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Nought below, and nought above, Seems averse, but prone to Love.

Stop the meteor in its flight,
Or the orient rays of light;
Bid Dan Phoebus not to shine,
Bid the planets not incline;
"T is as vain, below, above,
To impede the course of Love.

Salamanders live in fire,
Eagles to the skies aspire,
Diamonds in their quarries lie,
Rivers do the sea supply:
Thus appears, below, above,
A propensity to Love.

Metals grow within the mine,
Luscious grapes upon the vine;
Still the needle marks the pole;
Parts are equal to the whole:
'T is a truth as clear, that Love
Quickens all, below, above.

Man is born to live and die,
Snakes to creep, and birds to fly;
Fishes in the waters swim,
Iloves are mild, and lions grim :
Nature thus, below, above,
Pushes all things on to Love,

Does the cedar love the mountain
Or the thirsty deer the fountain
Does the shepherd love his crook
Or the willow court the brook
Thus by Nature all things move,
Like a running stream, to Love.

Is the valiant hero bold
Does the miser dote on gold 2
Seek the birds in spring to pair
Breathes the rose-bud scented air :
Should you this deny, you’ll prove
Nature is averse to Love. -

As the wencher loves a lass,
As the toper loves his glass,
As the friar loves his cowl,
Or the miller loves the toll,
So do all, below, above,
Fly precipitate to Love.

When young maidens courtship shun,
When the moon out-shines the sun,
When the tigers lambs beget,
When the snow is black as jet,
When the planets cease to move,
Then shall Nature cease to Love.



N. B. This is delivered down by tradition as a production of Cowley; and was spoken at the Westminster-school election, on the following subject :

Nullis amor est medicabilis herbis.” OvID.

SOL Daphne sees, and seeing her admires,
Which adds new flames to his celestial fires;
Had any remedy for Love been known,
The god of Physick, sure, had cur'd his own.

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“Pindarici fontis quinon expalluit haustus.”
Ho R. I. EP. III. 3.


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