Maud and Other Poems

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‘Maud and Other Poems’ is a collection of eight poems, including the famous ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade.’

Through his works, Tennyson explores a range of subjects, such as love, death, marriage, regret, God, and war.

The title poem follows the narrator’s love for Maud, from its initial unsteadiness to its all-consuming passion. Tennyson’s poetic skills move the poem from wistful lament to hot-blooded action.

A superb read for fans of one of the greatest poets of all time.

One of the most popular and prolific poets of the Victorian age, Alfred Tennyson (1809 – 1892) was born in Lincolnshire. The son of a rector, he was one of 11 children. The size of the family meant that Tennyson was educated at a local grammar school in order to reduce expenditure. At the age of 18, Tennyson was accepted into Trinity College, Cambridge. There, he befriended the poet, Arthur Hallam, and was awarded the Chancellor’s Gold Medal for one of his earliest works, ‘Timbuktu’. During his career, Tennyson wrote over 100 poems, including ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’, ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, and ‘Crossing the Bar’.

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