Outlines of psychiatry

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Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Company, 1912 - 318

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Strona 96 - I do not love — I rather hate him." Then this feeling of hate is projected with the result "he hates (persecutes) me, which justifies my hating him." As a result, this feeling, appearing to come from an outer perception becomes " I really do not love him — I hate him — because he persecutes me.
Strona 304 - The test is passed even if the day of the month is as much as three days wrong. Children least often know the year. 4. The months of the year : Recited in order within 15 seconds.
Strona 301 - Do you see this key? Put it on that chair. Then shut the Fia 5. BINET TEST AGE VI. No 5. door. After that bring me the box that is on the chair. Remember, first the key on the chair, then close the door, then bring in the box. Do you understand? Well, then, go ahead.
Strona 309 - ... having a dot in each section. Once knowing the scheme, the letters may be left out and a cipher dispatch written by using for each letter the part of the diagram in which the letter is placed in the key. For example " war " would be written OUTLINES OF PSYCHIATRY Having made it perfectly clear, remove the key and have child write on back of record sheet, " Caught a spy,
Strona 276 - The dog would have nothing to do with him in his new hat and coat, but gave a mournful howl. Coaxing was of no effect, so the cowboy went away and donned his old garments, whereupon the dog immediately showed his wild joy on seeing his master, as he thought he ought to be.
Strona 103 - He is very impatient of delay, he cannot wait a minute for anything that he wants, and if it is not forthcoming on the instant, he flies into a rage. The course of the post is not expeditious enough for him. He sends his letters by telegraph, and his letters are extraordinarily numerous. They would be numerous in any case, but their number is doubled, and more than doubled, by the frequent changes of his mind, and by the impulsiveness with which he acts upon every passing whim. He determines to make...
Strona 66 - May 21st, 1907. Supt Wm. A. White I would like to have a talk with you about matters my papa advise me to do. How can I get to see you? will you come to see me or can I come to see you? I would like very much to see you Supt. Wm. A. White I am well but I want to see you so I can have a talk with you about matters that my papa advise me to do I am feeling all right now than I did some years ago but I would like to see you and have a talk with you about matters that my Papa advise me to do and I would...
Strona 238 - Hysteria is a form of mental depression characterized by the retraction of the field of personal consciousness and a tendency to the dissociation and emancipation of the system of ideas and functions that constitute personality.
Strona 228 - The traumatic defect conditions. a: Primary defects allied to aphasia. b: Secondary deterioration in connection with epilepsy. c : Terminal deterioration due to progressive alterations of the primarily injured parts, with or without arteriosclerosis.
Strona 282 - Porch— chair. Potatoes — fish. Glue — wood. Stone — earth. Street — house. Tea — sugar. 5. Have the subject repeat the following, and record exactly what he says: The alphabet. The names of the months. The days of the week. The names of the seasons. The Lord's prayer. 6. Examine the patient in regard to his memory of school subjects, especially geography and history. Which is the longest river in the US ? What is the capital of the US ? Name some of the most important countries in Europe....

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