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Difficulties in approaching the subject of the sixth beatitude-What was understood by cleanness of heart: in what relation the senses stood with it-Conformity to divine image-Beauty of holy souls: their humility, purity of language-Scrupulous obedience to the voice of conscience -Examples-Necessity of attaining to this supernatural cleanness of heart, insisted on by the ancient guides-Their rules to facilitate its acquisition-Their description of moral conversions-They were effected by love, by the ministry of angels p. 1


Extent to which cleanness of heart prevailed in ages of faith-Influence of the love of God on the affections-Traits of ancient manners in proof Power of the clergy-Consequent stability of states-The contempt for comfort which characterized Catholic society-Sanctification of all professions by a divine motive-Direction of the intention-Consequent inability of modern writers to give a true picture of Catholic manners in ages of faith p. 41


Influence of cleanness of heart upon literature-Representations of love-Sanctity of the ancient type-The drama religious-Consequent universality of the range opened to genius in union with religion-Antipathy to Paganism-Love of truth-Obedience-Interior purity indicated even by style-Influence of the clean of heart upon music, and upon art in general-The Catholic schools of painting: sanctity of the artistsRevival of Paganism in modern art


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