Water Resource Planning in Urban Redevelopment

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Wapora for Office of Water Resources Research, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1971

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Strona 1 - To provide for the replanning and rebuilding of slum, blighted, and other areas of the District of Columbia and the assembly, by purchase or condemnation, of real property in such areas and the sale or lease thereof for the redevelopment of such areas in accordance with said plans ; and to provide for the organization of, procedure for, and the financing of such planning, acquisition, and sale or lease ; and for other purposes...
Strona 4 - Commission's concern with rational land use patterns cannot be divorced from what the Nation has done, is doing, or intends to do about resource management. Efforts to control air and water pollution, prevent scenic defacement, and treat wastes of all kinds will be important in determining where old cities will stagnate, where new communities will develop, where industry will expand, where people will move, where vacationers will spend their dollars, where local economies will prosper or suffer....
Strona 47 - ... congestion of buildings and shall include an allowance for waste as indicated above. The required duration shall be as indicated in Table 6. For residential districts, the required fire flow shall be determined on the basis of structural conditions and congestion of buildings. In districts with about ' , the lots in a block built upon having buildings of small area and of low height, at least 500 gpm is required; if the buildings are of larger area or higher, up to 1,000 gpm is required; where...
Strona 47 - VP (1-0.01 where G = required fire flow in gallons per minute and P = population in thousands. One third of the required fire flow determined by this formula is considered to be the probable loss of water from broken connections, abandoned flowing hydrants, and other causes incident to a large fire in a high-value district. Tables 5 and 6 give the required duration for the required fire flow. In all cases in determining required fire flow, consideration shall be given to the structural conditions...
Strona 51 - Combined storm and sanitary sewers if there is adequate provision for treating the combined effluent; although, wherever there are long-range comprehensive sewer system plans providing for the separation of combined sewers, sewerage construction in urban renewal areas served by such systems must provide for separate sewers.
Strona 81 - Characteristics of Household Water Consumption in Three New Hampshire Communities," Water Resources Research Center, Univ.
Strona 81 - A Study of Residential Water Use," US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. HUD TS-12, February 1967. (37) Wolff, JB, "Peak Demands in Residential Areas,

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