The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Tom 16

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W. Durell, 1813

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Strona 121 - Oh that you may have«but so much regard for me left that this complaint may touch your soul with pity. I say as little as ever I can; did you but know what I thought, I am sure it would move you to forgive me; and believe I cannot help telling you this and live."— VANESSA.
Strona 5 - I should not think my own soul deserved to be saved, if I did not endeavour to save his; for I have all the obligations in nature to him. He has brought me into better company than I cared for, made me merrier when I was sick than...
Strona 129 - Do you imagine I can be easy while their enemies are endeavouring to take off their heads ? ' / mine et versus tecum meditare canoros. Do you imagine I can be easy when I think of the probable consequences of these proceedings, perhaps upon the very peace of the nation, but certainly of the minds of so many hundred thousand good subjects ? Upon the whole, you may truly attribute my silence to the eclipse, but it was that eclipse which happened on the first of August.
Strona 285 - I often threatened myself with the journey, and am every summer practising to ride and get health to bear it : the only inconvenience is, that I grow old in the experiment. Although I care not to talk to you as a divine, yet I hope you have not been author of your colic : do you drink bad wine, or keep bad company? Are you not as many years older as I ? It will not be always et tibi quos mihi dempserit apponet annos.
Strona 234 - ... as I do, and having long done with whatever can relate to public matters. Indeed, I have formerly delivered my thoughts very freely, whether I were asked or no : but never affected to be a Counsellor, to which I had no manner of call.
Strona 232 - After his trial, the jury brought him in not guilty, although they had been culled with the utmost industry. The chief.justice sent them back nine times, and kept them eleven hours; until, being perfectly tired out, they were forced to leave the matter to the mercy of the judge, by what they call a special verdict.
Strona 75 - I may prevail to renew your license of absence, conditionally you will be present with me ; for tomorrow morning I shall be a private person. When I have settled my domestic affairs here, I go to Wimple ; thence alone, to Herefordshire. If I have not tired you tete-d-tete, fling away so much time upon one who loves you. And I believe, in the mass of souls, ours were placed near each other. I send you an imitation of Dryden, as I went to Kensington : To serve with love, And shed your blood, Approved...
Strona 239 - ... in the last reign ; an act of authority violent enough, yet certainly legal, and by no means to be compared with that contempt of national right with •which, some time afterwards, by the instigation of whiggism, the commons, chosen by the people for three years, chose themselves for seven.
Strona 104 - I have an opportunity calmly and philosophically to consider that treasure of vileness and baseness, that I always believed to be in the heart of man ; and to behold them exert their insolence and baseness; every new instance, instead of surprising and grieving me, as it does some of my friends, really diverts me, and in a manner improves my theory.
Strona 284 - What can be the design of your letter but malice, to wake me out of a scurvy sleep, which however is better than none ? I am towards nine years older since I left you, yet that is the least of my alterations ; my business, my diversions, my conversations, are all entirely changed for the worse, and so are my studies and my amusements in writing. Yet, after all, this humdrum way of life might be 217 passable enough, if you would let me alone.

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