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On the broad and the distant, the distant field must die, Where o'er him many a dark-brown maid so mournfully shall sigh."

From the German. Tr. C. T. Brooks.



THEY told me much of Tegernsee:
How great its hospitality.

Then turned I more than one mile from the highway.
Truly I am a curious man,

That I myself so little plan,

And far too much let other people dictate my way.

I'll scold them not; God bless and make us better!

They gave me water.

Thus, foolish plotter,

I turned from the Monk's table simply wetter.

Walther von der Vogelweide. Tr. A. E. Kroeger.

Teutoburger Wald.


HESE ancient hills I see once more,


And that old grove of beech-trees green,

And, falling o'er yon rocky slope,


Who, still a young man, when he went,
An old and feeble man was found;
Unknown, and strange, and almost shunned,
With timid glance he looked around,
To see names, faces, ways all new,
And (thought too strong for that weak mind)
Where he a monarchy had left,

A young republic there to find!

So I return, oppressed with care;
Who knows, alas, this stranger here?
Hark, hark! A welcome hundred-fold,
From rock and hill and vale, I hear!
The kindly flowers nod their heads,
The gracious trees their branches shake,
And O, the best, the best of all,
The friends that press, my hand to take!

Thanks, thanks, ye dear and good and true,
Who ne'er could falter or deceive!
Thanks to the old friends and the new!
A grateful heart's best thanks receive!
And ye, who peep like roses forth,
Among these bearded men, and tall,
Westphalia's maidens, and her wives,
My hearty thanks once more to all!

No, not like that old dreamer, I
Return from exile long and sad;
I were not worthy of such love,
If I that thought in earnest had!

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