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Her mother, after this interview, without to the scene I was witnessing expressed herself as much more satis- within. It led me to speak of the fied.

noisy, bustling world in contrast with As I thought this would in all pro

that where there are bability be her last day on earth, I

“No rude alarms of raging foes, called again in the evening, and sat

No cares to break the long repose; with her for upwards of an hour.

No groans to mingle with the songs, Of this interview I will give as clear Which warble from immortal tongues.” and full a detail as memory, will afford. May the Lord the Spirit as I forget the different Scriptures the Remembrancer help me, and may which at intervals I quoted, but what I write be not only according to among them was that from Ísaiah truth, and in exact conformity with xliii. :-“ When thou passest through what actually took place; but may it the waters I will be with thee; and please Him to make use of this hum- through the rivers, they shall not ble instrumentality to the glory of a overflow thee: when thou walk. Triune God, and to the edification, est through the fire, thou shalt and refreshing, and comfort, of any not be burned, neither shall the poor sinner into whose bands this flames kindle upon thee.” It was simple record may fall.

just about this time, and in direct When I entered the room on the answer to one of these Scriptures, above evening, I found the dear suf- that she made a remark which, ferer still lower. She was evidently together with its effects, I think I fast sinking. Every few minutes shall never forget. She was at the only the white of the eye was to time in the most entire prostration. be seen, and it was clear that at She had not the slightest power over each such interval consciousness was her frame. If her leg was moved her gone. Then she would as it were mother must move it for her, she could come back, and, opening her full not of herself. Her arm was simply eye upon the bystanders, would be.

all she could move. She had not come perfectly_sensible. “Do you taken so much as twopenny-worth of know me?” “Yes." I then repeated, bread for six months, her mother at different intervals,sundry passages, said; she had been kept alive by and spoke of Christ Himself having liqnids and little stimulants. She was gone through the dark valley before the merest skeleton; the skin hardly her, and having snatched away the covered her bones. For weeks before, sting of death, which was sin ; that as I had been informed, it had broken now those who were “looking to through, but withal there was not, as Jesus” could say, “O death, where is far as I heard, the slightest semblance thy sting? O grave, where is thy vic- of a murmur. But now, in these tory? The sting of death is sin, and circumstances, and with the death. the strength of sin is the law; but rattle in her throat, she suddenly said, thanks be to God, which giveth us upon the quoting of one of the Scripthe victory through our Lord Jesus tures to which I have alluded, “It is Christ.” Her weakness now became gone.” “What is gone?” said I. B0 great, that she looked to her bind My weak spirit.”

* What do you and deeply-attentive mother to change

“I was weak,” she replied, her position a little; but she imme. “ but now the Lord has strengthened diately added,“ Never mind, mother.” me.” And it was evident in her coun. It was holiday time, and the railway tenance and from her whole bearing trains hard by, together with the that He had done so. Oh, with what screeching of the engines, were making power that word from that dying a sad noise. The boys, too, at her one's lips came. It was such a reality. very door (her room being on the It afforded such a blessed proof of ground-floor) were at play in the what the Lord was able to do in the street, and exceedingly troublesome : very swellings of Jordan. There was she heard all, but still remained un- such a triumphing over the extremest moved. I could but think of the weakness, and such a perfect calm. contrast of those pleasure-takers I felt the power of that word, and it

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heart with joy and glad- But to return. I now felt I dared ness before the Lord in this renewed not doubt; and I did my utmost to proof before my eyes of what He was minister consolation. able to do in the very article of death. “Your sufferings will soon be over.

Why,” said I, “that is what the A little more faith, and a little more Lord did for Daniel. He was weak, patience. The worst is over. I don't and the Lord spoke to him, and then think you will suffer, but simply he said, “Thou hast strengthened sleep or glide away.'

She said me;' and Paul said, 'I can do all something about the death-struggle, things through Christ which strength- but was cheered in a moment from ened me;' . When I am weak then the hope that it would be nothing. am I strong.''

“One moment in heaven," said I,“and Whatever doubts or fears about you would forget a thousand years' this case I may have had aforetime, sufferings on earth. Oh, think of they were now all removed. I felt what awaits you—where you are going this sweet word, and this blessed as- to-who you will see. Jesus, face to surance, could be only from the Lord face; not as the Man of Sorrows now; Himself. That was not the time, not sweating great drops of blood those not the circumstances, for de falling own to the ground; not in ception, or the playing a part. It was His dying agonies; but on His throne! evidently reality. Her poor anxious The Lamb on the throne ! Shall I mother, standing by, felt the force of read a verse or two about it?” “Do.” that sweet word, “ The Lord has And I saw no temple therein; for strengthened me.

the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb I now unhesitatingly strove to pour are the temple of it. And the city in of the oil and the wine of Divine had no need of the sun, neither of the consolation. I had striven before to moon, to shine in it; for the glory of the utmost to probe and to try and to God did lighten it, and the Lamb is test. I had again and again quoted the light thereof." What are these David's words, “ Search me, O God, which are arrayed in white robes ? and know my heart: prove me, and and whence came they? And I said know my thoughts, and see if there unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he be any wickedness in me, and lead said to me, These are they which came me in the way everlasting.".

out of great tribulation, and have you say that?” again and again washed their robes, and made them had I asked. “Yes,” she would say. white in the blood of the Lamb. There. Nothing in my hands I bring,

fore are they before the throne of Simply to thy cross I cling.

God, and serve Him day and night in “Is that your language po

His temple: and He that sitteth on

the throne shall dwell among them. was the answer.

They shall hunger no more, neither “ Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness thirst any more; neither shall the My beauty are, my glorious dress,

sun light on them, nor any heat. For Midst flaming worlds in these arrayed, the Lamb which is in the midst of

With joy shall I lift up my head." the throne shall feed them, and shall She responded in the same heartfelt lead them unto living fountains of way; and, though her words were waters: and God shall wipe away all few, they were evidently followed by tears from their eyes.” God Himself the most fervent mental ejaculations. to wipe away all tears from their eyes! Continually was she to be seen look- Don't you think that's worth waiting ing up in simple earnest prayer. Once, for, and suffering forp” “ Yes.” on the last day she spent on earth,

" Yet a season,

and we know when I quoted the verse,

Happy entrance will be given; " There is a fountain filled with blood,”

All your sorrows left below,

And earth exchang'd for heaven.” she seemed, as it were, to grasp that word blood. Blood," she whispered “Would you come back po “Not to herself, “ blood.” As much as to for fifty worlds,” she said. Not for say, “That's it; there's my hope." the crown of England ?” “No," said

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" that would bring trouble with “Shall I pray with you once more?" it, and I should not know the future; “Do, please. I did so, simply combut I do know my future.

mitting and commending her to the Once she spoke of the night she Lord, and, a little before nine o'clock, had before her, and seemed to dread bidding her “look to Jesus,” wished it. “Oh,” said I, “I don't think you her good-bye, believing our next will see to-morrow morning.”.“ Don't meeting would be in eternity. She you ? oh, the Lord grant it, if it is His thanked me heartily for visiting her, blessed will. I should be so glad not and shook my hand affectionately, to open my eyes upon this world to- saying, “Good-bye." morrow morning."

Next morning, the closed shutter When I repeated the lines,

told me the conflict had ceased, and “ Jesus can make a dying-bed,

that all was over. Upon reaching the Feel soft as downy pillows are,

house, I found she only tarried in While on His breast I lean my head, this vale of tears a little more than

And breathe my life out sweetly there," two hours after I left her. Mother,” she exclaimed, “ Beautiful;” and again said she, “get your supper quickly, , when I quoted the verse,

and I shall soon go after that ;and so “There shall I bathe my weary soul

it was, for about eleven o'clock, with In seas of heavenly rest;

out a struggle, and scarcely a sigh, And not a wave of trouble roll,

she fell asleep in Jesus. Blessed, Across my peaceful breast,"

blessed be His great and glorious she said again, “Beautiful.”




Wotanside Notes


" He must increase and I must decrease." --JOHN iii. 30. THE Christian, as he advances in divine experience, will find out that one of the greatest enemies to his spiritual growth is "self." "O wretched

man that I am!” said the apostle, “who shall deliver me from this body of sin and death ?”. But some will say, “Is there not something exceedingly good in self ?” We, for one, have never found it, and must therefore bear_testimony to the truth of the Scripture, which sums up self thus: “From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises and putrifying sores.

Others will say, “Ah, depend upon it human nature is better than you take it to be!” We reply, facts that are coming to light daily certainly do not bear out the dogma of creature excellency. No, reader, human nature, if put in the balance, even though it be dressed in the highest morality, will be found wanting. For our own part, we have no confidence in the flesh, and we pray that the creature may decrease in our experience, and Christ become all and in all.

And satisfied we are that he who thinks highly of self, does not realize the fact of the fall and its results. Reader, feeling its effects personally, do we not cease to look for any good in the creature, and are we not learning that self assumes various and opposing influences to our comfort and growth in grace ?

There is (1) sinful self-for we find out to our cost that the old Adam nature is within still, even after we have received a sense of pardoning love and mercy. The lusts of the flesh, and a large company of evils,

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abide in the town of Mansoul, even after Emanuel has driven Diabolus out of the castle. Sin dwelleth in me,” is the acknowledgment of the beloved apostle, who yet could say, “For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

it is on the one hand a glorious fact that if the Lord's, we have within us a sinless nature, that nothing can destroy, while at the same time it is a painful fact that the old nature is within still.

“ Poor wretched, worthless worm !

In what sad plight I stand,
When good I would perform,

Then evil is at hand.”
And this old nature shows itself often in the form of-

2. Righteous Self. It is a difficult matter for human nature really to feel that there is not some good in the creature. There is sometimes the acknowledgment that there is none; but the actions prove that there is still a clinging to the old rags of creature righteousness.

And this supposed goodness is the root of the ten thousand errors that exist in the present day, which lead men under the name of religion into countless vagaries and follies. Let a man feel that he has no righteousness of his own, and he will be kept to the simplicity of the truth as it is in Jesus, but not otherwise.

“Oh, to be found in Him,” says the apostle, “not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith!" It is a mercy for us, beloved, if we have been taught the lesson of man's nothingness, and that “ Christ must be all and all."

And then another rearing up of the old nature will often be in the form of

3. Proud Self.—“My soul shall weep in secret places for my pride,” said the Prophet Jeremiah; and how painful it is to see those who profess to be Christians lifting up their heads in a proud and lofty spirit! But 60, alas! it is.

If anything like success in connexion with one's business, oh, how pride is engendered ; and what a creature greatness is often felt, while worldlymindedness, creeping over us, estrangeth us from our God! Or again

If anything like success in connection with the spreading of the truth, wbat a difficult thing it is to keep pride of heart down ; although personally we can say that in a great measure grace has subdued pride in this matter, for, when we get a testimony that the Lord has been pleased to bless the poor intrument, the tear of gratitude starts to the eye, and the heart becomes melted and humbled before the Lord at the thought of His great condescension in bringing strength out of perfect weakness. Still pride clings so to poor human nature, and in some cases even to the last, as it was with Hezekiah, of whom it is said that after all his mercies he was lifted up with pride of heart. On, to be delivered from this noxious evil, and to walk humbly before the Lord. And, then, another form of evil we have to contend with is

4. Rebellious Self.-If things do not go on just as we would have them, we think God is dealing hardly with us. say


mercy for ever, and thus utter an impossibility in the spirit of rebellion. Jonah carried things with a high hand indeed, when the Lord said unto him,


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Doest thou well to be angry for the gourd ?”. He replied, "I do well to be angry, even unto death.” This is a wretched spirit to get into, and destructive of all peace and prosperity of soul. Well may the Psalmist say, “The rebellious dwell in a dry land." Yes, indeed they are brought into great barrenness of soul-absorbed with their miseries, they forget their mercies.

O Thou passive, meek, loving Lamb of God, who never rebelled against the Father's will, but became “ obedient unto death,” make us more like Thyself


Lord, one look from Thee
Subdues the disobedient will ;
Drives doubts and discontent away,

And Thy rebellious worm is still.”
And further, the uprisings of creature-will shows itself in-

5. Worrying Self.-Oh, how many Marthas there are in the Lord's family that are « cumbered about many things.” How many of the Lord's children, that morning, noon, and night are always on the worry and fret. How sweet is the mild expostulation of our Lord to such, “And which of you by taking thought can add to his stature one cubit ? If ye then be not able to do that thing which is least, why take ye thought for the rest ? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, they spin not: and yet I say unto you, that Solomon, in all his glory, was not arrayed like one of these.” And then lower down in that precious chapter, " Seek ye not what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither

“ be ye of doubtful mind." And again, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” And yet, alas, with all these hallowed “seek nots” and “fear nots," we often worry as much as ever. Ah, and worry, too, about the veriest trifles of time, as if time was to last for ever. This state of self greatly impoverishes the soul, mars the comfort, and hinders growth in grace. Let us put up at the throne of grace such desires as these : “O Thou, who didst bid the winds and waves Peace, be still, and they obeyed Thee, settle my discomposed mind, and quiet my troubled breast, and bring me to see the light of Thy countenance, and the joy of Thy salvation." Beloved, is it not the case, that worrying self cripples and cramps the Christian beyond measure, and prevents anything like liveliness or vigour in connexion with eternal things? We have need, then, to pray that grace may keep it under. And then there is another form of temptation even worse than this, viz. :

6. Temper Self.Oh, how painful it is to see the Christian giving way to temper at the veriest trifles, and yet how common! We know that this may sometimes proceed from bodily disease and suffering; then it cannot be helped, and must be borne with, - but often it is otherwise. Oh, when temper-self is felt rising in unbecoming outbursts, we do well to check it with the cry, Grace, Lord ! grace, Lord !” How mild and meek was our blessed Redeemer throughout His earthly career; what an example for us ! O thou precious One, save us from inbred sins; drive everything out, Thou stronger Man armed, that dishonours thee; curb our temper and make us child-like ; subdue our wills and make them absorbed in Thine; check all uprising of self, and be Thou our all and in all.

Now these varied inward evils, which prove "sin dwelleth in us," bring the soul into prison, and wrap it in clouds and darkness. Our mercy

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