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Copyright, 1898, by The Trustees of
The Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work.

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This Hymnal has been compiled by a Committee of The Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work, consisting of:

The Hon. ROBERT N. Willson, Chairman.
The Rev. Louis F. BENSON, D. D.

The Rev. Louis F. BENSON, D.D., Editor.




'HIS book is the second in a series of three hymnals intended to

cover the needs of the Church through the whole range of its public worship. The first, The Hymnal, was prepared as a complete manual of praise, covering especially the Sunday services, but including also every side of church worship and work; the second, The Chapel Hymnal, is prepared for those who prefer a smaller book for use in prayer meetings, young people's societies, and other social services; and the last of the series is to cover the services of the Sabbath-school.

The Chapel Hymnal consists principally of those hymns in The Hymnal which are best adapted for use in devotional meetings and of such tunes as can be used to good advantage on such occasions; and ordinarily the association of hymn and tune has been retained. In addition there have been included in this book some standard hymns and tunes reserved for this use when The Hymnal was prepared, together with some fresh selections of a popular character and a number of the more desirable “Gospel Hymns.”

The pages of the book are so arranged as to provide a choice of tunes in the case of a large number of the hymns.

It is the usage of many of our churches to sing the Amen at the close of each hymn, and the proper chords are provided for any who may wish to use them.

In the choice of material for this book the Committee has had the advantage of the counsel and cooperation of the Rev. George M. Boynton, D. D., and M. C. Hazard, Ph. D., who have represented the Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society, to the end that the book may be adapted for introduction and use in the churches of both denominations.

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