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Newtonian system, Papal proscription of | NOTICES

the, referred to, 225, 659
New-Zealand, Association for the colon-
ization of, referred to, 514, 525, 700
Land Company, unjust proceedings
of the, noticed, 698, 873, 876. See
also South-Sea Missions.
Nichols, Mr. James, mentioned, 933
Niger, the African Society's expedition
to the, account of, 585-prayer in be-
half of, 954, 956



Albert, (Prince,) "Country and Kin-
dred" of, 247
Almanacks, 49

An Abridgment or Summary of His-
torical Facts, 953

Anderson's Centenary Sermon, 153
Anecdotes, 419

Atherton's Centenary Sermon, 49
"Baird's "Transplanted Flowers," 154
Bakewell's (Mrs.) "Lord's Prayer
'explained," 48

Barth's "General History," 324
Bates's "Harmony of the Divine
Attributes," 323

Beecher's "Baptism," 953
Bennett's "Justification," 951
Bible-Translation Society of the Bap-
tists, Letters on the, 952
Bickersteth's "Baptism," 418
Black's "Manual of the Bowels," 419
Bloomfield's" Greek Lexicon," 248
Bodin's "Summary of the History of
England," 323

Borron's (Mrs.) "Mother's Remi-
niscences," 323

British Quadrupeds, 48

Broadbent's "Sabbath," 417

Bull's "Maternal Management of
Children," 951

Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress," 48
Burdekin's "Life of Mr. Robert
Spence," 247

Butter's "Gradations in Reading and
Spelling," 152

Burton's "African Slave-Trade, and
its Remedy," 324

Buyers's "Letters on India," 849
Byrth's "Authority of the Fathers,"

Campbell's "Voyages to and from the
Cape of Good Hope," 154" Ma
ritime Discovery, and Christian
Missions," 850
Carstairs's "Short-hand,"
Centenary Discourses, 49, 152, 153,

Chavasse's "Advice to Mothers,"

~ Chronicles of the Ancient British
Church, 419

(Characteristic) OF

BOOKS, continued.
Communion Meditations, 49
Crabb's "New Pantheon," 323
Crowther's "Sermons," 47

Cubitt's "Strictures on Mr. O'Con-
nell's Letters," 151-" Sketches
and Skeletons of Sermons," 848
Dalton's "Commentary," Vol. II.,


Davis's "Right of Infants to Bap-
tism," 48

Dick's "Sidereal Heavens," 418
Dore's "Essay on the Resurrection
of Christ," 419

Dunn and Crossley's, " New Series of
School-Books," 322

Ellis's (Mrs.) "Sons of the Soil," 47
Entwisle's Centenary Sermon, 50
Fish's Centenary Sermon, 247
Freeman's" Israel's Return," 418
Gaskin's "Memoir of Mrs. S. Bud-
gett," 850
Gatherings, 323

Gesenius's "Hebrew Grammar," 953
Gift to a Domestic, 152

Giles's "Lectures on Socialism," 154
Gonthier's "Reflections on the Suffer-
ings of Christ," 154

Goodwin's Redemption redeemed,"


Greaves's "Essays for Sabbath-Read-
ing," 951

Greeves's Centenary Sermon, 50
Gunn's "Religion, in connexion with
a National System of Instruction,"

Guyse's "Sermons on the Holy Spirit,"

Harvard's "Special Efforts," 417
Hiley's "Treatise on English Gram-
mar," &c., 951

Historic Illustrations of the Bible,


Jethro, 851

Kerns's "Arcana of Nature reveal-
ed," 323

Krasinski's "Historical Sketch of the
Reformation in Poland," Vol. II.,

Lectures on Revivals of Religion, 849
Lee's "Hebrew Lexicon," 321
Lewis's "Christian Duties," 49
M'Afee's "O'Connell and the Wes-
leyans," 321

M'Caul's "Plain Sermons," 849
M'Culloch's "Geographical Diction-
ary," 418

M'Owan's "Memorials of Miss M.
Fishwick," 49

Marsden's "Nature and Importance
of true Religion," 849
Martin's Centenary Poem, 320
Massie's "Continental India," 153

[blocks in formation]

Paganism," 417

Shaw's "Defence of the Wesleyan
Missionaries in South Africa," 952
Shrewsbury's "Essay on the Wes-
leyan-Methodist Economy," 48
Stewart's "Family which Jesus
loved," 418

Stovel's "Popery in England," 153
Strickland's (Agnes) "Lives of the

Queens of England," Vols. I, and
II., 418; Vol. III., 952

Sutcliffe's "Commentary," Vol. II.,

Taylor's (Isaac) "Ancient Christian-
ity," No. IV., 47

Taylor's (Jeremy) "Sermons," &C.,


The Bible Cyclopædia, 419
The Captivity of the Jews, 152
The Church and the World, 419
The Colonial Magazine, No. IV.,.

The History of the Moravian Mis-
sion in North America, 154

The Illuminated Atlas, 951

The Miracles of our Lord explained,

The Pictorial History of Palestine,
48, 154, 418, 951

The Protestant's Armory, 323
Thomson's "Consolation, for Christian
Mourners," 950

[blocks in formation]

Oath of allegiance to the Church of
Rome, 1034


Anderson, Rev. James, 778
Anderson, Rev. John, sen, 777
Ash, Rev. James, 778

Banks, Mrs., of Asenby, 609
Beck, Mr. T., of Oldbury, 864
Bell, Rev. John, 781

Brice, Mrs., of Pontefract, 613
Buckley, Rev. James, 775

Budgett, Mrs., of Kingswood-hill, 329
Burrows, Rev. Martin, 778

Caine, Mr. J., of the Isle of Man, 614
Collier, Mrs., of Leicester, 860
Crowther, Hannah, of Bradford, 860
Dawson, Mrs., of New-Brunswick,

Dinnen, Rev. John, 780

Dixon, Mrs., of Grantham, 426
Fenton, Mrs., of Roper, 326
Fields, Mrs., of Whitwick, 334
Fleet, Mrs., 328

Ford, Rev. Edward, 775

Foster, Mr. W., of Ludborough, 330
Garlick, Mrs., of Greetham, 611
Horn, Mr., of Byker-hill, 327

Hoskins, Mrs., of Devonport, 612
Hutton, Rev. Thomas, 775

Jeffcoate, Mrs., of Wellington, 425
Juff, Rev. William, 780

Kirk, Mr. T., of Breckenborough-
castle, 859

Leadbetter, Miss, M., of St. Helen's,

Lewis, Mrs., of Bathurst, 328
Longden, Mrs., of Rainow, 865
Lowe, Rev. George, 775
M'Arthur, Rev. John, 780
Marblestone, Mr. A. W., of Port
chester, 611

Mason, Mr. G., of Barnsley, 614.

OBITUARIES, continued.
Miller, Rev. William Edward, 776
Mole, Rev. Richard R., 777
Moore, Rev. Alexander, 779
Moses, Mrs., of Brampton, 610
Nicholson, Mrs., of Gateshead, 335
Nother, Rev. William, 777
Ouston, Mrs., of Barugh, 863
Parkinson, Rev. James, 781
Pattison, Rev. Richard, 776
Peart, Mrs., of Birmingham, 864
Philipson, Mr. T., of Hedley, 169
Rendell, Mr. S., of Barton, 424
Ryan, Nicholas, of Montserrat, 331
Saunby, Mr. N., of Caistor, 332
Spinney, Rev. John, 781

: Sprague, Mrs., of Worcester, 334
Swindlehurst, Mr. R., of Morton, 169
Sykes, Rev. James, 777

Taylor, Mrs., of Marple-bridge, 610
Taylor, Rev. Charles S. B., 776
Thompson, Rev. George, 776
Walker, Mrs., of London, 326
Ward, Mrs., of Nottingham, 862
Wiggan, Rev. John, 779
Wilson, Rev. George, 777
Wilson, Rev. Robert, 779
Wood, Rev. James, 778

Woolhouse, Mr. B., of Baslow, 612
Wright, Mr. J., of East-Stockwith,

Young, Ann, of Birkenhead, 333
O'Connell, Daniel, "Letters "
of, to the
Wesleyans, noticed, 151, 321, 658
O'Donoughue's "History of the Church
and Court of Rome," quoted, 29
Osborn, Rev. G., Centenary sermon by,
199 communication from, on lay-
baptism, 927

Ouseley, Rev. Gideon, death of, referred
to, 508

Owen, the Socialist, presentation of, at

court, mentioned, 142. See also

Oxford, melancholy state of the Uni-
versity of, at the beginning of the last
century, 204

"Oxford Tracts," remarks on an ex-
tract from one of the, 316 Popish
character of the, 507, 853

Packard, Mr., speech of, in Exeter-hall,


Paley, Dr., quoted, on the circulation of
the blood, 304, 306-on the evidences
of design in the construction of the
lungs, 1009

Parker's "Centenary picture," presenta-
tion of, to the Conference, 752
Pawson, Mrs. F., "Experience" of,
noticed, 823, 825

Payne, Mr., of Axminster, mentioned, 891
Pearce, Rev. G., speech of, in Exeter-
hall, 597

Peck, Rev. W. R., "Memoir" of, no-
ticed, 922

Pelet, Professor, speech of, in Exeter-
hall, 491

Perouse, the French circumnavigator,
mentioned, 514

Persia, Sooffeeism in, 936
Physiology, Essays on. No. I. Intro-
duction, 128; distinction between ani-
mate and inanimate bodies, 128; the
vegetable creation, 130; lower orders of
animals, 131; man, 133; structure of
the human body, 136-No. II. Cha-
racteristics of organized beings, 298;
circulation of the blood, 299; marks
of design connected with the circulat-
ing system, 305-No. III. Circula-
tion of the blood, 828; respiration,
829 No. IV. Respiration, 1008.

A Harvest-Hymn for 1840, by James
Montgomery, 960

Carmen Natale, by Mr. Snow, 176
December: a Sonnet, 1048
England's Dead, 432

Household Treasures, by Mary How-
itt, 872

How old art thou? 432

Hymn for Harvest-Time, by C. W.
Thompson, 696

Hymn from the Latin, by the Rev. H.
Alford, 56

On the Death of an Infant, 872
Stanzas, by Mary Ann Browne, 624
Sunshine, by Mary Howitt, 623
The Family of God, by the Rev. C.
Wesley, 344

The martyred Missionaries, by James
Montgomery, 503

Time, 344

To a sorrowful Friend, 696
Tradition, by the Rev. C. Wesley, 431
Woman's Power, by the Rev. T. E.
Hankinson, 624

Written during an Aurora Borealis,
by the Rev. H. Alford, 343
Pope, the present, idolatry of, 666
Popery. Origin of the ecclesiastical
precedence and temporal dominion of
the Popes, 27, 28, 942-947-in-
famous character of some of the Popes,
29, 948 arts employed by the Priests
to reclaim converts to Protestantism,
shown in the case of James Magorian,
101-letter on the simultaneous ad-
vance of Popery, Puseyism, and So-
cialism, 138-an advantage of Popery
over Socinianism, 143-works relating
to Popery, noticed, 151, 153, 154, 321,
323, 417, 419-attempts to establish
Popery in New South Wales, 180-
doctrine of the Church of Rome re-
specting safe-conducts, 221, 658-
martyrdom of Lord Cobham, 237-

the Church of Rome not infallible, 307 |

apostolical succession, 318, 399-in-
crease of Popery in England denied,
507-expulsion of Wesleyan Mission-
aries from Spain, inentioned, 508, 511,
660-demoralizing effects of Popery in
Hayti, 519-attempt to force Popery
upon the Sandwich Islands, referred
to, 524, 661-Popish slander, that
Protestant Missions have proved a
failure, adverted to, 528-Roman re-
lics and superstitions in 1555, 572—
Popish efforts to proselyte the Hin-
doos, 601-Popery the chief cause of
the infidelity prevalent in France, 656
-inquiry into the character of modern
Popery, 658 mistake of those who
thought the revival of Popery impos-
sible, 680-Popery essentially a sys-
tem of externalism, 745, 924, 944,
1023, 1027, 1038 professions of
liberality by Papists in Protestant
countries not to be trusted, 853, 944,
1038 Ranke's "History of the
Popes," reviewed, 938, 1023
Popery, papers on. No. IV. State of
the Church previous to the Reforma-
tion, 27-No. V. The Reformation,


Potter, Captain, of Bristol, mentioned,

Prayer, the power of, 467

Printers, alteration of a law affecting,

Public speakers, hints to, 122

Pusey, Dr., progress of the system of,
138, 141-misrepresentation of Me-
thodism by, 210-an inconsistency of,
referred to, 211. See also Oxford
Tracts and Popery.

Pyne, Rev. T., travelling tutor of the
Ashantee Princes, mentioned, 483,
752 speech of, in Exeter-hall, 521

Queteville, Rev. J. de., mentioned, 575

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bennett, Mr. E., of Horbury, 958
Bent, Mr. J., of Davy-Hulme, 621
Blomfield, Mrs., of Ipswich, 958
Bloomer, Mrs., of Holly-Hall, 336
Bogie, Mrs., of Liverpool, 871
Borrow, Mr. H., of Peak, 340
Bostock, Mrs., of Wakefield, 51
Bowman, Mrs., late of Bishop-Auck-
land, 172

Boyle, Mrs., of Ayr, 503
Brabyn, Mr. J., of Llanelly, 781
Bradbury, Mr. J., of Reeth, 256
Bradbury, Mr. J., of Rye-flatt, 621
Brinsden, Mr. J., of Powderham,

Brittain, Mr. B., of Birmingham, 340
Broome, Mr. E., of Oldham, 342
Brown, John E., of Bath, 782
Brown, Mary Ann, of Jamaica, 336
Brown, Mrs., of Drumbulkin, 866
Brown, Mrs., of Helston, 54
Brown, Mrs., of Stockport, 782
Bruce, Mr. R., of Stonehaven, 340
Brunting, Mr. T., of Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, 337

Bundy, Mrs., of Bristol, 171

Burrows, Mr. M., of Oldham, 501
Burton, Mrs., of Rhodes-House, 54
Butcher, Mr. T., of St. Osyth, 959
Buaton, Mrs., of Manchester, 868
Clark, Mrs., of Gainsborough, 503
Clarkson, Mrs., of York, 341
Clegg, Mrs., of Malton, 171
Clements, Mrs., of Deptford, 52
Chiff, Mr. R., of London, 256
Clough, Mr. G., of Failsworth, 622
Cocker, Mrs., of Salford, 51
Coleman, Miss N. C., of Colchester,

Collett, Mr. J., of Treworlas, 867-
Cook, Mr. J., late of Stroud, 784
Corless, Mrs., of Bradford-moor, 867
Coster, Mr. J., of Amport, 342
Coultas, Mrs., of York, 622
Coulthard, Mr. W., of Westgate, 339
Coward, Mr. J., of Portsea, 501
Cranswick, Mrs., of Wainfleet, 253
Critchley, Mr. J., of Wigan, 958)
Crockford, Mrs., of Chatham, 430
Crook, Mrs., of Liverpool, 175
Crowther, Mrs., of Gomersal, 500
Cullen, Mrs., of Kilkhampton, 55
Curd, Mr. T, of Sarratt, 252
Curd, Miss M, Al, of Sarratt, 232

RECENT DEATHS, continued.
Curson, Mr. T., of Walsingham, 619
Curtis, R., Esq., of Bath, 1047
Cussons, Mrs., late of Thornton, 620
Cusworth, Mrs., of Bradford, 171
Cuthbertson, Mrs., of Ayr, 56
Dalton, Miss M. A., of Deptford, 54
Daniel, Mr. J., of Lympsham, 500
Daniels, Mrs., of Ashburton, 620
Davison, Mr. J., of Whitby, 336
Dawes, Mrs., of Northiam, 53
Day, Mrs., of Glasgow, 619
Dean, Mr. D., of Barton, 54
Denham, Mr. J., of Leeds, 254
Dewsnap, Mrs., of Clark-house, 1046
Dinnen, Rev. J., of Colerain, 172
Ditch, Mrs., of Cranbrook, 52
Doddrel, Mrs., of Shepton-Mallet, 256
Dodge, Mrs., of Stockport, 783
Dowson, Mr. F., of Kirby-Moorside,

Durman, Mrs., of Collingbourne, 174
Eastaugh, Rev. S., of Fakenham, 175
Edmondson, Mr. A., of Bingley, 429
Eglin, Mr. T., of Frostrow, 427
Ekins, Mr. R., of Oundle, 957
Emmet, Mr. W., of Downend, 53
Etheridge, Mrs., of Axminster, 500
Evans, Esther, of Bloxwich, 254
Evans, Mrs., of Carmarthen, 339
Everard, Mrs., of Naseby, 340
Farndale, Mrs., of Coatham-Conyers,

Featherstone, Mrs., of Fryup, 500
Fielding, Mr. J., of Gravely, 55
Finch, Mr. J., of London, 1046
Fishwick, W., Esq., late of Burnley,

Fowler, Mrs., of Aston-Clinton, 336
Fox, Mr. J., of Winfarthing, 54
For, Mrs., of Berwick-upon-Tweed,

Frank, Robert, of Reeth, 622
French, Mr. W. T., of Chatham, 503
Furze, Mrs., of Bickington, 175
Garbutt, Cicely, of Mandale, 499
Gardner, Mr. J. R., of London, 866
Gasling, O., Esq., of Bocking, 428
Gee, Mr. J., jun., of Atherstone, 426
Gilbert, Mr. S., of Worthington, 500
Gilleade, Mr. T. F. G., of Ramsey,

Gill, Mrs., late of Weeton, 174
Golightly, Mr. A., of New-Shildon,

Goodrick, Mr. G., of Thirsk, 341
Gorbell, Mr. F., of Halesworth, 429
Gould, Mr. J., of Hole, 339
Gregory, Mrs., of Nottingham, 253
Gugiana, Mr. P., of Oakhampton, 338
Gunning, Mr. C., of Tullamore, 171
Gurney, Mrs., of Towcester, 622
Guylee, Mr. J., of Caythorp, 1047
Hallam, Mary Ann, of Oldham, 500

RECENT DEATHS, continued.
Hall, Mr. J., of Thorpland-Hall, 503
Hall, Miss C., of Deal, 622
Hardwick, Mr. W., of Leeds, 866
Harradine, Mr. J., of Wakefield, 174
Hart, Ann, of Loddon, 341
Harwood, Mary, of Littleport, 429
Hattersley, Mrs., of Keighley, 499
Hazell, Mrs., of Maidstone, 1047
Hewitt, Mrs., of Higham-Ferrers, 867
Hinchliffe, Isabella, of Dumfries, 621
Hobson, Elizabeth, of Hoylands, 427
Hodge, Miss E., of Tregotha, 339
Hodgins, Mr. W., of Dublin, 1046
Hollingshead, Mr. T., of Wheelock-
heath, 866

Holloway, Mrs., of Lower-Cam, 340
Hulme, Mrs., of Bridlington, 53
Hunter, Jane, of Bridlington, 53
Hunter, Mrs., of Whitby, 500
Hurlstone, Mrs., of Bradford, 867
Hurry, Mrs., of Wollaston, 170
Iles, Mr. R., of Eccleshill, 426
Ingham, Mr. J., of Birstal, 784
Jackson, Mr. T., of Sancton, 55
Jackson, Mrs., of Boston, 502
Jackson, Mrs., of Bratten, 782
James, Mr. H., of Bristol, 173
Jennings, Mrs., of Jamaica, 1046
Johnson, Mr. R., of St. Helen's, 254
Johnson, Mr. W., of Deptford, 957
Johnson, Mrs., of Deptford, 957
Jones, Eleanor, of Carmarthen, 868
Jones, Mr. J., of Rhayader, 339
Jones, Mrs., of Pembroke, 618
Kay, R. J., of Woolwich, 337
Kell, Mrs., of Hull, 502
Kiddear, Mr. J., of Ashby-de-la-
Zouch, 869

Kidd, Mrs., sen, of Littleport, 783
Kirk, B., Esq., of Stalybridge, 620
Kitson, Mr. B., of Wakefield, 430
Knight, Mrs., late of Boston, 337
Laurence, Mrs., of Westport, 502
Ledsham, Mary, of York, 338
Leman, Mr. W., of Loddon, 170
Lenton, Miss, of Rushden, 784
Lethbridge, Mr. R., of Plymouth, 431
Levell, Lydia, of Holbrook, 619
Lewis, R., Esq., of Downend, 620
Little, Mrs., of Ashrigg, 341
Lock, Mr. C., of Stretham, 781
Lord, Mr. J., of Newchurch, 172
Lovel, Mr. W., of Nafferton, 253
Lupton, Mr. J., of Paisley, 619
Lyne, Anne, of Devizes, 428
Lyon, Mrs., of London, 336
McKenzie, Mr. D., of Ayr, 501
Magill, Mrs., of Hamilton, 618
Mann, Faith, of Shipley, 53

Marsden, J., Esq., of Manchester, 336
Marsden, Mrs., of Dudley-hill, 255
Marsden, Mrs., of Leeds, 256

Martin, Mr. T., of Goonown, 782

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