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Take from me, O my God, all vainglorious thoughts, all desire of praise, all envy, covetousness, gluttony, sloth, and luxury, all froward affections, all desire of revenge and harm to others. Give me, O Lord, an humble, quiet, peaceable, patient, tender, and charitable mind, and in all my thoughts, words, and deeds, to have a taste of Thy Holy Spirit.-Prayer of Sir Thomas More.


My heart sought peace in creatures, but it found none except in Thee, O Lord. O God of peace! my mind is disturbed, my heart is agitated, my passions rebel; say but the word and the storm will be appeased.

O sweet Jesus, Saviour of mankind, whose sacred body was fastened to the Cross with Three Nails, fix my heart to the same Cross with the Three Nails of Faith, Hope, and Charity.


Divine Jesus, incarnate Son of God, who for our salvation didst vouchsafe to be born in a stable, to pass Thy life in poverty, trials, and misery, and to die amid the sufferings of the Cross, I entreat Thee, say to Thy Divine Father at the hour of my death: Father, forgive him; say to Thy beloved Mother: Behold Thy son; say to my soul: This day thou shalt be with me in paradise. My God, my God, forsake me not in that hour. I thirst: yes, my God, my soul thirsts after Thee, who art the fountain of living waters. My life passes like a shadow; yet a little while, and all will be consummated. Wherefore, O my adorable Saviour, from this moment, for all eternity, into Thy hands I commend my spirit. Lord Jesus, receive my soul. [300 days.

A PRAYER IN SICKNESS. O sweet Jesus, I desire neither life nor death, but Thy most holy Will. Thee, O Lord, I look for; be it done unto me according to Thy pleasure. If Thou wilt, sweet Jesus, that I die, receive my soul; and albeit I come to Thee at the very

evening, as one of the last, yet grant that with Thee and in Thee I may receive everlasting life. If Thou wilt, sweet Jesus, that I live on earth, I purpose to amend the rest of my life, and offer it all for a burnt-sacrifice unto Thee, for Thy honour and glory, and according to Thy blessed Will; and for the performing of this, I desire the assistance of Thy holy grace. Amen.


Most merciful Jesus, Lover of Souls! I pray Thee by the agony of Thy most Sacred Heart, and by the woes of Thy immaculate Mother, wash in Thy Blood the sinners of the whole world who are now in their agony, and who are this day to die.


Heart of Jesus, once in agony, pity the


[100 days.



O my Lord Jesus Christ, who through Thy love for mankind dost remain day and night in this Sacrament, all full of tender

ness and love, expecting, inviting, and receiving all who come to visit Thee; I believe that Thou art present in the Sacrament of the Altar; from the abyss of my nothingness I adore Thee and give The thanks for all the benefits Thou hast conferred on me, and particularly that Thou hast given Thyself to me in this Sacrament and Thy most holy Mother Mary, to be my advocate; and also for having called me to visit Thee in this church. I salute Thy most Holy Heart this day, and this homage I direct to a threefold end: First, in thanksgiving for this great gift; secondly, in reparation for all the injuries Thou hast received from Thy enemies in this Sacrament; thirdly, I intend by this visit to adore Thee in those places throughout the world where Thou art least honoured and most neglected in this Sacrament. O my Jesus, with my whole heart I love thee; I regret I have so often grieved Thy infinite goodness. I propose for the future, with the assistance of Thy grace, never more to offend Thee. And as to the present, miserable though I am, I consecrate myself wholly to Thee; I give

and make over to Thee my entire will, my affections, desires, all that I am. Henceforth do with me and all that is mine whatever it shall please Thee. One thing I ask of Thee, one thing I desire-Thy holy love, final perseverance, and the perfect accomplishment of Thy holy will. I commend to Thee the souls in Purgatory, especially those who have been most devout towards this most holy Sacrament and the most Blessed Virgin Mary. I also commend to Thee all poor sinners. In fine, O my dear Saviour, I unite all my affections to the affection of Thy most loving Heart; and thus united, I offer them to Thy Eternal Father, and beseech Him in Thy name, for love of Thee, graciously to accept them.


Ant. In the way of peace.

Canticle of Zachary. Benedictus.

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel: because He hath visited and wrought the redemption of His people.

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