Narrative of the Expedition to China: From the Commencement of the War to Its Termination in 1842; with Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the Singular and Hitherto Almost Unknown Country, Tom 1

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Strona 12 - It will be found, on examination, that the smokers of opium are idle, lazy vagrants, having no useful purpose before them, and are unworthy of regard, or even of contempt.
Strona 156 - Scattering dun night and horror thro' the skies. The swift volution, and th' enormous train, Let sages vers'd in nature's lore explain. The horrid apparition still draws nigh, And white with foam the whirling surges fly.
Strona 14 - ... the duties of their rank and attend to the public good; the others, to cultivate their talents and become fit for public usefulness. None of these, therefore, must be permitted to contract a practice so bad, or to walk in a path which will lead only to the utter waste of their time and destruction of their property. If, however, the laws enacted against the practice be made too severe, the result will be mutual connivance. It becomes my duty, then, to request that it be enacted, that any officer,...
Strona 37 - Having such commands given him, he must needs also have powers. It is very inexplicable, then, that these boats, having in violation of the laws entered the river, he should now find it difficult to send them out again, owing to his not having the confidence of all.
Strona 28 - ... hope that a trembling obedience to the laws and statutes of the Celestial Empire might be produced ; that the good portion of the foreign community might thereby preserve for ever their commercial intercourse, and that the depraved portion might be prevented from pursuing their evil courses.
Strona 258 - Neapolitan swallows his macaroni ; nor did he appear to have satisfied the cravings of his inordinate appetite, after all his exertions. By his countrymen he must be thought much of, fatness with them being a sure sign of wealth and wisdom ; for they argue, "a thin man must be a poor devil, or he would have wisdom to eat more.
Strona 114 - At this time the Hyacinth was ranging up alongside the admiral, and would soon have sunk him; the chastisement was already severe, and she was recalled. The result of the whole was three junks sunk, one blown up, many deserted, and the rest flying.
Strona 64 - ... with lanterns ; a triple cordon of boats was placed along the banks of the river before the whole front of the factories, filled with armed men ; soldiers were stationed on the roofs of the adjoining houses ; and to close the scene, orders from the commissioner were given for all the compradors and servants to leave the hongs. By about nine o'clock at night, not a native was remaining in the factories ; and the foreigners, between two and three hundred in number, were their only inmates. Canton,...

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