Elegantiae Latinae: Or, Rules & Exercises Illustrative of Elegant Latin Style, Intended for the Use of the Middle and Higher Classes of Grammar Schools

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Howe & Spaulding, 1819 - 256
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Strona 185 - ... ad animum, ut summus furor atque amentia conse. 67 quatur. Nolite enim putare, quem ad modum in fabulis saepenumero videtis, eos, qui aliquid impie scelerateque commiserunt, agitari et perterreri Furiarum taedis ardentibus : sua quemque fraus et suus terror maxime vexat, suum quemque scelus agitat amentiaque adficit, suae malae cogitationes conscientiaeque animi terrent : hae sunt impiis assiduae domesticaeque Furiae, quae dies noctesque parentium 68 poenas a consceleratissimis filiis repetunt.
Strona 126 - If he could not do it lawfully, there is no room for attempting his defence But, if reason teaches the learned, necessity the barbarian, common custom all nations in general, and even nature itself instructs the brutes to defend their bodies, limbs and lives when attacked, by all possible methods, you cannot pronounce this action...
Strona 108 - An English writer, paying a compliment to a great man, would say thus: " It is impossible for me to " pass over in silence such remarkable mildness, such " singular and unheard-of clemency, and such unusual " moderation, in the exercise of supreme power." Here we have first presented to us the person who speaks, " It is impossible for me ;" next, what that person is to do, " impossible for him to pass over in " silence " and lastly, the object which moves him so to do, " the mildness, clemency, and...
Strona 233 - For though he died in an advanced age, yet such was the excellence and inimitable beauty of his art, that we thought him worthy of living for ever. Was he then so great a favourite with us all on account of the graceful motions of his body ; and shall we be insensible to the...
Strona 179 - Licinius may justly claim the fruit of all ; for, looking back on past scenes, and calling to remembrance the earliest part of my life, I find it was he who prompted me first to engage in a course of study, and directed me in it...
Strona 119 - Supposing therefore you should have a general, who may appear capable of defeating the forces of these two powerful kings in a pitched battle: yet unless he is also one that can restrain his hands, eyes, and thoughts from the riches of our allies, from their wives and children, from the ornaments of their cities and temples, and from the gold and treasures of their palaces, he is by no means fit to command in an Asiatic and a regal war.
Strona 114 - Quid enim constitui, quid gessi, quid egi, nisi ex hujus ordinis consilio, auctoritate, sententid ? 1. For in proportion to any man's ignorance of antiquity, and Grecian literature, does he with the utmost petulance and contumely abuse, discard and deride those ancient illustrious heroes. 2. For is there a word in these letters, that is not full of politeness, good manners and benevolence ? OF THE ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES, OR DIFFERENT MEMBERS OF A SENTENCE. As what has been said concerning the natural...
Strona 157 - JVbi only do I not look upon philosophy as able to discover and point out the true method of living, and to be productive of perfect happiness, but I also think that no set of men stand so much in need of others to direct them how to live, as these pretenders to philosophy. 2. No flow of genius, no force of eloquence, no power of description, is sufficient / will not say (non dicam) to embellish, but even to recount your exploits.
Strona 73 - ... 1. The commander, observing the general consternation, called a council of war, and, having summoned all the centurions of the army to be present, inveighed against them, with great severity, for presuming to inquire, or at all concern themselves, which way, er on what design, they were to march.
Strona 139 - Nisi should also be used instead of prater, praterquam, after a negation. What the Pythian oracle declared, that no other cause except avarice should destroy Sparta, it seems to have predicted not only to the Lacedemonians, but to all other opulent nations. Quod si and quod nisi are often put for si, and for si non, . at the beginning of a sentence, when the subject of both sentences has an immediate connexion; as...

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