Tipon: Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire

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American Society of Civil Engineers, 1 sie 2006 - 166

Tipon: Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire reveals the beauty and the ingenuity of this little-known jewel of the Inca Empire.

Located down the Huatanay River Valley by the Inca capital of Cusco, Tipon is a 500-acre, self-contained, walled settlement that served as an estate for Inca nobility. This historic agricultural site, which has been farmed and partially irrigated for more than 450 years, is a stunning civil engineering achievement by the Inca, who were masters of irrigation and hydraulic technology. They designed buildings, waterworks, and massive structures to be visually and functionally in harmony with the natural environment. In planning a place that would integrate water, soil, agriculture, and topography, the Inca created a virtual water garden that impresses all who visit. Wright takes readers on a tour of Tipon's canals, plazas, aqueducts, and fountains?infrastructure that transformed a remote mountainside into a true engineering marvel.

Along with a detailed walking guide and beautiful photographs, this book provides modern engineers and casual tourists alike with an appreciation of the Inca civilization through the great works they left behind.

Product Reviews

"[Wright's] clear admiration for the aesthetic beauty and functionality of these structures leaves readers wishing to meet the Inca engineers who made scarce water serve so many needs." ?Choice: Reviews for Academic Libraries

"...recommended for anyone who wishes to appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments and importance of water engineering in a global and historical context." ?Journal of the American Water Resources Association

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Machu Picchu: A Civil Engineering Marvel (ASCE Press, 2000).

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