Obrazy na stronie


What then ?--the heart that wish'd to s'était passé, elle fut changée en break

l'etoile du matin, qu'on appelle LuIs broken, and the strife is o'er,

cifer ou Aurore, et que les deux Anges “ No tear-drops o'er the cold cheek start, fut sévérement punir. C'est delà No dark shades o'er the spirit wave ;

selon Mahomet, que Dieu prit occaNo writhing pang distracts the heart sion de défendre l'usage du vin aux Of those that moulder in the grave.

hommes. Voyez Alcorun.” “ Oh for the dreamless rest of those

It is singular, that, though the That in the grave serenely sleep

Koran is here so boldly referred to, That feel no more their own wild woes,

there is not a word in it regarding That hear no inore their kindred weep: this fable : but this has been pointed

out by Voltaire in his “ Questions," and my object is only to shew, that

Mr Moore, without aeknowledgment, AROT AND MAROT, AND MR MOORE's

has taken nearly all the particulars

of his first Angel's story from this Lord Byron and Thomas Moore source.

As he has prefixed a prehave come, like Kean and Young, face, and subjoined notes, with much upon the stage together, in absolute learning, from the Fathers, he might opposition and rivalship: they have have inserted, or at least hinted at chosen the same subject-the Angels; the above-quoted passage. It is not the same theatre-the world, and necessary to particularize the resemtheir merits must be tried by the blances. He may have gained his same audience—the public. 'I do knowledge of the fable from the samne not here mean to pronounce at all source as the Amateurs of the Encycupon their respective claims, but lopédie, but if so, it cught to have merely, in a corner of your Maga- been mentioned. zine, to point out a coincidence with After all, I am very ready to adregard to one of these competitors, mit, that the story is the least part which seems to have something in it of the delicate and polished beauty more than fortuitous. Every body of Mr Moore's production; but on by this time has read “ The Loves this very account, he need not have of the Angels,” and every body will been scrupulous in allowing his oblinot yet have forgotten(whatever they gations for what is really comparimay do hereafter) the story of the tively insignificant. first Angel. Let those who bear it

N. J. H.O. in mind, run their eyes over the fol. London, Jan. 5, 1823. lowing short passage from the celebrated French Encyclopédie, under the head - Arot et Marot.” “ Ce sont les noms de deux Anges

No. IJ. que l'imposteur Mahomet disait avoir été envoyés de Dieu pour en

MR EDITOR, seigner les hommes, et pour leur or- In place of standing behind an old donner de s'abstenir du meurtre, worm-eaten counter, casting rattledes faux jugemens, et de toute sorté snake eyes at the casual passenger, d'exces. Ce faux prophéte ajoute and gnawing my lip should he or qu'une trés belle femme ayant in- she happen to trip into another shop, vité ces deux Anges a manger chez here sit I in my elbow-chair, hale and elle leur fit boire du vin, dont etant hearty, like Matthew at the receipt echauffés, ils la solicitèrent a l'amour of custom. The postman supplies qu'elle feignit de consenter à leur my literary larder with intellectual passion, à condition qu'ils lui ap- provision; the smacks from Leith, prendraient auparavant les paroles Berwick, and other respectable seapar


moyen desquelles ils disaient ports, furnish my table with cod; que l'on pouvaient aisément mon- haddies, turbot, and salmon, both ter au ciel ; qu'après avoir su d'eux pickled and kippered, exclusive of ce qu'elle leur avoit demandé elle lobsters and Lochfine herrings in ne voulut plus tenir sa promesse et abundance; and the inland carrier qu'alors elle fut enlevée au ciel où brings me geese, turkies, and roastayant fait à Dieu le recit de ce qui ing pigs, galore, wi:hout money and


« Rela

without price. O, Sir, it would do fell swoop,"" and here I recapitulated your heart good to see the hams, all that happened at Millenniumcheeses, haunches of venison, moor, Place on the night of the great fire, and other game, that daily arrive at at which Mrs Ailshenson was sorely Mrs Vandervrow's from the interior, grieved. I then enumerated the since our grievous loss was noised many largesses anonymously sent me abroad, and improve your eyesight by a generous, liberal, and enlightvery materially, in contemplating the ened public, and Mrs Ailshenson's thriving state of our corporeal sys- face brightened up. “Now,” said tem. "Gude gracious, Sam! is this I, after we had travelled through you?" quoth an old acquaintance, a forest of lofty subjects, into the whom I forgathered with, the other shrubbery of small discourse," there day, on 'Change;“ preserve us! what is a question, Madam, I wonld fain a metamorphosis ! Winsome Willie ask, though fearful am I that the hinsel hasna gotten a bonnier De answer will give me pain. You are puty chin, nor a jollier paunch, nor in mourning, Mrs Ailshenson, and à pair o'sturdier stilts, in a' his have many near and dear relations. aught. What the plague ha'c ye Tell me which of them is no more, done wi' the lang toom clock-case o' that I may grieve also, for they were à carcase ye brought frae' hame, all staunch friends to me.' and the twa leister shanks it stridilled lations!" quoth the shoemaker's wife, on?” Verily, Mr Editor, the com- with an air of much surprise ; " good pliment was so exceedingly well- God, Sam ! don't you know what has timed, that I have ever since felt happened ? I verily thought all the an Aldermanic spirit stirring within town had heard of it. Why, Mr me ; and was it not that I have some Ailshenson's gone dead, to be sure, doubts of my doublet, most assured- and we're all over head and ears in ly would I set about qualifying my- sorrow for him, poor dear man. He self to fill the chair so very honour- died last Lord Mayor's Day of a ably vacated by a very honourable surfeit." gentleman, the late Jacob Ailshen- Repletion, Mr Editor, plays the son, Esq. citizen and cordwainer. I very deuce in our Aldermanic decalled at his town-house a few days partment, on and about the 9th of ago, on business, not knowing what November annually, notwithstandbed befallen him, and great was mying the many patent specifics daily alarm, when I beheld housekeeper, marshalling themselves, versus the waiting-maid, cook, and scullion, evil thereof; and my doublet, though flirting about in their black bomba- a piece of good stuff

, and sufficiently zeens. Mrs Ailshenson, to whom I capacious to inclose a moderatelyhave the honour of being personally sized haggis, is, nevertheless, incaknown, came tripping down stairs, pable of holding, in safe custody, and received me very graciously.-- one half of the green fat, callipash, “La, what a stranger !” exclaimed turkey, turbot, custard, and so on, the good lady, as she ushered me that every gentleman, who aspires into the parlour; “ really, Mr Kil- to the aforesaid Chair, feels himself ligrew, you come upon me as one called upon, as a Christian citizen, risen from the dead. Bless me, Sam ! to take into keeping,--for which what, in all the world, has kept you causes, and on the other part, I have away so long from Portsoken Square? hitherto declined dining at the ManThe ladies were quite in the fidgets sion-House, though Mrs Vandervrow for your safety, and the gentlemen hath bothered me, without ceasing, had all given you up for lost. Gra- to accept of an Invitation Ticket. cious me! what an alteration for the Deary me, Sam," quoth she the better !-never did I see a young fel. other day, as we were busied in the low so much improved.”. “Madam,” larder making room for three brace said I, when her breathing time was of pheasants, five hares, seven turcome, " adversity bath been upon kies, and a fine covey of patridges, me with a heavier hand than ever eighteen in number, sent us from the Philistines laid upon Sampson. Norfolk by our Holkham friends, Fire, water, and literary thieves, bereaved me of every valuable ' at one

• Lord Mayor's Day.

a loss

“ what is the meaning of all this The faces of some women, Mr Edichildish obstinacy? I cannot con- tor, are difficult to read, and none ceive how an aspiring young fellow more so than that of my excellent can possibly deny himself the grati- landlady, Mrs Vandervrow. Such fication; besides, let me tell you, was the equivocal manner in which that nine-tenths of our great men

she discoursed, that I could not dihave wriggled themselves into afflu- vine, for the soul of me, whether the ence merely by attending City Feasts. woman was in jest or in earnest. Winsome Willie, as you call him, The oddity of her counselling sawould much sooner be roused from voured much of fun, and the sobriety his devotions, before he had mumbled of her countenance--not a smirk could Amen, than arise from my Lord Ma- I discern-assured me that she was yor's table before the cloth was re- perfectly sincere. Even when a geinoved. You cannot imagine, Sam, neral muster of spits, frying-pans, how wonderfully good cheer operates pots, and kettles took place, and every on the hearts of men, whose daily table utensil meet for a special dinstudy it is to make eat well and drink ner-party was put in a state of rewell sworn brothers, nor conceive the quisition, I felt myself at warmth of a lusty citizen's loving- how to behave--whether to lend a kindness, when the heart is satisfied, hand, or look on. But time brings and the soul agog.–1 knew a young forth strange events, and solveth chap who made his fortune, merely many queer problems. Dinner was by helping an alderman, under the on the table this very afternoon at rose, to an excellent slice of green 4 o'clock precisely, and being what fat. But you bogle at the idea of we London folk call a game feust, being brought home in swathes like consisted entirely of hares, partridges, a great child, attended by the Cor- pheasants, grouse, and venison, that poration physician. Man alive ! suf- is to say, the flesh of deer, boiled, fer not the coward thought to predo- baked, and roasted. The company, minate for a moment. What! shudder which was very select, assembled in at the dawn of civil preferment! was less than a quarter of an hour thereever the like heard tell of? To be after; and when the usual routine of sure, you are but a novice at table, shaking hands, hauling off greatand as for carving, good Lord help coats, and enquiring after toothaches, them who have such a help-mate! gouts, lumbagos, and rheumatism, for I never beheld a more aukward was over, the guests drew in their creature. Apropos—our neighbour, chairs, and Mrs Vandervrow thus Sir William Dorsal, handles a pair addressed them : “ I have the hoof carvers most delightfully; and as nour, my friends, to inform you, for dispatching roast and boiled, he'll that we have made up our minds not turn his back on ever a man to dine this day after the manner within the Bills of Mortality. Then of Mr Killigrew's native country. there's old Dan Grundiswallow, the When knives are whet, and grace nurseryman, who marcheth a leg of said, he tells me, that the goodınan mutton to its long home at a down- of the house accosts the company in sitting-Nathaniel M'Cassock, our these words : "Leddies and gentleworthy church warden, whose soul men, will ye ha’e the gudeness no delighteth itself in fatness-Lawer to be blate. Bear a hand, now, and Skellum, Merchant M'Crone, and di- help yoursel's without ceremony, I vers other Millennium - Place gentle- beseech ye.'” “ Conscience, Miem," men, who have returned in triumph quoth the merchant, “ that's a true from the Mansion-House oftener tale, an’ monie a gude fallow's teeth than they have teeth in their heads. ha’e mettled themsel's after the telling With such a set of bright examples o't. Here goes towards a revival o before your eyet, Sam, it is to be auld use and wont, an' deil tak the hoped that ambition will fire your hindmost.” Without farther preyoung mind, for example is before amble, James M'Crone pounced on precept, and they who learn young, his bird. I took shame to myself learn fair. I'll put the house in order when I saw the partridge on his this precious moment, and invite plate, and Mrs Vandervrow's eye rethein all to a jolly good set-to.buked me for being behind him in setting a good example. “ Better in a crazy wherry, laving out the late mend than ne'er do weel,” quoth bilge water with his scull-cap; and I to myself, and instantly pronged then, with respect to munching, the a grouse, one of the finest creatures, doughty veteran, in my opinion, is I do believe, that ever was bagged. more than a match for Sir William

Sir William Dorsal made a dash 'Dorsal himself. Whenever a lump at the covey, being of opinion, I pre- of flesh appeared above the soup in sume, that laird M'Crone's judgment his spoon, my stars ! how the majorwas superior to mine in the choice opening of his face distended! Every of gooil cheer. Dan Grundiswallow muscle was at its post. In bundled paid his respects to a tureen of jug- the savoury food, and gulp it went ! ged hare ; the rest of the party One snack, and three quarters of a made free, every man according to twist, did the business. O how I efhis liking; and then, with hearty good vied his appetite ! Nor did Lawer will, and abundance of appetite, to Skellum and Mr M‘Cassock sit idly work we went, helter skelter. The counting their fingers. These gengpashing of teeth, and the clatter of tlemen, being skilful anatomists, seizknives, was truly delightful. In the ed on a couple of pheasants, and dismidst thereof, Mrs Vandervrow toss- sected them in a jiffy. This done, ed up her nose, and gave the bell they fell to, in good napping earnest, three lusty tugs, exclaiming, at every and, with an adroitness peculiar to prall, “Sally, Sally, Sally!-My God! themselves, contrived to eat with the girl's playing old Noll with our their front teeth, and scranch grisYenison sauce. It's all in the fire, I tle, &c. where the jaw leverage was do declare.” Up she arose, and away most powerful, at one and the same she went, like unto a woman in a time. Thus, by a singularly ingeplaguey hurry, but contrived to drop nious method, were their fore-grindihese words in mine ear as she whisk- ers plentifully supplied with tit-bits ed along—“ Eyes right, Sam !" I in rapid succession, whilst the bones took the hint, and certainly beheld and muscular pieces wagged at the the finest display of science, both in wicks of their mouths like cane-ends cutting and swallowing, that ever about to pass between the rolls or cyTres witnessed by mortal eye. Sir linders of a horizontal sugar-mill, if William Dorsal sa: bolt upright, with Imay be allowed to use a West Indian a bird on the prongs of his fork, simile. and demolished it so dexterously, The residue of our friends, I am that I inly swore there was magic in proud to say, behaved themselves his knife. Lith and limb sundered most manfully, with the exception bone from its bone, just as though of laird M'Crone, whose deeds were they had parted by mutual consent; certainly no great things, compared and then, when eating time was come, with those of his neighbours. James, my gracious! what dispatch! He poor man, though perfectly capable soused his morsel in gravy, dipped of stowing away plumb-pudding, it in salt, and no sooner did the limb cod shoulders, minched collops, and arrive at his lips-leg or arm, it mat- indeed every species of food that retered not which-than, swift as the 'quires little or no carving, with the twirl of a juggler's fist-presto! it best of them, was, nevertheless, undisappeared before you could say able to shoot a-head, because of the Jack Robison. As for old Dan Grun- many obstacles encountered by his diswallow, I positively do aver, that knife. He cut his bird longitudilanguage is altogether incapable of nally, transversely, and obliquely, doing justice to the admirable man- in the hope of falling in with seams ner in which he went through the or joinings, whereby his weapon spoon exercise. Nothing under the might freely enter ; but without sucsun could I liken his exertions so cess ; canted it over, and over, and very aptly to, as those of a Lancashire over again, without discovering, a Crofter, standing by his dame, some single crevice ; pared away the fleshy thirty or forty years ago, agreeably parts, wherever an incision was practo a curious old print now before me, ticable: and, finally, impaled the and scooping the blanching element on cotton goods-or an old ferryman

• Parody on Sterne. VOL. X11.


skeleton on his fork. In this state

a young beginner,-proceeded downof demi-dissection was laird M'- wards, and beheld a sedate, wellCrone's partridge, when Mrs Van- looking young man standing at the dervrow entered the dining-room. door-cheek, who presented me with “ I kenna what to mak' o' this bit a sealed packet, and I, in return, inbeastie, Mem," quoth James, hold- vited him to partake of our good ing up his bird ; "" it's a' banes the- cheer. He replied, by touching his gither.” Some women, Mr Editor, lips, pointing to the parcel, and mowould have sympathized with the tioning with his fingers, in a manner laird, by chuckling at his dilemma, that left no doubt on my mind as to and very likely have condescended his meaning. I therefore broke it to mend the matter by making it open before Dumbie's face, for such worse; but my landlady is well bred, I took him to be, and perused, with and kindly dispositioned withal, so visible satisfaction, these singularly much so, that she would not injure well-penned lines, written on a loose the feelings of a kail-worm ; conse- slip of paper : quently, when the old man presented his beastie, Mrs Vande: vrow fell to; townsmen, Mr Killigrew, I grieve for

“ In common with my fellowand cut it in pieces. Thus supplied with limbs and other appurtenances your misfortune. O, Sir, it is a of the aforesaid partridge, James heavy, heavy dispensation indeed, M‘Crone hastened to make good his

a trial that will put your philosophy lee-way; and such was the laird's

to the test. But be of good cheer, ardour, that he actually kept neck and let not your spirit be disquieted! and girth with my landlady's very

The springs of charity are not dried best exertions and Mrs Vander- up, and the waters of loving-kindvrow is by far the handiest woman I

ness glide on as heretofore. No ever met with in the carving line.

sooner was it known in Dumfries that When her knife was within an ace

your valuable manuscript legacy was of demolishing the sixth and last consumed, by the late disastrous fire bird of the covey, for laird M'Crone's

at Millennium, than meetings of the benefit, incredible as it may seem,

principal inhabitants took place, the the tail of the fifth was wagging be

town-council assembled, and various tween his teeth. I have been at

resolutions were pnt, and carried some pains in noting down the mer

unanimously, to render you effectual chant's

and immediate relief, the which I very creditable feat, purpose- have no doubt will be transmitted ly to show, that Scotsmen are suf- in the course of a post or two. It ficiently capable of rivalling their southern brethren in the dining

so happened, that a favourable oproom, as well as in the field, the portunity presented itself of sending cabinet, the pulpit, and also at the my literary subscription by a private bar, providing their discipline was

hand-one that I can rely on-and equally good : and discipline is every

in the humble hope that it will be thing, as Serjeant Bothwell very

deemed worthy of acceptance, I respectfully bid


adieu. justly observed. The first course

W. D. being disposed of, and not a vestige “ P. S.- These presents will be thereof remaining, save and except delivered by my nephew, who visits a rickle of banes before every gen- London on business. He is instructtleman's plate, Mrs Vandervrow rang

ed neither to enter your door, nor yet for our venison; but just as Sally

to utter a word, lest vanity should was withdrawing the spit, a double tempt him to divulge my namera rat-tat came to the street-door, and piece of ostentation that would slur in less than half a minute thereafter, the philanthropy of a man who the girl tripped up stairs, and audi- prayeth not on the house-tops. You bly whispered from the landing- will, therefore, have the goodness to place, “You're wanted, Sir.” Know

abstain from questioning the young ing Sally to be a bringer of good man, whose well-being in this life tidings, I arose from the table, Mr materially depends on his fidelity to Editor, with some difficulty, having me.

Return his salute, and suffer no less than half a brace of grouse

him to depart in peace. Once more and a hind quarter of hare under my

W". D. jacket,--pretty tolerable picking for Nithside, 5th January 1823."


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