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RECENT DEATHS, continued.

Mason, Mr. J., of Gawthrop, 427
Muson, Mr. J., of Pannal, 254
Mason, Mrs., of Deptford, 53
Matthew, Mr. J., of Breage, 52
Marwell, Mrs., of Ringstead, 52
Mellon, Mrs., of Manchester, 782
Miller, Rev. W. E., of Sheffield, 252
Millington, Mr. T., of Gadbrook, 252
Mills, Mrs., of Oldham, 500
Milner, Mr. R., of North-Bierley, 338
Mole, Rev. R. R., of Gosport, 430
Molland, Mr. J., of Exeter, 869
Monkhouse, Mr. J., of Darlington, 781
Moss, Mr. William, of Ringstead, 784
Moulds, Mr. T., of Barwell, 621
Muggleton, Mrs., of Liddington, 252
North, Mr. J., of Hull, 341
Northreps, Judith, of Shipley, 52
Norton, Mrs., of Manchester, 957
Nother, Rev. W., of Ripon, 429
Nott, Miss M., of Greenwich, 427
Oats, Mr. R., of Penzance, 619
Ogle, Mr. W., of Scawby, 341
Oliver, Mrs., of Longnor, 252
Ouley, Mr. W., of Wakefield, 172
Osborne, Mrs., of Gateshead, 339
Owen, Mr. S., of Sheffield, 784
Palmer, Mrs., of Gunhouse, 783
Parker, Mrs., of Rushden, 337
Parkes, Mrs., of Woolwich, 620
Parkin, Mr. P., of the Mount, Dur-

ham, 52
Pattison, Mr. M., of Gilsland, 236
Pattisson, Rev. R., of Manchester,

Paul, Mr. J., of Gainsborough, 502
Pearson, Mr. J., of Brierley-hill, 1046
Peddle, Mrs., of Bradford, 622
Pedley, Mrs., of Thirsk, 255
Pells, Miss E., of Aldeburgh, 252
Penn, Mr. W., of Brierley-hill, 1048
Perdue, Mr. J., of Strad bally, 867
Pickles, Mr. I., of Denholme, 56
Plant, Mrs., of Worcester, 958
Pollard, Mrs., of Burnley, 170
Porter, Mr, D., of Burt, Ireland, 254
Powell, Mrs., of Swansea, 868
Prince, Mr. G., of Derby, 342
Rabbiths, Miss M., of Frome, 55
Radcliffe, Mr. J., of Liverpool, 1048
Rand, Mrs., of Alnwick, 341
Readhead, Mrs., of Burbage, 54
Redgrawe, Mrs., of Hempnall, 337
Reed, Mr. W., of Greengates, 871
Richardson, Mr. F., of Broughton,

Robins, Mrs., of Peel, 339
Robinson, Mr. J., of Redcar, 1046
Robinson, Mr. J., of Woodside, 255
Robinson, Mrs., of Axminster, 870
Robinson, Miss S., of Keighley, 870
Robinson, Sarah E., of Manchester,


RECENT DEATHS, continued.
Rotherford, Mr. T., of Stamford.

bridge, 427
Rowe, Mrs., of Tenby, 172
Rowe, Mrs., of Truro, 620
Rule, Mr. R., of Pool, 336
Russel, Mrs., of Manchester, 868
Sadfield, Mrs., of Holcombe, 428
Sanderson, Mr. T., of Allerthorp',

Sands, Mr. R., of Stockton, 338
Sawyer, Betsey, of Yeadon, 171
Sayer, Mr. G., of Dunsley, 499
Seeds, Mrs., of Deptford, 54
Severs, Mr. J., of Ripon, 171
Sewell, Miss E., of Ainsworth, 957
Shaftoe, Mr. R., of Durham, 426
Shurpe, Mr. W., of Aberton, 959
Sherwell, Mrs., of London, S60
Silvester, Mrs., of West Bromwich,

Skelton, Mrs., of Worksop, 870
Smare, Mrs., of Diss, 427
Smith, Mr. W., of Barkston, 428
Smith, Mrs., of Keighley, 870
Smith, Mrs., of Market-Weighton, 53
Smith, Mrs., of Tadcaster, 867
Sowden, Miss, of Greengates, 172
Speck, Mr. W., of Brawby, 54
Spencer, Mrs., of Newcastle-upon

Tyne, 871
Spink, Mrs., of Duggleby, 870
Stair, Mr. J. A., of Hart's-hill, 428
Stammers, Mrs., of Romford, 174
Stanley, Mr. J., of Barnsley, 253
Stocks, Joseph, of Birstal, 56
Stokes, Mr. W., of Wednesbury, 175
Storey, Mrs., of Horncastle, 254
Stubbs, Mr. Theophilus, of North-

Cotes, 170
Sturk, Mr. H., of Eldwick-Beck, 175
Sutcliffe, Mrs., of Willow-hall, 869
Sykes, Rev. J., of Malton, 341
Symons, Mr. W., of St. Columb, 235
T'erry, Mr. W., of Middlesborough,

Thew, Mrs., of Alnwick, 784
Thomas, Mrs., of Haworth, 870
Thomas, Miss E., of St. Just, 172
Thompson, Mr. J., of Ardmore, 252
Thompson, Mr. W., of Deptford, 958
Thompson, Mrs., of Thoresby, 173
Thorn, Mr. J., of Holcomb, 501
Toase, Mrs., of Lofthouse, 868
Todd, Mr. W., of Barningham, 54
Tongue, Mr. W., of Allestree, 256
Townley, Mr. J., of Liverpool, 866.
Tremellen, Mr. W., of Swansea, 172
Trusler, Charlotte, of Timsbury, 3-40
Tunmer, Mrs., of Colchester, 175
Tweedale, Mr. J., of Dewsbary, 691
Vevers, Mrs., of Bramley, 343
Vickers, Mr W., of Wheelock-leath,



in, 22

RECENT DEATHS, continued. Rogers, Mrs. Hester Ann, “Experi-
Wakefield, Mr. M., of Durham, 429

of, noticed, 824
Wale, Mrs., of Mount-Sorrell, 426 Rogers, Rev. Thomas, quoted, on lay-
Walker, Mrs., of Stainland, 56

baprism, 931
Walters, Mr. C., of Haddenham, 868 Rose, Sir George, speech of, in Exeter-
Washington, Mrs., of Littleport, 868

hall, 513
Watson, Mrs., of Neath, 959

Ryal, C., communication from, 468
Watson, Mrs., of Sunderland, 339
Way, Mr. R., of Brixham, 959 Sabbath, anniversary of the Society for
Wharram, Mr., of Fridaythorpe, 254 promoting the observance of the, 496
Wheater, Mr. E., of Eccleshill, 174 -sanctification of the, inculcated, 855
Whitehead, Mr. W., jun., of Chatham, Safe-conducts to heretics, Popish doc-

trine concerning, 221, 658
Whitehead, Miss R., of York, 783 St. Ives, narrative of a revival of religion
Whiting, Mr. R., of Haddenham,

Saints, Popish, recent canonization of, 662
Wight, Mr. H., of Plymouth, 431 Sassanian age, the term explained, 476
Wild, Mrs., of New-Mills, 958 Schmelen, Rev. H., kindness of, to the
Wilkinson, Mr. J., of Carlinghow, Rev. B. Shaw, mentioned, 410

Schools, Sunday, 494, 854_British and
Willetts, Mrs., of Wednesbury, 430 Foreign, 595—day and infant, 854,
Williams, Mr. S., of Clifton, 170 955-Mission, 262, 264, 508-510,
Wilson, Mr. J., of Darlington, 173 788, 881, 961, 964, 1052
Wilson, Mrs., of Rhayader, 618 Scotland, revival of religion in, 155, 248
Wilson, Rev. G., of Mansfield, 430 -early project to establish a Wesleyan
Wood, Mr. T., of Oldham, 52

Mission in the Highlands of, 574
Wool, Mrs., of Bristol, 782

high moral character of, 600. See also
Wood, Mrs., of Stamford-bridge, 619 Church of Scotland.
Wood, Rev. J., of Kingswood, 622 Scott, Rev. George, communications
Woolmer, Mr. T., of Pimlico, 871 from, 164, 969—sister of, mentioned,
Wright, Isabella, of Churchtown, 501 508
Wrye, Mrs., of Stanford-le-hope, 338 Scott, Rev. John, a sermon by, 13–
Yeomans, Mrs., of Cliffs, 866

speech of, in Exeter-hall, 529
Young, Ann, Glastonbury, 959 Scott, Rev. John, of Hull, reply to an
Young, Mrs, of Brigg, 621

attack of, on the Conference, 390
Relics, Popish, 33, 572, 661

Scougal, on the inability of outward
Renty, M. de, “ Life" of, noticed, 568 things to impart happiness, 563
Responsibility of man, essay on the, 384 Seneca, suicide recommended by, 836

Human Agency, by the Rev. John
Buxton's " African Slave-trade, and its Scott, 13, 111
Remedy," 577

Means of obtaining for Methodism
Lectures on Socialism, 680, 835

a second prosperous Century, by the
M'AU's Discourses," 239

Rev. S. Jackson, 287
Powell's, “ Essay on Apostolical Suc- The Brasen Serpent, by the Rev. A.
cession,” 310

Stead, 726
Ranke's “ History of the Popes,” 938, The Erample of Elisha, by the Rev.

George Osborn, 199
Riddle's Manual of Christian Anti- The Perpetuity of the Church, by the
quities," 38

Rev. W. P. Burgess, 907
Shaw's " Memorials of South Africa," The Scripture Doctrine of eternal

Life, 642
Unitarianism confuted: a Series of Sheol, meaning of the word, 228–scrip-

Lectures by Clergymen of the tures in which it occurs, explained,
Church of England, 143

Wesleyan Takings, 1039

Shirley, Rev. W., speech of, in Exeter-
Wesleyan Tracts, 1041

hall, 487
Revivals of religion in St. Ives, Corn- Sixtus IV., infamous character of, 948

wall, 22—in Scotland, 155, 248–in Slavery, state of, in British India, 125
Finland, 164_in York, 1044_“ Liec- -West Indian, referred to, 513
turés ” on, noticed, 849

Slave-trade, African, summary of the
Rich, Claudius, mentioned, 473, 475 present amount of the, 578—past
Riggall, Francis, Esq., communication efforts to suppress the, not useless, 578
from, 607

--notices of Sir F. Buxton's plan for

the suppression of the, 579. See also letter from the Rev. G. Whiteley, Ser.
African Society.

Zealand, 352_royal marriage at
Smith, Rev. Mr., from Madras, a speech Tonga, 353_letter from the Rev. (.
of, 601

Tucker, Tonga, 354-letters from the
Smith, Sir C. E., a specch of, 599

Rev. J. Thomas, Vavou, 355, 79L
Socialism, spread of, 138, 141_Giles's letter from the Rev. D. J. Draper,

“ Lectures” on, noticed, 154_" Lec- New South Wales, 434-letter from
tures" on, delivered at the Mechanics'

the Rev. J. Waterhouse, Hobart.
Institution, reviewed : Rev. R. Ains- Town, 437; New-Zealand, 1049_
lie's, 683, 847 ; Rev. J. Garwood's, code of laws promulgated by King
685 ; Rev. B. Noel's, 687 ; Rev. H. George, of Vavou, 437, 790_letter
Hughes's, 691 ; Mr. R. Matthews's, from the Rev. D. Cargill, Feejee, 410,
691 ; Dr. Hoppus's, 836 ; Mr. I. 795_memoir of Shadrach Vehala, of
Taylor's, 841; Rev. G. Cubitt's, 845 Tongataboo, 636 ; his death and cha-
--a principle of, too prevalent among racter, 791- the Rev. J. H. Bumby's
Churchmen and Dissenters, 595-a tour in New Zealand, 697-letter from
monstrous dictum of the founder of, the Rev. W. Woon, New Zealand,
quoted, 598_referred to, 306, 507- 706_letter from the Rev. W. Simpson,
fallaciousness of, 917

Melbourne, South Anstralia, 787–
Socinianism, a series of Lectures against, letter from the Rev. W. A. Brooks,
reviewed, 143

Vavou, 789_illness and death of the
Sooffeeism in Persia, account of, 936 Rev. J. Spinney, of Feejee, 353, 796
Southern Africa. Summary view of the -letter from the Rev. J. Baller, Ner.

Wesleyan Missions, 93, 509_“ Me- Zealand, 874-letter from the Rer.
morials of South Africa, by Barnabas J. Eggleston, Adelaide, 1054
Shaw," reviewed, 407-beneficial in- Spain, summary view of the Wesleyan
fluence of Missionaries, 597-interest. Missions in, 93_banishment of Wes-
ing narrative, by the Rev. R. Moffatt, leyan Missionaries from, 508, 660
603_letter from the Rev. W.J. Davis, Sparrow, Bishop, quoted, on lay-bap-
Graham's Town, 785

tism, 932
Southey, quoted, on the state of religion Speculation, caution against, 856

and morals in the age which preceded Spiritual correspondence between things
the rise of Methodism, 204-on the below and things above, 742
personal appearance of Mr. Wesley Stanley, Bishop, speech of, in Exeter.
216_opinion of, respecting the Wes. hall, 594

leyan Hymn-Book, mentioned, 995 Stations of the Preachers, in Great Bri-
Soulhgate's “ Tour through Armenia,” tain, 753_in Ireland, 766_on the
extracts from, 925, 936

Missions, 768
South, or Continental India. Summary Stoner, Rev. David, mentioned, 450

view of the Wesleyan Missions, 93, 508 456_“ Memoir" of, noticed, 921
- letter from the Rev. J. K. Best, Stovel, Rev. C., “Lectures ” of, against
Manaargoody, 180; Cuddalore, 962 Popery, mentioned, 142_noticed, 153
-erroneous statement respecting the Storell

, Rev. H., speeches of, in Exeter.
number of native converts in Madras, hall, 488, 598
257-letter from the Rev. S. Fox, Sumner, Bishop, a sermon of, quote,
Madras, 257-letter from the Rev. T. 319-speech of, in Exeter-hall, 490;
Haswell, Madras, 258_letter from the in Freemasons'-hall, 496
Rev. G. U. Pope, Madras, 258-letter Sweden, 93, 164, 508, 969
from the Rev. W. Arthur, Goobee,
259, 963_letter from the Rev. J. Taylor, Bishop, unscriptura! doctrine
* Jenkins, Goobee, 261 — letter from of, 202
the Rev. R. Carver, Melnattam, 263 ; Teignmouth, Lord, speech of, in Exeter-
Trichinopoly, 205_letter from the hall, 490
Rev. T.' Male, Goobee, 967_letter Tennent, J, E., Esq., speech of, in Exeter.
from the Rev. J. Crowther, Madras, hall, 510—promise of, to preside at the
971_death of the Rev. E. G. Square- next Anniversary of the Wesleyan
bridge, of Coonghal, 1060. See also Missionary Society, mentioned, 513,

South. Sea Missions. Summary view TEXTS ILLUSTRATED.
of the Wesleyan Missions, 93, 509– Genesis ix. 4; Leviticus vii. 27;
letter from Sydney, New South Wales, xvii. 11; Acts xv. 20......301
180_letter from the Rev. N. Turner, Genesis xi. 4..

New Zealand, 350-letter from the 2 Kings ii. 14.....199
Rev. S. Ironside, New Zealand, 351– Job, Psalms, and other Scriptures of

TEXTS ILLUSTRATED, continued. Walsh, Rev. Thomas, “Life”, of,

the Old and New Testament, relating noticed, 746
to hades, 228-237

Wardlaw, Dr., publications by, noticed,
Psalm xliii, I......287

Psalm xlv. 16. ....907

Ward's “ Literature and Mythology of
Isaiah xiii. 19, &C.......475

the Hindoos,” mentioned, 35
Isaiah xiv. 23... .476

Waterland, Dr., quoted, on lay-baptism,
Jeremiah 1. 32. .474

Jeremiah li. 25. .478

Watson, Rev. R., quoted, 204, 233, 645
Jeremiah li, 37. .472

“ Memoir” of, noticed, 923
Zechariah iv, 1-10......13, 111 Wesley, Rev. John, regard of, for chil.
John iii. 14, 15... -726

dren, 127-state of morals and reli.
John xvii. 3......642

gion previous to the appearance of,
Tholuck, Professor, quoted, 645


Dr. Southey's opinion concern-
Thomas, J., Esq., of St. Just, mentioned, ing, 205- conversion of, 205—unwea-

ried diligence of, as a Preacher, 206-
Thompson, Thomas, Esq., speech of, in mental and physical preparation of,
Exeter-hall, 522

for his extraordinary vocation, 208–
Thorndike, Rev. Herbert, quoted, on moral and spiritual results of the
lay-baptism, 932

labours of, 208_evidences of the di-
Threlfull, Rev. W., verses on the mur- vine commission of, 210—peculiarities

der of, 503_legacy of, to the Wes- of the character of, 212--short extract
leyan Missionary Society, 527

from the writings of, 219— visits of, to
Thuggs, account of the, 403

Hunslet, 324; to Axminster, 891 ; to
Tigris, notices of the, 468, 469

Woodhouse, 1044-attack upon, by the
Tillotson, Archbishop, unscriptural doc- Rev. C. Cator, referred to, 506_anec-
trine of, 202

dotes of, 522, 542, 543_efforts of, to
Tinlall, Rev. J., speech of, in Exeter- promote the mental improvement of the
hall, 518

members of his societies, 214, 565-re-
Told, Silas, “ Life" of, noticed, 749 commendation by, of Jane Cooper's and
Tooke, W., Esq., speech of, in Exeter- Mrs. Lefevre's “Letters,” 571; of the
hall, 521

« Life of Thomas Walsh," 746 ; of
Tracts, Wesleyan, liberal offer to pro- the “ Journal of Mrs. E. Ilarper,"

mote the distribution of, 607-notices 749; of the “ Life of Silas Told,"
of, 50, 155, 419, 1041

749_letter of, to Dr. Coke, 573—
Tract Societies, Wesleyan, address to, sermons of, quoted, 746~Mr. Wat-

son's “Life” of, noticed, 918-ac-
Tract Society, City-road, extracts from count by, of the introduction of Me-
the Report of the, 420

thodism into Weardale, 977–the doc-
Tract Society, English Monthly, 859 trine of justification by faith regarded
Tract Society, Religious, Anniversary of by, as the only sure antidote to Popery,
the, 495

1038_reason assigned by, for not re-
Treffry, Rev. R., jun., “Memoirs" of, viewing new publications, 1039
noticed, 921

Wesley poetry, remarks on the, 206, 995
Trewavas, Mr. R., “Memoirs ” of, WESLEYAN METHODIST, The:
noticed, 924

a Series of Papers :-
Trezise, Mr. J. E., Memoir of, No. LXXXIV. Narrative of a Re-
noticed, 923

vival of Religion in St. Ives, Corn-

wall; with Observations on Revi.
Volton, Rev. John, “Life” of, noticed,

vals, 22

Vaughan, Sir Griffith, one of the be- Wesleyan Biographical Publica-

trayers of Lord Cobham, miserable tions, 564, 744, 822, 918
fate of, 239

Western Africa. Historical notices of
Venables, Alderman, speech of, in Exe- the Ashantee war, 58-yisit of the Rev.
ter-hall, 517

T. B. Freeman to Ashantee, 61-
Virgin Mary, superstitions concerning letters from the Rev. T. B. Freeman,
the, 573_supreme honour paid to the, respecting the Missions on the Gold-
by the Church of Rome, 664

Coast, 86, 178_summary view of the

Wesleyan Missions, 94, 509--com-
Waddy, Rev. S. D., speech of, in Exe- mencement of the response to the
ter-hall, 528

Committee's appeal in behalf of Ashan-
Waldenses, never contaminated by tee, 177-letter from the Rev. R.

Popery, 220-referred to, 944, 948 Brookings, Cape-Coast Castle, 444

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letter from the Rev. J. Mycock, Cape-| Wickliffe, referred to, 220
Coast Castle, 445_letter from the Wilberforce, Archdeacon, a remark of,
Rev. T. B. Freeman, Cape-Coast noticed, 577
Castle, 445_arrival of the Rev. T. B. Williams, Rev. H. W., narrative by, or,
Freeman in England, 709—death of a revival of religion in St. Ives, 22
Mrs. Dove, of Sierra-Leone, 797- memoir by, of Mrs. Collet, of St.
Conference approval of the Ashantee Austle, 282
Mission, 797-death of the Rev. W. Williams, Rev. John, verses on the
James, of Macarthy's Island, and of murder of, 503-death of, alluded to,
the Rev. D. Jehu, of Sierra-Leone, 601, 602
885_circular letter, respecting the Wiseman, Dr., attempt of, to clear the
Ashantee Mission, 886_liberal sub- Church of Rome from the charge of
scriptions to the Ashantee Mission, idolatry, noticed, 664
from St. Ann's, Jamaica, 1055

Woodhouse, Methodism in, 1044
West Indies. Summary view of the Woodward, Rev. H., extract from the

Wesleyan Missions, 94, 510_letter writings of, 742
from Mrs. Gordon, Antigua, 181- Woodward's « Shunammite," extract
death of Mrs. Horpabrook, of Deme- from, 21_“ Sequel ” to, noticed, 951
rara, 182_notices of Hayti, by the Worthington, Dr., remark by, on the
Rev. J. Tindall, 518; sketches of atonement, 21
Hayti, from the memorandums of a
traveller, 667-early attempt to estab- Xavier, Francis, “Life” of, noticed, 563
lish a Wesleyan Mission in the West
India islands, 575_letter from the York, Centenary chapel at, 1041
Rev. F. Whitehead, Port-Morant, Young's “ Night Thoughts," quoted,
Jamaica, 878_letter from the Rev. J. 129, 135—referred to, 134
Randerson, Spanish-Town, Jamaica,
880_letter from the Rev. w. Sec- Zillerthallers, Popish persecution of the,
combe, Falmouth, Jamaica, 881 49, 660
letter from the Rev. E. Fraser, King-
ston, Jamaica, 881-letter from the
Rev. M. B. Bird, Hayti, 883_letter

LIST OF THE PORTRAITS. from the Rev. S. Stanton, Belize, 883 January, Rev. THEOPHILUS LES- letter from the Rev. L. Railton,


President of the Montserrat, 1050_letter from the Rev.

Conference, J. Cox, St. Christopher's, 1052_letter February, Rev. John MʻKENNY. from the Rev. J. Parkes, Antigua, March, REV. OLIVER HENWOOD. 1052–letter from the Rev. W. Tow- April, Rev. WILLIAM BAKER. ler, Hayti, 1054_letter from the Rev. May, REV. FRANCIS DERRY. D. Kerr, Jamaica, 1055_death of the June, REV. WILLIAM WORTH. Rev. D. Stepney, of Anguilla, and of July, REV, John Nelsox. Mrs. Horne, of St. Bartholomew's, August, Rev. Lot HUGHES. 1060

September, Rev. W. L. THORNTOX, Whitefield, Rev. G., Dr. Southey's opi. October, Rev. John B. STRONG.

nion concerning, 205_attack on, by November, REV. SAMUEL D. WADDY. the Rev. C. Cator, referred to, 506, December, Rev. Јону WESLEY, anecdote of, 522

M. A., Grandfather of the Whitgift, Archbishop, quoted, on lay

Rev. John and Charles baptism, 930


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