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be expressed from the Fruit of Jesse in streams of blood; the rose of Sharon must bloom in Thy wounded side, and emit its sacred fragrance from the precious pores of Thy body. Fellowship with Thee in Thy sufferings imparts to my fainting soul the sweet odour of the lily of the valley. Thou, dear Jesus, art both Rose and Lily. Thou art red in blood and white in purity: and, hadst Thou not have been the rose, my soul never could have been the lily; hadst Thou not have atoned my sin, I never could have been a partaker of Thy holiness; hadst Thou, precious Jesus, not have redeemed me unto God by Thy blood, I never could have enjoyed freedom of access into that grace wherein I stand. The ocean of Thy love would never have found its

way into my gladdened heart but through the river of Thy blood. But Thy precious blood underbottomed, overtopped, and entirely swept away the mountain of obstruction which my sins formed to love, light, and life, so that Thy love, Thy ancient love, Thy boundless love, can find no impediment to its incessant free-flowings since the blood of Thy heart of love has been shed. Hence the shedding of Thy blood was the flowing of Thy love; the cry of Thine agonizing soul in the depth of Thy deep humiliation was the expression of Thy bleeding heart of love to me, the unworthy subject of Thy grace. It is the thought of this, the contemplation of this, that so endears Thy glorious and gracious Person to my heart; for I am so lost in Adam, and so defiled in myself, that nothing but Thy blood can save me, nothing but Thy blood can wash away my guilt and pollution. Say to my soul, O my Beloved, again and again, “I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins. Return unto me; for I have redeemed Thee." “ I have raiment to attire thee, “When thy warfare is completed, I have blood to make thee

And thy times of sorrow o'er, clean :

All my love that I've related Without blemish I admire thee,

Thou shalt prove, yea, ten times Fair without and fair within;

more, Now I'll give thee

When I feast thee One sure pledge of heav'n below. With the fulness of my joy.” Beloved, it seems long since I wrote to you last; but you know quite well that I have you in my new heart, and that we live together in Jesus, and we love each other in the Lamb of God. Though we are absent from each other in body, we ever dwell together in Spirit. We are mutual partakers, through the word of life, of love, and of power, of the divine nature. It is in the life of this nature we live, in the love of this nature we rejoice, in the light of this nature we shine, in the faith of this nature we walk, upon the food of this nature we feed, upon the rock of this nature we build, of the wine of this nature we drink, and in the beauty and dignity, excellency and glory of this nature we appear as

King's daughter with clothing of wrought gold." To us our Beloved says, “Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee." Not a stain of sin can be seen upon us, not a spot of defilement can blemish us, and not a trace of the Adam-transgression can be found about us. We are clean throughout. How sweetly the lines of Hart now flow into my mind.

“ We'll tell the Father in that day,

And Thou shalt witness what we say,
We're clean just God, we're clean !”

But are we clean in ourselves ? are we blemish void in ourselves ? are we meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light” in ourselves ? Contrariwise; "in our flesh there dwelleth no good thing." This we freely acknowledge, this we frankly confess

i and yet we are the perfection of beauty" and "a crown of glory" in Him our Beloved. Why should we wish to be better than we are in ourselves ? What real reason have we for desiring to be anything but sinners in union to Adam the first? Were we anything but hell-deserving sinners in the flesh, we could not possibly experience the preciousness of the name of Jesus. “His name shall be called Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins :" not only from the sin of their vice, but from the sin of their virtue; not only from the sin of their unrighteousness, but from the sin of their righteousness; not only from the sin of their worldliness, but from the sin of their seriousness. Righteous self must be rejected as well as unrighteous self. Indeed, we must “hate the garment spotted by the flesh.” The work of the Holy Ghost tends to lead us entirely out of self in all its phases, and to settle us wholly and for ever in Jesus. In Him alone are we the perfection of beauty. He who was made our sin delights to see us made the righteousness of God in Himself. He has “presented us to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing;" and, when we shall arrive in glory, when we shall reach the other house, the upper

home which is “eternal in the heavens,” we shall not be more suitable and acceptable to our God than we are now. Before time the Father loved us, before time the Son undertook to do and to suffer for us all the Father's righteous will, and before time the Eternal Spirit deeply engraved our names on the loving heart of our unchanging Friend, wrote them in the Lamb's book of life before the foundation of the world.

“O love of unexampled kind,

That leaves all thoughts so far behind.” From my heart of hearts I can now say, in living experience, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Hım that bringeth glad tidings, that publisheth peace; that saith unto Zion, thy God reigneth!"

But time and space tell me to stop, although eternity and immensity say, Continue. I feel now, in closing this letter of love to you, a child of love, that I have hardly said a word of Him who is our God of love; but may a few drops of love, beams of light, and gleams of glory accompany the hurried epistle, and then our rest-labour will not be in vain in the Lord. Beloved, farewell! With our united best love,

Believe me to remain, as ever,

Yours very affectionately in Him,


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, DEAR SIR, -I received your letter, and have considered the contents of it, and I must confess that I differ in opinion from some divinity writers respecting the work of regeneration; but at the same time I aver, that neither their opinion nor mine are of any value unless supported by the word of God. God is a free Agent, and has an indisputable right to do as He pleases with His own. It is clear that all sinners are not of an


equal size; all debtors are not in equal arrears; some owe ten thousand talents, some five hundred pence, some fifty ; but by the law All are insolvent. Every mouth must be stopped, and all the world must become guilty before God. As there are different sizes of sinners among God's elect, so there are different measures of fatherly chastisements used at conversion. All do not sink so deep in the horrible pit as David, nor do all feel the arrows of wrath like Job, the terrors of the law like Paul, or the plague of heart like Asaph.

God works all things after the counsel of His own will; we are not to draw lines for Him, nor to limit the Holy One of Israel; yet we are to enforce and abide by the lines He has drawn. And by these I confess I do not know what some divines mean by God's drawing sinners with the cords of love, for, although I have experienced a comfortable measure of the love of God, yet they treat of a drawing by love that I do not understand. That God sometimes begins a work on a sinner's heart by a. promise, and sometimes by a threatening or terrible sentence, sometimes by allurements, and sometimes by terrors, I readily grant. But to be drawn by the cords of love so as to feel no sting of guilt, no remorse of conscience, no bitter reflections on past folly, no sense of God's displeasure against sin, no rebellion nor evil motions of corruption, no opposition from unbelief, no doubts about our state, no fear of future reckoning, no tempter opposing a work of grace, no repentance or godly sorrowthis is such a drawing as I do not understand, and it is a drawing the Bible knows nothing of. To be begotten but never quickened; born again without travail or labour; healed before they are wounded ; saved before they are lost; banqueted before they hungered ; refreshed before they thirsted; at rest in Christ but never weary; in the path to heaven and no spiritual tribulation; a follower of Christ but no Cross ; a law in the mind but none in the members-such, an one must needs walk boldly, for against him there is none rising up.

That God draws souls with the cords of love as with the bands of a man is true; but God's love to my soul does not screen my back from stripes, for he that spareth the rod hateth his son, but « whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth." I have been intimately acquainted with several persons who informed me they were drawn by love, without either rebukes, chastisements, or terrors; and I must confess they continued under their drawing for

many years, and were drawn a great way, some of them to eminent gifts, and to cut no despicable figure in the ministry, and others to build chapels and contribute largely to support them. I have lived to see them all, except two, drawn into the world again, into sin, into bondage ; and no wonder, when they were unacquainted with the plague of the heart, a contrite spirit, godly sorrow, and repentance unto life.

“Nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure The Lord knoweth them that are His;" and it appears to me that God hath begun His good work in you, and He will carry it on to the day of Christ Jesus. It is no small part of a work of grace to bring a man off from trust in his own heart and reliance on his own arm. When thy strength is gone, and thy righteousness appears to be nothing but dross, God will appear, for “He giveth power to the faint, and them that have no might He increaseth strength.” If thou lovest His children and His ways, thou must love the Father that begat these children. These cannot deserve to be put amongst the children; to be guided and directed, to submit to His will, and to be



saved in His own way, to seek with sincerity, and pray day and night, are things that either go before or else accompany salvation; they neither spring out of the soil of nature, nor do they come by chance. Therefore patiently wait, and quietly hope for salvation; nor pray either for trials or terrors, but pray for grace, mercy, and peace through Jesus Christ; and depend upon it that thou wilt feel and find, soon or late, as much corruption and bondage, accusation and temptation, doubts and fears, conviction, dejection, and distraction, as thy heart will be able to bear up under, let thy faith be what it may. So I predict, and so thou wilt confess, or thou wilt greatly disappoint Thy affectionate friend,



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“For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”—Luke xix. 10,


OH, sinner, rejoice that the Saviour came down,

To seek, not the righteous, the noble, the great-
To save, not the children of fame and renown-

But the lost and the helpless, of lowly estate!
He chose not the learned ; He came not to kings;

But stoop'd to the dunghill His jewels to find :
A thief and a harlot-poor castaway things!

To such were His thoughts of compassion inclined.
Oh, was it not strange that His pity and love

For rebels, and refuse so wretched and base,
Should lure Him to leave His bright mansion above,

To make them His trophies of mercy and grace ?
Poor sinner, He came not to offer, but save ;

And He finished the work when He died on the tree :
He bore the dread curse, and arose from the grave,

To purchase eternal salvation for thee!
Oh, souls heavy-laden, condemned, and undone,

You stand in your Surety as pure as can be!
The Father beholds you complete in His Son,

And your sins are all lost in the depths of the sea !
Then shout, Hallelujah to God and the Lamb!

For the guilty, the ruined, a ransom is found.
To Israel's Jehovah, the Eternal I AM,

The glory and praise shall for ever resound.


Hard is the conflict to get the mastery over a besətting sin ; this is seldom obtained at once, or without many falls. Innate corruptions are very

stubborn. God's children never totally fall from grace. Though they sleep, yet their heart is awake; the grace of God sometimes fails in the outward action, yet it retireth to the heart, in which fort it is impregnable. As Christ said of Lazarus, so a man may say of a Christian, “In his worst state, his life is in him still; he is not dead, but sleeps; his heart waketh."

The Triumphs of Grace ober Death and the Grabe;

OR, WHISPERS FROM THE DYING PILLOWS OP GOD'S SERVANTS. “ Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.” –PSALM XXXVII, 37.



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(Continued from page 156.) NEVERTHELESS, though every rose hath its pricking thorn, it hath also its fragrant smell. And som

Trials through tribulation's ground,

May thee like scorpions sting;
But yet that sorrow ne'er was found,

That did no sweetness_bring." Thus with this heavy affliction, this grievous visitation from the Lord, there was the consciousness that it was from the Lord, and this gave quietness and resignation thereto. “It is I; be not afraid.” Only let the soul know that it is the Lord's doing, and then, howsoever mysterious the dispensation, or dark the path, it will have light and wisdom enough to bow to the “decree of the watchers," and yield itself to the “demand of the holy ones." With Christ in the ship, the roughest sea will, at His word, become a calm! If the Son of God be with us in the furnace, though it be heated never so hot, the smell of fire shall not rest upon us. Indeed, in passing through this life, which to a believer and pilgrim is the “valley of the shadow of death,” his comfort, peace, and freedom from fear and evil, all rest upon the persuasion that he is not alone in his trouble, but that Christ is with him; and though there is the "rod” to correct, there is also the "staff" to support.

And this knowledge, so soothing to the soul, was the silver lining to our cloud; the light that shone amid all the gloom, and gave such a sanctified sweetness to the bitter waters of our affliction. For all of us, through mercy, were sensible of the “voice” which God's fatherly rod of covenant chastisement spake : but especially the fading smitten one, to whom it was more personally addressed. He listened with an obedient ear, and understood what the solemn utterance meant. He received instruction from heaven's reproof, and despised not the chastening hand, but met all his multiplied stripes of correction with a sanctified silence, and meekly bent his will to each stroke of God's decree. Indeed, I shall ever number it among the “marvellous works of God," that my son was enabled so submissively to bow, so sensibly to deny himself, and to take so joyfully the spoiling of his goods. For it is a fact that one by one of his endearing occupations, and much-loved pursuits, were given up without a word of objection, or the least expression of regret. Each was ceased from in its turn, and all were yielded up with a quietness and submission that bespoke perfect resignation to the wiser will of God.

How great must have been the reigning power of grace to enable a young man just entering upon the open world, with bright and promising

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