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man's preservative against popery,
177, et seq. ; popery indebted to Ire-
land for its modified character in this
country, 177; the real meaning of the
term popery, 178; the author's ac-
count of his own history and conversion,
178, et séq.; he becomes a priest, and
chaplain to the king of Spain, 178, 9;
mentally renounces popery, 179; quits
Spain, 181; embraces protestantism, 182;
the spiritual power of the Roman
church the essential article of the
papist's faith, 183; great reverence
shewn to priests in Spain, with its
cause, ib. ; the sacraments a never fail-
ing source of profit to the priesthood,
183, 4; demoralizing influence of auri-
cular confession, 185 ; unlimited obedi-
ence to a confessor the most perfect way

to salvation, 186.
Wife, the value of a good one, a Hebrew

tale, 269.
Williams's cottage library and family

expositor, 438, el seq.; design and
plan of the work, 438.

Williams's, enlarged and corrected life

of the Rev. Philip Henry, 326, et seq.
Winn's speedy end to slavery in our
West India colonies, &c. 97, et

Woodstock, or the Cavalier, 542; Dr.

Plot's account of the disturbance experi-
enced by the commissioners of the long
parliament, who were sent to destroy

Woodstock, 544, 5.
Works for young people, by Maria

Edgeworth, Mrs. Barbauld, and Maria

Hack, 70, et seg.
Worship, public, Burder's psalms and
: 'hymns for, selected from Dr. Watts,

&c. 470, et seq.

Yates's memoirs of Mr, J. Chamberlain,

late missionary in India, 504, et seq. ;
the two chief sources from which bio-
graphy receives its chief interest, 504;
different descriptions of memoirs,
505; account of Mr. C.'s home mission-
ary exertions, ib. ; his deep impression of
the value of time, 507.

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