The History of Galashiels

Przednia okładka
Published under the auspices of the Galashiels Manufacturer's Corporation [by] A. Walker, 1898 - 601

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Strona 58 - The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.
Strona 5 - January 1823, in the ;90th year of his life, and fully possessed of all his faculties. He read till nearly the year before his death ; and being a great musician on the Scotch pipes, had, when on his deathbed, a favourite tune played over to him by his son James, that he might be sure he left him in full possession of it. After hearing it, he hummed it over himself, and corrected it in several of the notes. The air was that called Sour Plums in Galashiels.
Strona 333 - And they consent to the registration hereof in the books of council and session, or other judges...
Strona 251 - They are all gone into the world of light! And I alone sit lingering here ; Their very memory is fair and bright, And my sad thoughts doth clear...
Strona 172 - Gloria Patri, and next read chapters of Scripture from the Old and New Testaments, going through in order any book that was begun, as required by the First Book of Discipline. After an hour thus spent, the bell rang the third time, and the minister entered the pulpit, and
Strona 107 - In these circumstances, and probably having come to the conclusion that discretion was the better part of valour, the men turned their faces homeward.
Strona 286 - Committee corresponds with every manufacturing town in the South and West of Scotland, and levies a subsidy of 2s. 6d. per man — (an immense sum) — for the ostensible purpose of petitioning Parliament for redress of grievances, but doubtless to sustain them in their revolutionary movements. An energetic administration, which had the confidence of the country, would soon check all this; but it is our misfortune to lose the pilot when the ship is on the breakers.
Strona 123 - The Lord Ordinary, having heard counsel for the parties, repels the first four " pleas in law for the defenders, reserving full effect to all the defences, in so " far as they are founded on the defenders...
Strona 9 - Somewhat unruly, and very ill to tame. I would have none think that I call them thieves, For, if I did, it would be arrant lies.
Strona 15 - She washed his wounds in yon well-strand, And dried him wi' the hollan', And aye she sighed and said, ' Alas ! For my love I had him chosen.' 17. ' Go hold your tongue,' her father said, ' There's little cause for sorrow ; I'll wed ye on a better lad Than ye ha'e lost in Yarrow.

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