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.Example. 5) 140650.920s. equal to One Talent of Gold. Quotient 28130.1845. equal to One Target of Gold.

200 Targets. Product 5626036.800s. equ:alto Two Hundred Targets.

20) 5626036.80s. Quotient 281301.841. equal to 281,3011. 16. 94d.

To find the value of the 300 Shields of Gold, each containing 300 Shekels, equal to į of a Target.-The Rule is:

Multiply 14065.092s. (i.e. the value of one Shield, equal to half the value of one Target) by '300, (the number of Shields) the Product will be the value of the 300 Shields in Shillings and part of a Shilling sterling : divide the Product by 20, the Quotient will be the Pounds and part of a Pound sterling that are equal in value to the 300 Shields, viz. 210976.381.equal to 210,976). 7s. 7d. See the Operation following:-Example.

14065.092s. the Value of one Shield..

300 Shields. .
Product 4219527.600s. equal to 300 Shields.

20) 4219527.600s.
Quotient 210976.381. equal to 2109761. 75. 7d.

In i Kings x. 14. we are told, that the weight of „Gold that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents. And by the preceding Rule the reader will find that this annual income amounted to 4,683,6751. 125. 8 d. sterling.*

* These calculations, in which I have followed Mr. Reynolds, (State of the greatest King, &c. p. 58.) will be found materially to differ from those of the Abbé Fleury, in p. 159, 160, of 'this Work: but as they appeared to me to be perfectly correct, I judged them of too much consequence to be omitted in this part of the work.


ABRAHAM a sort of king, g. numerous servants, 10.
ni waits on his guests, 14.
Administration of justice among the Israelites, 145.
Adoring, what, 98.
Age the first foundation of authority, 142.
Agriculture, see Husbandry.
Älienation of lands revoked every Afty years among the is.

raelites, 40.
Altars erected for memorials of great events, 8.
*Angel of the church, what it signifies, 260, 261, in the Note.
Anointing; reason of it, 54.
Animals used in sacrifice, 233, 234. manner of killing such,

235. flaying, salting, &c. 236. offered at the door of

the tabernacle, 238.
Animals different eaten and abstained from among different

nations, 62.
Apostles among the Jews, their office, 184.
Arms, all persons capable of using them, ecclesiastics as well as

laymen, made up the antient militia, 152. what the antient
arms consisted of, 1536 not worn by the Israelites except

on duty, ib.
Arts, curious ones among the Hebrews, 44.
Artificers, few among the Israelites till the time of David, 45,

47. many of the Greek heroes such, ib,
Arure of land,"how much, 37.
Asmoneans, see Maccabees.
Athenians, how at first divided, 19.
Babylon, the fertility of its plains, 29.
Bakers, when first at Rome, 46.
Balsam-trec only found anciently in Palestine, 35..
Baptism administered to proselyres, 200. how performed, ib.

how administered to women, 204. .
Bathing, why frequent in the east, 54.
Beards long, worn by the Israelites, 548
Bedsteds in the east, often of ivory, and placed against the wall, 56.
Bells in churches of modern invention, 117..
Bissextile how computed, 226.
Books now lost referred to in the Old Testament, 85, 86.
Bramins neither kill nor eat animals, 63.


Bread, how much per day a man eats, 38. very little bread

kept among the Israelites, 46. the word used in Scripture
means all sorts of victuals, 61.
Breast-plate, 258.
Burial, the manner of it among the Israelites, 106, 107. no

religious ceremony used at it, 107. .
Byssus, what it was, 52.

Cakes of libation, 23.7.
Calends, what, 225.
Canaan, the Israelites prohibited from marrying with his des

scendants, 19, 70. Canaanites the same with Phænicians,

44. their tribes, 206, 207.
Canopies, the use of them in the east, 56 . dan : 1.5
Captivity of the ten tribes above a hundred years before that

of the other two, 164. the consequences of captivity ani,
tiently, and of Israel and Judah in particular, 165, 166. the
restoration of Judah from it, 167. much reformed by it, 169.
tow long after it before they could rebuild their city and
temple, ib. see also 208.

i de forse Bosse
Castration of cattle prohibited to the Israelites, 41. -
Cato the censor writes of country affairs, 27. his opinion of

the pastoral life, 12. a maxim in his book the same with

one in Prov. xxiv. 27. p. 32.
Cavalry of little use in mountainous countries, 154. forbida

den to the Israelites, though much used in Egypt, 155. no.

merous however in Solomon's time, ib.
Ceremonies, some borrowed from the Jewish church, 200 m
Cælosyria described, 214.
Children of this world--of darkness -light, &c. whence the

expressions, 18. increase of them desired by the Israelites,

76, 77. how numerous in some families, 77, 780 Boletin
Chimneys amongst the antients little known, 5.7
Cicero, what he means by Jewish gold, 184.
Circumcision practised by many nations besides Jews, 69. per-

formed in private houses without the ministry of priests, 76.
Circumcision the seal of the covenant, 200.
Cities in Judea, the habitation of labourers, and very numerous,

146. their gates the seats of justice, sb. at first built by

wicked men, II.
Clothes of the antients injudiciously represented by most pain-

ters, 49, 50. fashions of them little changed in the east, 52.
ill consequences of their change, 51. of white colour most
in use among the Israelites, Greeks, and Romans, 53. made
generally among them all very plain, ibo of the women more.
sumptuous, 556


Concubines, though generally slaves, yet, to keep them nog

reckoned disreputable, 79. ill consequences from the use

of them, 80.
Confession of faith, 265 ---267.
Corban, what, 243
Council of Seventy-one and the highpriest at Jerusalem, and of

Twenty-three in the smaller cities, their power, 145. kept
their court at the gate of the city, 146. continued wbile
the Jews were subject to the Persiane, 170, and to the Ro-

mans, 185.
Country-people, the cause of their misery, 24.
Courts of judicature among the Romans at the forum, of the

Israelites at the city gates, in feudal times at the courts of

Lords' castles, 146.
Crusades laid waste the Holy Land, 34.
Cynara, what, 9o.
Day, how divided by the Hebrews,Greeks, and Romans, 216,217.
David, his riches, 159.
Dancing in use among the Israelites, 91.
Daughters of the patriarchs bred to hard labour, 12.
Death of the patriarchs, how described in scripture, 15.
Decapolis described, 212.
Divorce, ill consequences of it, 80. when first heard of at

Romc, ib.
Eastern fashions change little, 51. their compliments more like

ours than those of the Greeks and Romans are, 98. play at

no games of hazard, 102,
Edom, what it signifies, 20g.
Egypt, physic supposed to have been invented there, 15. what

food the Egyptians abstained from, 62. Solon, Pythagoras,
and Plato, studied there, 171. becoming an addition to the

Roman power bastened the rain of the Jewish, 181. i
Elders of Israel the Jewish sanbedrim, 142, 185. the seat of

the elders, what meant by it, 144. number of, ib.
Embalming practised by the Laraelites as well as Egyptians, 106.
Eponymi, what, 19.
Epbod described, 258.
Equinox, what, 226, 227.
Essenes, their manner of life, 189.
Eibnarchs, what meant by them, 185.
Eunuchs, servants about the king's person, without denoting

personal imperfection, 151.
Evenings two, what, 217.
Fashions, sec Clothes.
N na


Feastsz, 135 lei washing thant by it,

Fathers among the Israelites had power of life and death over

their children, 140. but under the direction of the magis,

trate, 141. The same law practised at Athens, ib.
Fasts proclaimed by sound of trumpet, as well as feasts, 119.

how many stated ones, 119, 120.
Feasts, religious, the number of them among the Israelites,

117,135. were times of sensible joy, 118.
Feet, custom of washing them at visits, 54• to water and to

couer the feet, what meant by it, 99.
First-fruits, 244.
Fish scarce eaten in the most antient times either by Israelites

or Grecians, 61.
Forces, sce Militia.
Fruits brought into Europe from Asia and Africa have de

generated, 34.
Fruitfulness of the Promised Land, 33, 34, 35;.
Gadara described, 212..
Galilces, two of them, 210.
Galileans were the first who received the gospel, 210...
Games of hazard unknown to the Israelites, and forbidden by

the Arabians to this day, 102.
Gate of the city, courts of judicature held there, 146.
Gencalogies of Matthew and Luke, how reconciled, 78. :
Genesareth, lake of, 213.
Germans introduced on this side of the Rhine the love of hunte

ing, 24. apd will always retain it, 186. .
Globe explained, 224, 225.
Government of the Israelites, what the form of it, 136, &c. of

the patriarchs, lasted goo years, 17.
Gout, king Asa blamed for trusting in physicians to cure it, 68.
Greeks, antient, employed in breeding cattle, 8. seem to have

been great eaters, 14. retained a great opinion of husban-
dry in the height of their politeness, 26. joined manufac.

tures and trade to it, 43, 44.' their wisdom and religion,
· 127, 128., their worship, 129. improved in sciences nas

till the time of Alexander, !32,175. a.
Greek tongue learnt by the Jews, especially of Alexandria, 192,
Greck and Gentile, whence the same, 174.
Habits of the priests, 255; ditto, of the highpriest, 257.
Hacamim, who, 260.
Hazanim, who, 18%
Hebrew, the genius of the language, 83, 84. lost by the Jews

in their captivity, 166,
Hebrews by birth, 1973


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