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Tar'sus, the capital of Cilicia, in A. M.

Thessalonica, now Salonica, a city and s. p. of Mac.

Three Taverns, a place 30 miles from Rome.

Thyati'ra, now Akhiser, a t. of A. M.

Tiberias, now Tabaria, the capital of Galilee.
Trachoni'tis, a district of Pal.

Tro'as, a district of A. M.

Trogyllium, a t. of A. M.

Tyre, now Sur, a s. p. of Phenicia.
Zabulon, tribe of, a district of Pal.


THE several monies, weights, and measures mentioned by the sacred writers, were not all of Hebrew origin. Some of them were Greek, and others Roman, as these people in succession conquered the east; for with their government they introduced their coins and methods of policy. There is considerable difficulty in making accurate calculations respecting both coins and measures; and learned men differ in several particulars relating to them. The following tables have been prepared from the most judicious writers on the subject.


Copper Coin.

1. Mite, Mark xii. 42. it weighed half a barleycorn, and was in value about g of a farthing English

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2. Farthing, or quadrans, two mites, or about of our farthing..

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3. Assyrium, or ass, Matt. x. 29. the tenth part of a Roman penny, or about three farthings English

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Silver Money.

1. Gerah, Exod. xxx. 13. about

Penny, denarius, or drachma, Matt. xx. 2.
the fourth of a shekel..

3. Bekah, Exod. xxxviii. 6. half a shekel..
4. Shekel, Exod. xxx. 13. or silverling, Isa. vii.

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or stater, Matt. xvii. 27. was stamped on one side with Aaron's rod, and on the other with the pot of manna.

5. Maneh, mina, or pound, Luke xix. 13. fifty shekels

6. Talent, sixty manehs or pounds

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1. Finger, Jer. lii. 21. the breadth of a man's thumb, about

yds. ft. in.

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2. Handbreadth, Exod. xxv. 25. four fingers. 3. Span, Exod. xxviii. 16. three handbreadths 4. Cubit, Gen. vi. 15. two spans


5. Fathom, Acts xxvii. 28. four cubits..
6. Reed, Ezek. xl. 3—5. nearly eleven feet, or
7. Line, Ezek. xl. 3. eighty cubits, or.......
8. Furlong, or stadium, Luke xxiv. 13. a Greek


9. Mile, Matt. v. 41. eight furlongs. 10. Sabbath day's journey, Acts i. 12. a mile : some say two miles.

Liquid Measures.

1. Log, Lev. XIV. 10, equal to six egg-shells full 2. Hin, Exod. xxix. 4...

3. Bath, 1 Kings vii. 26. or firkin, John ii. 6. six hins

4. Cor, or homer, Ezek. xlv. 14. Isa. v. 10. the largest measure..

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Dry Measures.

1. Pot, or sextarius, Mark vii. 4.

2. Cab, 2 Kings, vi. 25. or chenix, Rev. vi. 6.
the measure of corn allowed to a slave for the
food of a day.

3. Omer, Exod. xvi. 36. or tenth-deal, ch.
xxix. 4. about..

4. Seah, Matt. xiii. 33. about

5. Ephah, or bath, Ezek. xlv. 11. about.

6. Homer, Numb. xi. 32. Hosea iii. 2...

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Referring to the principal Events recorded in the Holy
Scriptures, and including a Period of 4104 years.

The true date of the birth of Christ is four years earlier than
the common era, A. D. There are some differences in the
calculations of learned men respecting the dates of the
events in the two first periods or ages of the world, but not
such as in any manner to affect the truth of scripture.


From the Creation to the Deluge, containing 1656 years.

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Abel murdered by his brother

130 3874 Seth born, Adam, his father,

being 130 years old


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iv. 1.



v. 3.

622 3382

Enoch born

18, 19.

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From the Deluge to the call of Abraham, containing 427


1657 2347 Noah, with his family, leavesy the ark after the deluge, and sacrificing, he receives the covenant of safety, of which the rainbow was the token...

1770 2234 Babel built, the confusion of languages, and the dispersion of mankind

1771 2233 Nimrod lays the first foundation of the Babylonian or Assyrian monarchy....


1816 2188 Mizraim, the son of Ham, the

son of Noah, commences
the foundation of the Egyp-
tian monarchy.

1824 2180 The trials of the patriarch Job,

are by many placed about

this time.

Noah dies, aged 950 years...

2006 1998

2008 1996

Abram born..


Gen. viii. 18. 20

ix. 8--17

xi. 19.

x. 8-11.

ix. 28, 29.

xi. 26.

From the call of Abraham to the exodus of Israel from Egypt,

430 years.

2083 1921 Abram called from Chaldean

idolatry, in his 75th year.. Gen. xii.

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2147 1857

2168 1836

2182 1822

2244 1760

aged 127 years


Isaac marries Rebecca
Jacob and Esau born, Isaac

being 60 years old
Abraham dies, aged 175 years
Jacob goes to his uncle Laban

in Syria, and marries Rachel
and Leah, his daughters

2259 1745 Joseph born, Jacob being 90

years old..

Jacob returns to Canaan..
Joseph sold by his brethren to
be a slave

Joseph explains the dreams of
Pharaoh, and is made gover-
nor of Egypt.

Joseph's brethren and father
settle in Egypt..

2255 1739

2276 1728

2289 1715

2298 1706

2315 1689

2369 1635

2430 1574
2433 1571

Moses born

2473 1531

2513 1491

Jacob foretells the coming of
Messiah, and dies in Egypt
aged 147 years
Joseph dies, aged 110 years

Aaron born

Moses flees into Midian..
Moses commissioned by God
to deliver Israel..

Gen. xvii.-xix.



Heb. xi. 17-19.

James ii. 21.

Gen. xxiii. 1.


xxv. 26.

7, 8.


Xxx. 23, 24.

xxxi. xxxii.



xliii. xlvi.



Exod,vi.20. vii.7.
ii. 1-10.



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