A history of Irish affairs, from the 12th of October, 1779, to the 15th September, 1782, etc

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Strona 52 - That a claim of any body of men, other than the king, lords, and commons of Ireland to make laws to bind this kingdom, is unconstitutional, illegal, and a grievance.
Strona 69 - Britain, on which connexion the interests and happiness of both nations essentially depend ; but that the kingdom of Ireland is a distinct kingdom, with a Parliament of her own, the sole Legislature thereof.
Strona 57 - Wine at present in this kingdom, until such time as our exports shall be received in the kingdom of Portugal, as the manufactures of part of the British Empire...
Strona 133 - Legislature thereof. That there is no body of men competent to make laws to bind this nation except the King, Lords, and Commons of Ireland, nor any other Parliament which hath any authority or power of any sort whatsoever in this country, save only the Parliament of Ireland.
Strona 57 - That we hold the right of private judgment in matters of religion, to be equally sacred in others as in ourselves. Resolved therefore, That as men and as Irishmen, as Christians and as protestants, we rejoice in the relaxation of the penal laws against our Roman catholic fellow-subjects...
Strona 10 - Majesty that it is not by temporary expedients, but by a free trade alone, that this nation is now to be saved from impending ruin.
Strona 98 - That the ports of this country are, by right, open to all foreign countries, not at war with the king, and that any burden thereupon, or obstruction thereto, save only by the parliament of Ireland, are unconstitutional, illegal, and a grievance...
Strona 69 - To assure his majesty, that we humbly conceive that in this right the very essence of our liberties exists; a right, which we, on the part of all the people of Ireland, do claim as their birth-right, and which we cannot yield but with our lives.
Strona 55 - Ulster (eleven to be a quorum} be, and are hereby appointed, a committee till next general meeting, to act for the volunteer corps here represented, and, as occasion shall require, to call general meetings of that province. " Resolved unanimously, That said committee do appoint nine of their members to be a committee in Dublin, in order to communicate with such other volunteer associations in the other provinces as may think proper to come to similar resolutions, and to deliberate with them on the...
Strona 71 - And we beg leave to assure His Majesty, that we are the more confirmed in this hope, inasmuch as the people of this kingdom have never expressed a desire to share...

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