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Strona 83 - And while he sinks, without one arm to save, The country blooms — a garden and a grave ! Where, then, ah ! where shall poverty reside, To 'scape the pressure of contiguous pride?
Strona 83 - If to the city sped — what waits him there? To see profusion that he must not share; To see ten thousand baneful arts combined To pamper luxury and thin mankind; To see each joy the sons of pleasure know, Extorted from his fellow-creature's woe: Here while the courtier glitters in brocade, There the pale artist plies the sickly trade...
Strona 127 - A Defence of the Religion of Nature and of the Christian Revelation, in answer to Tindal's Christianity as old as the Creation.
Strona 103 - Hail wedded Love, mysterious law, true source Of human offspring, sole propriety In Paradise of all things common else. By thee adulterous lust was driven from men Among the bestial herds to range; by thee, Founded in reason, loyal, just, and pure, Relations dear, and all the charities Of father, son, and brother first were known.
Strona 109 - A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud, Feed on her damask cheek : she pined in thought, And with a green and yellow melancholy She sat like patience on a monument, Smiling at grief.
Strona 225 - Post 8vo. 5s. 6d. The Englishman's Greek Concordance of the New Testament : Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Greek and the English Texts ; including a Concordance to the Proper Names, with Indexes, GreekEnglish and English-Greek. New Edition, with a new Index.
Strona 22 - By strict necessity, along the path Of order and of good. Whate'er we see, Whate'er we feel, by agency direct Or indirect, shall tend to feed and nurse Our faculties, shall fix in calmer seats Of moral strength, and raise to loftier heights Of...
Strona 138 - I do not love thee, Dr. Fell, the reason why I cannot tell, But this I know and know full well, I do not love thee, Dr. Fell...
Strona 145 - Hell within him; for within him Hell He brings, and round about him, nor from Hell One step, no more than from himself, can fly By change of place...
Strona 127 - he had fallen under the sensible displeasure of God, who had caused his rational soul gradually to perish, and left him only an animal life, in common with brutes...

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