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1823. April 29. At London, Lieut. General Vere May 18. At Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Thos Warner Hussey, aged 76.

Bell, Esq. late of Nether Horsburgh. - At Montrose, Captain Francis Innes, of the 19. At Portobello, Mrs Begbie, widow of Alex. 6th royal veteran battalion.

ander Begbie, Esq. late of Hindon, Middlesex. - At Edinburgh, James Jackson, Esq. late of At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Campbell, widow the 55th regiment of foot, son of the late Mr Com- of the late Captain Colin Campbell, Castleton. missioner Jackson.

- In Carlisle, Mrs Elizabeth Holmes, relat af 30. At Edinburgh, John, the fifth and last sur- Mr Isaac Holmes, carrier, in the oth year of ber viving son of Mr R. Ainslie, W. S.

age. She was followed to the place of interment - At Dalkeith, Mr John Spears Shirra, late by the principal part of sixty-nine of her chiktren, merchant there.

grand-children, and great-grand children. - At Edinburgh, Miss Clementina Ogilvie, - At Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lieut. Colonel P. daughter of the late William Ogilvie, Esq. Banff. Waterhouse, Major of the 81st regiment, in which

- At Lasswade Hill, the Right Hon. Lady Jane he had served twenty-two years. Mary Boyle, daughter of the Right Hon. John, 20. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, Capt. William Baird, late Earl of Glasgow,

son of Sir James G. Baird, Bart. of Sanghtonhall May 2. At Cheltenham, in the 80th year of his 21. At Manuel. Stirlingshire, Mr James Bair!, age, after an illness of two months, the Right Hon. at the age of 23, son of the Rev. Dr Baird, Principal Lord Glenbervie.

of the University of Edinburgh. 3. At Dumfries, James Crichton, Esq. of Friar's 22. Mrs Agnes Carlyle, reliet of the deceased Carse, Dumfries-shire.

Walter Lang, Esq. late one of the Magistrates of - At Glasgow, Miss Isabella Colquhoun, sister Glasgow. of the late Walter Colquhoun, Esq. 83d regiment. 23. At Brompton, George, only son of Sir David

4. Mrs Sarah Bell, wife of Edward Russell Bell, Wedderburn, Bart. Esq. sugar refiner, Glasgow.

24. At Brunstain House, near Portobello, Miss 5. At Edinburgh, Mr Walter Lamb, upholsterer. Margaret Q. Milliken, daughter of the deceased

- At his seat in West Lothian, Colonel Gillon, William Milliken, Esq. of St Vincent's. of Wallhouse.

- At Broughton Place, Edinburgh, in the 1940 - At Kelso, Walter Alexander, Esq. formerly year of his age, Mr Wynne Johnstone, late farrber, of the south fencibles, and afterwards Captain of Dalhousie. the Edinburgh militia.

- At Millbank of Troqueer, the Lady of Capt. - At Moat of Troqueer, John Rae, Esq. of Thomas Hay. Violetbank.

- At Glasgow, Margaret, eldest daughter of the - At Dunfermline,Wm. Anderson, Esq. aged 61. late Rev. William Thomson, minister of Oehiltree, 6. At Glencarse House, Mrs Hunter, of Glencarse. Ayrshire. 7. At Edinburgh, Mr George Caw, printer. 25. At Heavitree, near Exeter, Mr Margaret

10. At Edinburgh, Mrs Smyth, widow of John Hunter, spouse of Robert Louis, Esq. Han East Smyth, Esq. of Balhary.

India Company's service. - At Lynedoek Place, Edinburgh, Jessy Craw- 26. At Port-Glasgow, Mr John Robertson, ford Baillie, aged 14, daughter of the late Andrew merchant. Baillie, Esq. solicitor, Edinburgh.

At Coleman Street, London, Mr Anthony - At Dublin, aged 83 years, the Right Rev. Hall, solicitor. Dr Troy, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. 27. At Wellington Place, Leith Links, Jean, 11. James A. Brown, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. eldest daughter of Mr Peter Lamb, of the Customis,

At St Ninians, Captain Campbell, late of the aged 18 years. 33d regiment of foot, in the 73d year of his age. 29. Af Borgue House, David Blair, Esq. of

- At the Manse of Glenshiel, in his 75th year, Borgue. the Rev. Mr John Macrae, 36 years minister of 30, At Edinburgh, in the 86th year of her age, that parish.

Mrs Isobel Lawrie, relict of the late Mr Roderick 12. Aged 63, Captain John Baker Hay, of his Chalmers, tin-plate worker. Majesty's ship Queen Charlotte.

June 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs MacAllan, spouse - At Knockaby, near Campbeltown, Charlotte of Mr James MacAllan, W. S., and daughter of Campbell, daughter of Lieut. Colonel Porter. Mr Robert Ainslie, W. S.

13. At his seat in Worcestershire, Earl Beau- 3. Mrs Faulkner, late of the Theatre-Rosal, champ, in the 76th year of his age.

Edinburgh, leaving an infant family of five chil- Åt Fordel Square, Fife, Mrs Reid, widow of dren. the late Rev. John Reid, Chirnside, Berwickshire. Lately, at Narberth, Pembrokeshire, John

14. At Edinburgh, Patrick Crichton, Esq. Lieut- Henry Martin, Esq. R. N. He was the last sur. Colonel Commandant of the 2d regiment of Edin- viving companion of Capt. Cook in his voyages burgh local militia.

round the globe. - At Bijlholm, John Moffat, Esq. in Garwald, - At Keswick, Capt. Muckle, R. N. aged 15. after a very short illness.

In his 116th year, Dennis Collin, a peasant - At Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Inglis, wife of John on the Trabolgan demesne, Ireland. He was me Watson, jun. Esq.; and on the 14th, George, their ver confined one day to his bed by sickness. infant son.

- At Chester House, Colonel the Hon. Sir Ro- At Aberdeen, aged 85, George Thomson, Esq. bert Le Poer French, K.C.B. Lieut. Col. of the formerly of Jamaica. Mr Thomson, previous to 71th regiment, youngest son of the late Lord Cianhis death, gave a donation of €.50 towards erect. carty. ing a school-house at the Cove, and he has since - At Paris, Capt. C. S. White, of the R. N. bequeathed £.50 to the Female Society establish- At Inverness, James Cumming, millwright, ed in Aberdeen, for the benefit of aged and indi- at the advanced age of 101. His wife, aged above gent women; and £.18 to the poor of the Chapel 90, is now living there. Cumıning was a native of Ease in the same place.

of Morayshire, and being born at Mundoel, Dear 15. Aged 69, Mr James Cairns, writer, Peebles. Altyre, had the merit of first executing many e

- At Greenhead, Glasgow, in the 33d year of cellent meal and thrashing-mills in the northern his age, Mr Robert M'Andrew, civil engineer. counties upon the most approved constructior

17. At Glasgow, James Rowan, Esq. late Cap- He had a great gepius for mechanics, and there tain in the royal Lanarkshire militia.

remain many specimens of his eurious work 18. At Paisley, Mrs Fulton, relict of the deceased manship. Cumming is supposed to have been the Robert Fulton, Esq. of Hartfield.

oldest man in Inverness.

J. Ruthven & Son, Printers, Edinburgh.


ADVOCATES, Scottish, characters of cer. Byron, Lord, review of his Age of Bronze,
tain eminent ones, 229

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613, 771

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No. III, 196—No. IV. 462_No. V. Advocates, 229

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Appeal case, interesting clerical one, 510 Circuit Intelligence, 637
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 250, 376, Clergy of Scotland, remarks on Mr
512, 639, 768

Hume's motion regarding their Stipends,
Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, &c. review

353, 709
of travels in, 17, 172

Clerical Jubilee, the, 718
Arot and Marot, and Mr Moore's new Coal gas, new discovery regarding, 248
poem, 78

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Artist, memoirs of an, 296, 590, 694 Italy, review of, 231
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- Plan of Finance, 371, further pro-
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travels in, 17, 172

garding Spain, 240
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489, 662
Banks, Sir Joseph, visit to, 692

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Births, 126, 254, 382, 518, 646, 774 mitted in, No. VI. 185–Maria Gay,
Biographical memoir of Don J. A. Lloren. ib-John Marlowe, 188-Widow Wel.
te, 657

sted, 193
Blasphemous publications, convictions and Dale, Joseph, the Ploughman, a tale,'

sentences for selling, 249, ,373-Dis. 555
cussions in Parliament respecting pro Dan Duffe's Pilgrimage, Canto I. 60-
secutions for, 633

Canto II. 310_Canto III. 424
Bondspiel Dinner, the, 1

Day in the country, a, 166
Bower, Mr, remarks on his letter to the Dead, on the violation of the sepulchres

Lord Provost, on the violation of the of the, 602
sepulchres of the dead, 602

Deaths, 127, 255, 383, 519, 647, 775
Bowring, Mr, review of his Russian An. Derby, review of memoirs of the Earl and
thology, 476

Countess of, 145
Brackenfell, a reverie, 83

Desart, the Pilgrims of the, 164
Brazils, the, declared independent of Por. Dinner, the Bondspiel, by a Burgess of
tugal, 246

Lochmaben, 1
Britain, Great, on the policy of in regard Dio-Canzone. (From the Italian) 267

to Spain and the Holy Alliance, 537 Discoveries, Mr Scoresby's in West Green-
British Revenue, official returns of the, land, 454
247, 374, 636

Dunottar Castle, severities experienced by
Bronze, the Age of, review of, 483

the Covenanters in prison there, 257
Bull, John, letter from, to the editor of Earthquake, dreadful one in Syria, 115-
the Weekly Journal, 739

at Palermo, 504-In Chili, 505

5 F

Edinburgh, letter on the subject of the Hume, Mr, remarks on his motion re
new High School of, 471

specting the Stipends of the Scottish
Elly and Oswald, a Tale of the Grisons, Clergy, 353, 709
47, 153

Hurricane, dreadful one at Liverpool,
Emigration from Sturvis, the, a tale, 47, Manchester, &c. 118

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Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 114

of, 657
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Executions of W. Macintyre in Edinburgh, Ireland, riot at the Dublin Theatre, and

374-Of Mrs M.Kinnon, for murder, outrage on the Lord Lieutenant, 120_

Robbery of the Dublin and Belfast
Expedition to the shores of the Polar Sea, Mail Coach, 247- Dreadful disturban.

account of Captain Franklin's, 665 ces in, 510_Discussions in Parliament
Fall of a house in Glasgow, 374

respecting, 635
Feelings and Fortunes of a Scotch Tutor, Ispahan, account of the city of, 18, 25
No. I. 96_No. II. 411

Italy, view of Journal of a Tour in, 231
Fiars, history of, and various modes of Iturbide, the Emperor of Mexico, abdi-

striking them in Scotland, 606-State- cates the throne, 761
ment of, for 1822, 641_Observations Joseph Dale, the Ploughman, a tale, 555
on, 709

John and his Household, history of, 649
Fire at Thirlestane Castle, 121

Journal of a tour in France, Switzerland,
France--Instructions of M. de Villele to and Italy, review of, 231

the Ambassadors at Madrid, 112— Journal of the Count de Las Cases, review
Speech of the King of, on the relations of, 545, 729
with Spain, 243—Discussions in the Journal, Weekly, letter from John Ball to
Legislative Chambers on the subject of the editor of the, 739
war with Spain, 367—Expulsion of a Jubilee, the Clerical, 718
member of the Chamber of Deputies, Jury Court of Edinburgh-Case of Gibson
368—The armies of invade Spain, 503 versus Stevenson, 118 — Tytler,
- Proclamation to the Spaniards by the Mackintosh, 249-Ayton 3. Proprie-
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the French arms in Spain, 630-Army Justiciary, High Court of, proceedings in,
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Franklin, Captain, account of his expedi- Ker Porter, Sir Robert, review of his tra.

tion to the shores of the Polar Sea, 665 vels in Asia, 17, 172
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monished by General Assembly, 768 Count, 545, 729
Friend, the lost, 41

Letter on Parliamentary Reform, 401
Garcilasso de la Vega, remarks on the Letter on the proposed new High School
works of, 723

of Edinburgb, 471
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vels in, 17, 172

Letters from Fife, by Eben. Anderson,
Glasgow, fall of a five story house in, 374 Letter I, 430
Gravity, observations on, 616

Liberal, the remarks of Jonathan Old-
Greece and Turkey-Naval success of the mixon on, 9-Note on No. III. of,

Greeks, and change of Ministry in 614
Turkey, 114_Execution of the Sultan's Letter from John Bull, 739
favourite, Haleb Effendi, 245— Massa. Llorente, Don J. A. Biographical Memois
cre at Scio, ib_Success of the Greeks,

of, 657
504, 630

Life of Caleb Cornhill, chapter XI. 70
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coveries in, 454

by a Spaniard, ib—To the memory of
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History of John and his Household, 649 On a soldier found dead on the field of
History of the Peninsular War, review of battle, 688
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the, 537

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of ancient Spanish ballads, 338

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489, 622

hill, 70—Lines on a Ship, 104-On
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510-Her execution, 636

ib-The Pilgrims of the Desart, 164
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Chamber of Deputies, 368

-The Inquisition, 206—Dio-Can-
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Memoirs of Geo. and Lady Grisell Baillie -A Mother, 337_To the memory of
of Jerviswood, review of, 129

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of the Earl and Countess of The Wanderer, 438_Ode from the
Derby, review of, 145

Italian of Fulvio Testi, 443-Lines
of George Heriot, notice of, 184 on the sudden disappearance of a fe-
of an Artist, 296, 590, 694 male child, 453_Sonnet, from the
of the late Lord Keith, 516 Spanish of Francisco de Quevedo, 453

of the late Sir Ilay Campbell, Stanzas to Scio, 461-Joseph Dale,

the Ploughman, 555—The vagrants,
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Lord Herries, 673—Cargen Water, 676
Meteorological Tables, 123, 251, 379, -On a soldier found dead on the field,
513, 643, 771

of battle, 688—Stanzas written under
Mexico, disturbed state of, 117, 246, a painting of Charlotte at the tomb of

505, 631-Abdication of the Emperor Werter, 693— Home, 716_Invoca-
Iturbide, 761

tion to Rosa, 722
Military promotions, 376, 639, 769 Polar Sea, Franklin's expedition to the
Moore, Sir John, refutation of Mr Sou. shores of the, 665

they's charges against, 385–Lines to Portsmouth, Earl of, declared by a Jury
the memory of, 398

to be a lunatic, 376
Morgarten, song of the battle of, 39 Portugal, Queen of, banished for refusing
Motion, observations on, 418

to swear to the Constitution, 114-Her
Nature, sketches from, 479, 672

letter to the King, 244-Determina-
New South Wales, accounts from, 631 tion of the Cortes to make common
Note on

66 The Liberal" No. III. 614 cause with Spain, 369
Niemeyer, Dr, his visit to Sir W. Her Portugal, wines exported in 1822, 374

schell and Sir Joseph Banks, 689 Promotions, Appointments, &c. 250, 376,
Observations on Motion, 418_On Idea- 512, 639, 768
lities, 562—On Gravity, 616

Publications, monthly list of new ones,
Ode from the Italian of Fulvio Testi, 107, 238, 363, 949, 626, 755

Quarterly Review, letters to a writer in
Oldmixon on 6 The Liberal." No. II. 9 the, 521, 744
Paraphrase on Job, chap. xxxix. verse 5, Quentin Durward, remarks on the novelof,
to the end, 46

Parliament, opening of the Session of Reform, Parliamentary, letter on, 401

Speech of the King, 369_Proceed. Remarks on the Stipends of the Scottish
ings of, 505-State papers regarding Clergy, 353—On Southey's charges
France and Spain presented to, 632- against Sir John Moore, 385_On the
Farther proceedings of, 761

novel of Quentin Durward, 529-On
Parliamentary reform, letter on, 401 the affairs of Spain, the Holy Alliance,
Peninsular war, review of Southey's his- &c. 537_On Idealities, 562_On the
tory of the, 208, 325

violation of the sepulchres of the dead,
Persepolis, account of the ruins of, 21 602_On the various modes of striking
Persia review of travels in, 17-Miser- the Fiars in Scotland, 606-On the

able system of Government in, ib.- works of Garcilasso de la Vega, 723

Plans for its improvement, 182 Reminiscences of Auld Langsyne, 444,
Peveril of the Peak, review of the novel 677
of, 54_Illustrations of, 145

Revenue, British, official returns of the,
Phingaleis sive Hibernia Liberata, 316 247, 374, 636
Pilgrimage, Dan Duffe's, Canto I. 60 Review of Sir Robert Ker Porter's travels
Pilgrims, the, of the Desart, 164

in Asia, 67, 172_Of Peveril of the
Ploughman, Joseph Dale the, a tale, 555 Peak, 54 Of Anonymous Literature,
Poetry-Song of the battle of Morgarten, No. II. 78_Of Memoirs of Baillie of

39,- Paraphrase of Job xxxix. 5. to Jerviswood, &c. 129_Of Memoirs of
the end, 46-Sianzas written at the the Earl and Countess of Derby, 145
close of a year, 53-Dan Duffe's Pil. Of Southey's Peninsular war, 208, 325

-Of Waddington and Hanbury's tra- Spanish Lovers, the, 282
vels in Ethiopia, 222_0f Colston's Spanish Ballads, ancient, review of, 338
Journal, 231_Of Phingaleis, sive Hi- Stanzas written at the close of a year, 53
bernia Liberata, &c. 316_Of ancient

to Greece, 195, 236
Spanish Ballads, 338_Of Barry Corn.

to Scio, 461
wall's new poems, 398_Of Bowring's

written under a painting of Char.
Russian Anthology, 476_Of the Age lotte at the tomb of Werter, 693
of Bronze, 483-0f the Journal of Steam Engine, improvement of the, 248,
Count Las Cases, 545, 729_Of Ten- 765

nant's Drama of Cardinal Beaton, 706 Switzerland, review of a tour in, 231
Review, the Quarterly, letters to the wri. Syria, dreadful earthquake in, 115

ter of the article entitled “the Opposi. Sheriff Courts in Scotland, notice of bill
tion" in, 521, 744

for regulating the, 766
Robertson, Colonel, notice of the late, 253 Theatrical correspondence, London, 65,
Russian Anthology, Part II. Review of, 489, 622

Tour in France, Switzerland, and Italy,
Rosa, invocation to, 722

review of Journal of a, 231
Schiller, correspondence of, 439

Travels in Georgia, Persia, &c. by Sir Ro.
Scoresby, Mr, view of his discoveries in bert Ker Porter, review of, 17, 172
West Greenland, 454

in Ethiopia, review of, 222
Scotch Tutor, a, the feelings and fortunes Turkey-See Greece
of, 96, 411

Tennant, William, review of his Drama
Scotland, modes of striking the Fiars in, of Cardinal Beaton, 706
606, 709

United States, opening of the Congress
Scottish advocates, characters of certain

of, 116
eminent ones, 229

Vacation, the country Schoolmaster's, 270
Scraps of the Covenant, No. II.-- Dunot. Vagrants, the, a poem, 578
tar Castle, 257

Verona, proceedings of the Congress of in
Sepulchres, mountain of, in Persia, ac- relation to Spain, 240
count of the, 19

Vesuvius, Mount, dreadful eruption of,
Sepulchres of the dead, on the violation 114
of the, 602

View of Scoresby's discoveries in West
Shiraz, account of the city of, in Persia, 23 Greenland, 454
Snow storm, a sketch of the late, 287 Village, the, a country story, 567
Song of the battle of Morgarten, 39 Vega, Garcilasso de la, remarks on the
of the Spaniard, 601

works of, 723
Sketches from Nature, 479, 672

Waddington and Hanbury's travels in
Skipper Slogan, 462

Ethiopia, review of, 222
Sonnet, from the Spanish of Francisco de Wales, New South, accounts from, 631
Quevedo, 453

Weather the, severity of in Britain-
Sorrows, the, of Ned Cantiloan, 199 seven London Mails due in Edinburgh,
Southey's history of the Peninsular War, and nine from the North, 313

review of, 208, 325--Refutation of his Weeds and Flowers, No, I, 29—Ner.

charges against Sir John Moore, 385 year's-day, 31--No. II. The country
Spain, proceedings of the Congress of Schoolmaster's vacation, 270_ No.

Verona, on the subject of, 240—Reply III. The Village, 567
of the Spanish Government to the notes Whig, letters from a, to a writer in the
of the Allied Sovereigns, 242_Pro. Quarterly Review, 521, 744
ceedings of the Spanish Cortes on the Wine exported from Oporto in 1822, 374
subject, 243—Preparations to resist Works preparing for publication, 105,
France, 368–Court and Cortes of, re- 237, 361, 497, 625, 753
moved from Madrid to Seville, 504 Wiffan, J. H. remarks on his translation
Invasion of by the French, 503-Slow of the works of Garcilasso de la Vega,
progress of the French arms in, 630 723
French army enters Madrid, 759. Wilson, Sir Robert, joins the Spanish
Defection of general Abisbal, ib.

Constitutionalists, 760

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