Outlines of Psychiatry

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Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Company, 1919 - 345

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Strona 117 - He is very impatient of delay, he cannot wait a minute for anything that he wants, and if it is not forthcoming on the instant, he flies into a rage. The course of the post is not expeditious enough for him. He sends his letters by telegraph, and his letters are extraordinarily numerous. They would be numerous in any case, but their number is doubled, and more than doubled, by the frequent changes of his mind, and by the impulsiveness with which he acts upon every passing whim. He determines to make...
Strona 337 - Besides the obvious answers, the following are accepted as right or half right: (2) in or indoors (half) ; (3) lazy or slowly (half) ; (4) little or low (half) ; (5) short (half) ; (6) soft or low (right), whisper (half) ; (9) sorry or sorrow (half) ; (10) right or truth (half) ; (11) dislike, unlike or hate (right); (13) healthy (right); (14) mad (right); (15) broad (half); (16) filled (right); (18) none (right); (19) under (right).
Strona 303 - Francisco with his dog, which he left at a dealer's while he purchased a new suit of clothes. Dressed finely, he went to the dog, whistled to him, called him by name and patted him. But the dog would have nothing to do with him in his new hat and coat but gave a mournful howl. Coaxing was of no effect, so the cowboy went away and donned his old garments, whereupon the dog immediately showed his wild joy on seeing his master as he thought he ought to be.
Strona 337 - It is a difficult test. If a child does it the first time always ask him if he has seen it before. 2. THE REVERSED TRIANGLE. Cut a visiting card along the diagonal. Ask child to describe the resulting shape if one of the triangles was turned about and placed so that its short leg was on the other hypothenuse and its right angle at the smaller of the two acute angles.
Strona 324 - A child of three repeats six syllables but not ten. There must not be a single error. 3. REPETITION OF FIGURES " 7, 2." A child of three can repeat two figures. Figures require closer attention than words because they mean nothing to him. Pronounce the figures distinctly, one-half second apart and without emphasis on any one figure. 4. DESCRIBING PICTURES. A picture is shown to the child with the question,
Strona 127 - flight into reality " which is the characteristic of the manic phase, while the failure to deal adequately with the difficulty is manifested by the depression of the depressive phase. In the depression the defenses have broken down and the patient is overwhelmed by a sense of his moral turpitude (self -accusatory delusions).
Strona 108 - I do not love — I rather hate him." Then this feeling of hate is projected with the result "he hates (persecutes) me, which justifies my hating him." As a result, this feeling, appearing to come from an outer perception becomes " I really do not love him — I hate him — because he persecutes me.
Strona 304 - ... boat. The crew, however, rushed to the side of the vessel to keep him in sight, but before their shuddering eyes the unlucky young man was grasped by one of the sharks encircling the steamer and was drawn under the water, leaving only a dark streak of blood. (Adapted from Ziehen.) Good Girl Story. — Once upon a time there was a girl, whose father and mother were dead, and who was so poor that finally she had nothing but the clothes on her back and a little piece of bread in her hand. She was...
Strona 82 - The extreme difficulty in locating and uncovering the complex is due to the symbolic forms in which it usually manifests itself. The painful memories of disagreeable experiences, unethical, unconventional, and otherwise impossible and hateful wishes while crowded out of mind by what Freud has so aptly termed the " censor of consciousness " nevertheless struggle to find expression. The complex cries for recognition, the censor will have none of it — the fight is on, the conflict wages, until finally...
Strona 305 - Once upon a time heard a chirruping in the . Ah, he said to himself, if I could like that, how I should be. So he bowed low to the , and said, kind friend, what do you eat to make your so sweet ? I drink the evening dew, replied the . The foolish tried to live on the same , and died of . 2.

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