A lecture on the origin and reception of several important discoveries

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Strona 38 - For he who fights and runs away May live to fight another day ; But he who is in battle slain Can never rise and fight again.
Strona 14 - Christian, this vehement suspicion rightfully entertained towards me, with a sincere heart and unfeigned faith, I abjure, curse, and detest the said errors and heresies, and generally every other error and sect contrary to the...
Strona 12 - I was so persecuted with discussions arising from the publication of my theory of light, that I blamed my own imprudence for parting with so substantial a blessing as my quiet, to run after a shadow.
Strona 9 - However, though the power of gravity is not sensibly weakened in the little change of distance, at which we can place ourselves from the centre of the earth ; yet it is very possible that so high as the moon this power may differ much in strength from what it is here.
Strona 12 - Appealing to the imagination, and not to the reason of mankind, it was quickly received into popular favour, and the same causes which facilitated its introduction extended its influence, and completed its dominion over the human mind. In explaining all the movements of the heavenly bodies by a system * In writing to Flamstead, Newton requests from him the long diameters of the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn, that he " may see how the sea' yuiolteral proportion Jills the heavens.
Strona 44 - Nov. 10th; when it was proposed to ascertain whether she could read with her eyes closed. She was seated in a corner of the room, the lights were placed at a distance from her, and so screened as to leave her in almost entire darkness. In this situation she read with ease a great number of cards which were presented to her, some of which were written with a pencil, and so obscurely, that in a faint light no trace could be discerned by common eyes. She told the date of coins, even when the figures...
Strona 33 - From an early age he was given to observation, and was struck with the fact, that each of his brothers and sisters, companions in play, and schoolfellows, was distinguished from other individuals by some peculiarity of talent or disposition.
Strona 9 - As he sat alone in a garden, he fell into a speculation on the power of gravity : that as this power is not found sensibly diminished at the remotest distance from the centre of the earth to which» •we can rise, neither at the tops of the loftiest buildings, nor even on the summits of the highest mountains, it appeared to him reasonable to conclude that this power must extend much farther than was usually thought.
Strona 19 - My grandfather had one, who trudged two miles every Saturday to market, to cater for himself in the shambles. I know another more extraordinary and wellauthenticated example : A dog which had belonged to an Irishman, and was sold by him in England, would never touch a morsel of food upon a Friday ; the Irishman had made him as good a Catholic as he was himself.
Strona 18 - In a few weeks, however, she suddenly re-appeared among the herd, with ribs covered with flesh — eyes like a deer — skin sleek as a mole's — breath sweetly smelling of milk — saliva hanging in ringlets from her jaw ! Every day seemed to re-establish her health ; and the phenomenon was so striking, that the herdsman...

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