th.-Met a small genteel auJulius Cæsar, there is a Brutus.”

ditory, in a splendid edifice; but the parSo much for the voyage. At length son seemed dúll. He prayed not for George we have our elegant friend safe in IV., but for the President!!! not for lords Charleston.

temporal and spiritual in Parliament as“ Presented my kind introductory letter sembled, but for the Congress !!! &c. I from Mr W. Gray, to Messrs Prescot and walked nearly all day through a dissolving Bishop, two eastern gentlemen, who po. heat, and thought myself the better for it. litely introduced me to M. Bird, landlord So nccessary is excrcise to the continuance of the Plantors' hotel, where I became in- of health.mediately acquainted with the hierk-mind. Sunday, 23d.--I dined, this day, at cd General Young Blood, then boarding at my cousin Captain Rugeley's, with Mr this house, and on a visit to the city, to Irvin and family. At sunset, I visited the meet his excellency the governor, and also negro-huts, in which I found small nests, the President of ihe Uniteå States, who, or beds, full of luck babies. Slept at the on the morrow, was expected to make his Captain's in a good bed, curtainless, alongentry here. The general and I became very side the one in which himself and lady and friendly, and held a long and interesting children slept ; all in one room, the only conversation, and that without a formal one in the house; with a fine mugro wenci introduction, which is generally held to be on the floor, at our feet, a3 our body-guard, indispensable amongst almost all ranks in all night, in readiness to hush the chilthis country. In our politics, foreign and dren. Thus patriarchally did I and my domestic, we seemned one. At nine this cousins dress and undress, talk and sleep. evening, I plunged into a warm bath, to what lovely simplicity! It is all pure, un. wash off all marine impuritics, paying for sophisticated nature.” It half a dollar."

16 June 717.-- Terribly stung by mos. We think our friend should have quitoes, fleas, and bugs. Feeling inflamtaken the bath first, and - the high- matory symptoms, something like bilious minded General” afterwards; but de

fever, I took two grains of calomel, and a

very warm relaxing bath, and found regustibus. 6th.-Colonel M Kinnon was this day

lief. I drank also less toddy and punch,

which, in this country, are certainly bili. refused claret at dinner. The landlord was called to account for so refusing, and in- " 10th._I visited the high court of jus. structing the bar-keeper. He appeared,

tice, where but little talent seenis necessaand said, - You, colonel, have referred me

ry, and where the judge upon the bench to your father for payment of your bill of

and the counsel and crier below, all sechs 250 dollars, contracted here during the

upon an easy, familiar footing of equal. last three weeks, but he says he cannot,

mot; ity ; consulting together, tete-a-tete, about and will not pay any more for you. And the time of opening court next day. This that I know from your father's friend, Cap- lordship then left the bench, and stepping tain Bell, of the ship Homer, now in port.' into his sulky, with a negro-bny beliind After this, the colonel luoked thoughtful, him. drove off. No ceremony, no trumpels and requested I would accompany him to told the multitude that he was a judge, and the captain. I did so. After the captain that it was judgment day.” lad politely spread out his brandy, the co

. lonel, with' pistols in his hand, said, “If Here is a small specimen of the you will not meet me, I will shoot you in manner in which the business of the stantly.' The captain, with an angry laugh, Court of Commoti Pleas at Charleston replied, 'O fear not! I am ready with ei. is conducted. ther sword or pistol, and to-morrow morn- “ 12th.--I spent this day in the Court ing, at ten, expect me at the hotel.' He of Common Pleas, witnessing the eloquence fulfilled his promise, but the colonel had of the American bar. The cause, a negro cooled and fled. After our return from the wench, to whom two citizens laid claim. ship, the colonel roanted to shoot the land. Tucclue witnesses on both sides stoore to her lord, and then attempted to shoot himsely, identity. This trial, being the sith on the but had no prime. He then begged round same casc, lasted four thole days. Colonel for prime, but could get none. I endea. Haines, the young Attorney-General, disvoured to reason with him, but with as played a pleasant species of eloquence, inuch effect as with a woman possessed quite conversational. Mr Barrister Hunt with seven devils. I have a right, sir,' was low and stormy. The jury, unable to said he, to do as Brutus did. What Ca. come to an unanimous decision, were lock. to did, and Addison approved, cannot be ed up till midnight, when they could diswrong.' I un a blasted lily, and a Vlighted solve themselves, but they remained unul


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eleven on Sunday morning. Food was fur. der to discharge the demands of his credi.
nished to them by stealth. The state im- tors.”
mediately altered the law to compel juries Mr Faux is now at Zainsville.
to sit until they can decide, or be liberated “I wandered in the fields shooting
by consent of parties. On the Monday, pigeons, which is here fine sport; they fly
the jury again met, and were locked up and alight around you on every tree, in
again for four days, and liberated by con- immense flocks, and loving to be shot ! ! !
sent of parties without giving a verdict. “At noon, I roamed into the Supreme
The case therefore remains to be trieda Court, where I saw my new friend, the
seventh time."

supreme judge, Wilson, on the bench, in Now for a speciinen of real delicacy the midst of three rustic, dirty-looking asin a traveller! Mr Faux is visiting

sociate judges, all robeless, and dressed in “Messrs Coote and Dumbleton, good

coarse drab, domestic, homespun coats, brewers of brown stout, on the banks

dark silk handkerchiefs round their necks,

and otherwise not superior in outward apof the great river Potowmack, late of

pearance to our low fen-farmers in Eng. Huntingdonshire, Old England.” Hear

land. Thus they sat, presiding with casc his account of the table-talk.

and ability over a bar of plain talkative " My host," says he, “ everywhere the lawyers, all robeless, very funny and conpublic culogist of America, says, “ that versational in their speeches, manners, and

nd is the place for men of fortune, conduct ; dressed in plain box-coats, and

us land for the industrious bees who sitting with their feet and knees higher cannot live there. Fools must not come; than their noses, and pointing obliqucly to for Americans are nationally cold, jealous, the bench of judges ; thus making their suspicious, and knavish, have little or no speeches, and examining and cross-examinsense of honour, believing every man a ing evidence at a plain long table, with a rogue, until they see the contrary ; think brown earthen jug of cold water before ing imposition and ertortion fizir busines, them, for occasionally wetting their whisand all men, fair game; kind, obliging tles, and washing their quid-stained lips; conduct is lost upon them. A bold, saucy, all, judges, jury, counsel, witnesses, and independent manner towards them, is ne prisoners, seemed free, easy, and happy. cessary. They love nobody but themselves, The supreme judge is only distinguished and seem incapable of due respect for the from the rest by a shabby blue threadbare feelings of others. They have nothing ori. coat, dirty trowsers, and anblacked shoes. ginal; all that is good or new, is clone by Thus sat all their lordships, freely, and foreigners, and by the British, and yet frequently chewing tobacco, and appearing they boast eternally. Such is the rough as uninterested as could be. Judge Wilson sketch of an admiring artist, once in a state is, however, a smart intelligent man, raof infatuation, but now getting sane and ther jocular, and, I think, kind-hearted.” sober."

“A gentecl young man was boarding Mr Faux is now in the city of here, and had a room to himself. · Who is Washington. In that great capitai, be it?'_"Why, it is Judge Grimpe.'” informs us,

“Six miles west of Chilicothe, the land “ White men sell their own yellow

is remarkably rich. Here I met and pass. children in the ordinary course of business: ed General Carty, to whiom my friend

nodded and said, I How do, General.' and free blacks also sell their immediate offspring, male and female."

The General looks dirty and butcher-like, As also, that

and very unlike a soldier in appearance, “ Almost every private family chariot

seeming halt savage, and dressed as a backin this city is found daily on the stand as

woodsman.” a hackney coach for hire, to either whites

“Here we met, at breakfast, the highor blacks ; to all who can pay.”

sheriff of the county, a grey-headed, rusAnd moreover,

tic, dirty-looking old man, meaner than a " It is remarkable that the cows graze village constable in England, but a man of Loose all over this huge metropolis."

good understanding.” The next is a very fine quotation! “ Called at the seat of Squire Lidiard,

“ Being now in the neighbourhood of a rich English emigrant, who, with his lady kis excellency THE PRESIDENT's coun. and two elegant daughters, came to this westry-seat, or farm-house, the patrimony of tern country and city in consequence of ha. his family, I find that his neighbours are ving read and credited Birkbeck's notes and rejoicing because his excellency, on coming letters, and having known and visited the here last week, was arrested three times in Flower family in England. Mr Lidiard one week, by ncighbours whom he ought to was well known on 'Change; had a counthave paid long ago, the debts being money ing-house in London, and a house at Blackborrowed on his estates. He has long been heath. When I first called upon him, he under private pecuniary embarrassments, was from home. I left a message for him, and offered all his estates for sale, in or- saying, that an old countryman, known to cover in the same manner as bees in swarms drying, that all animal and vegetable life is cover a bush, being piled one on the other, exposed to a continual process of exhausfrom the lowest to the topmost boughs, tion. The breezes, if any, are perfumed which soladen, are seen continually bending by nuisances of all sorts, emptied into the and falling with their crashing weight, and streets, rotting carcases, and the exhalations presenting a scene of confusion and destruc of dismal swamps, made vocal and alive tion, too strange to describe, and too dan. with toads, lizards, and bellowing bull. gerous to be approached by either man or frogs. Few people are stirring, except nebeast. While the living birds are gone to groes ; all faces, save those of blacks, pale, their distant dinner, it is common for man languid, and lengthened with lassitude, ex. and animals to gather up or devour the pressive of anything but ease and happidead, then found in cart-loads. When the ness. Now and then an emigrant or two roost is among the saplings, on which the fall dead at the cold spring, or fountain ; pigeonsalight without breaking them down, others are lying on the floor, flat on their only bending them to the ground, the self backs; all, whether idle or employed, are slaughter is not so great ; and at night, comfortless, being in an everlasting steamm.cn, with lanterns and poles, approach and bath, and feeling offensive to themselves beat them to death without niuch personal and others. At table, pleased with nothing, danger. But the grand mode of taking because both vegetable and animal food is them is by setting fire to the high dead generally withered, touglfened, and tainted, grass, leaves, and shrubs underneath, in a the beverage, tea or coffee, contains dead wide blazing circle, fired at different parts, fies; the beds and bed-rooms, at pight, at the same time, so as soon to meet. Then present a smothering unaltering warmth, down rush the pigeons in immense num. the walls being thoroughly beated, and bebers, and indescribable confusion, to be ing withinside like the outside of an oven in coasted alive, and gathered up dead next continual use. Hard is the lot of him who day from heaps two feet deep."

bears the heat and burthen of this day, and i The term elegant is nowhere so little pitiable the fate of the poor emigrant, sighunderstood as in this country. One of Mr ing in vain for comforts, cool breezes, whole. Birkbeck's neighbours' sop's falling sick, some diet, and the old friends of his native the father applied to Mr B.'s chest for me- land. At midnight, the lightning-bugs and dicine, and received it. Mr B. next morn. bull-frogs become luminous and melodious. ing said to the father, “Well, sir, how did The flies seem an Egyptian plague, and get the medicine operate?'_'Oh, sir, elegant. mortised into the oily butter, which holds ly,' was the reply."

them like bird-lime." The following incident occurs at

Olie jam satis !-Nobody will supPhiladelphia.

pose that we have been quoting these " At night, I went into the black church, things with any other view than that where the black minister shewed much un. of amusing our readers with this mocultivated talent After sermon they be- dern Socrates, and the amiable mangar singing merrily, and continued, with ner in which he has played the part out stopping, one hour, till they became of his own Xenophon. At the same cxhausted and breathless--- Oh! come to time, we have no reason to suppose, Zion, come !''Hallelujah,' &c. And that Socrates tells anything but what then, “ O won't you have my lovely bleed- he believes to be the truth, and his ing Jusus,' a thousand times repeated in fuil thundering chorus to the tune of · Fol

anecdotes certainly body forth the form

and pressure of most strange and picde rol.' While all the time they were

turesque modes of human existence. clapping hands, shouting, and jumping, and exclaiming, * Ah Lord! Good Lord!

The result of his researches seems Give me Jasus; Amen.' At half past ten

to be exactly the same with that which this meeting broke up. For an hour it “Cobbett's Year's Residence in Ameseemed like Bedlam let loose. At the rica" points to. He has seen the close, one female said, striking the breasts Birkbecks and the Flowers, &c. &c. of two male friends, “We had a happy all cleaning their own shoes, and washtime of it.'”

ing their own potatoes, for the want " A common hot day at Washington.- of servants-he has seen English damThe wind southerly, like the breath of an sels, who used to finger the piano-forte oven ; the thermometer vacillating between

at home, skinning pigs, and undressing 90 and 100; the sky blue and cloudless ; themselves and sleeping in the same the sun shedding a blazing light; the face of the land, and everything upon it, save

room with both men and pigs-he is trees, withered, dusty, baked, and conti.

satisfied that all the Prairie gentry, who nually heated, insomuch that water would have any money, are losing that as fast almost hiss on it; the atmosphere swarm as possible, along with every other ing with noxious insects, fies, bugs, mos good thing they brought with them quitoes, and grasshoppers, and withal so from the regions of civilization. We have not quoted from this part of his to meet with, is a very little book enbook, however ; for, in the first place, titled “ Percy's Masque,”-and it is we believe the public is quite satis- much more than tolerable. It is really, fied as to the subject of which it treats, if the author be a very young man, a and as for the gurnish of Mr William most promising Essay. There is an Faux, we really cannot imagine that elegance of language, which shews perany one feels much desire to be inform- fect and intelligent familiarity with ed about the family sparrings and jare our models of the best age ; and there rings of the Flowers and the Birke is a certain elegance of thought and becks, the amours of young Flower conception, which renders us even and Miss Andrews the governess, or more anxious to be informed of the even the airs of Biddy the chamber, posterior proceedings of the author. maid, with the whole method and Two different editions of our Magamystery of her exemplary humilia- zine, by the way, are published every tion.

month within the United States : and Of course, there is nothing what- one of them at least beats the original ever in this book concerning what we hollow, in the weighty matters ot' pamight have been most anxious to re- per, ink, and typographical execution, ceive some information about-viz. as well maybe, where there is neither the present condition of literature, in the hurry, nor the expense of authorthe United States of America. This ship. Would it be too much for one was a matter entirely out of our friend's or both of the publishers who are thus way: and we do not mean to say, that thriving upon our exertions, to make if he had touched thereupon, we should some return now and then in the shape have thanked him.

of a parcel of American books ? We We wish very sincerely, however, throw out the hint, not doubting that that some American scholar would our good friends will take it in good write something like a sketch of what part; and we shall certainly be disaphas been, and is going on. Their Re- pointed if it meets with no attention views, &c. seldom or never travel so at their hands. far as this; and when a stray number S ince we are talking of such matters, does find its way, it is sure to be, three- there is a notion that has long been in parts out of four, occupied with Eng- our heads, and we shall take this oplish books of the preceding year, which portunity of mentioning it—assuredly are either perfectly well known to not with any views, or the possibility everybody here, or irremediably for- of them, as to ourselves. We regard the gotten. Why have they no journal Americans-how could we do otherexclusively their own-their own in wise ?-as immeasurably nearer to us subject, as well as in execution ?-as than any other people in the world ; much their own, for example, as our and in spite of all jealousies and preEnglish journals are English?

judices, the two nations must contiWe see but few of their books either. nue kindred as long as they speak the A life of “ James Otis” was lately put same tongue. Now, although we are into our hands, and we expected much living under differentgovernments, we entertainment from the history of one really can see no good reason why that of the great men of the Revolution circumstance should at all affect the We were sadly disappointed. It is literature which is, and ever must be, such a book as a young Irish student the common food of both. In the last fresh from Trinity might be supposed age, English authors had no remedy to write about Emmett--for we will when their books were pirated in Irenot mention Curran-a mere piece of land that bas been corrected it was boyish drivelling-nay, " worse of corrected long before the Union. Why, worst extended,” of boyish book-ma- merely because the Americans have king. “Letters on the Eastern States,” President Munroe, and we stick to seemed to us to be another very medi. King George, should the author who ocre affair; and as for “ The Idle Man," writes equally for England and Ame“Koningmarke, the Long Fione,” and rica, (as all authors who write in the all the other endless imitations of the common language mustdo,)why should Sketchbook, and Knickerbocker, they he be paid for his writings only by are to us utterly unmeaning imbecili one half of his readers? This is not ty. The only tolerable attempt in the fair in itself; and the doing away with poetical way that we have happened such a thing, would tend, we suspect,


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