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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845, by WILLIAM D. SWAN,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.




THIS Volume

- the concluding one of the series consists of selections for reading, in prose and verse, exercises in articulation, pauses, inflections of the voice, &c., with such rules and suggestions as are deemed useful to the learner. It is designed for the highest classes in Public and Private Schools.

The reading lessons, consisting of descriptive, narrative, dramatic, and didactic pieces, contain just moral sentiments, and present such varieties of style as are necessary to teach good reading. Some slight alterations have, in a few instances, been made, to adapt them to the design of the work.

The exercises in articulation are nearly similar to those contained in the compiler's series of Primary and Grammar School Readers. The importance of this branch of instruction is fully shown in those works. If proper attention be bestowed upon it at the earliest period of instruction, when the organs of speech are flexible and habits are easily formed, we shall hardly fail to lay the foundation of accurate and impressive reading.

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The rules and exercises are selected principally from Walker's Rhetorical Grammar. But few have been inserted, and such only as will be easily understood and reduced to practice by the learner. The pauses, inflections of the voice, and the proper emphasis to be used in reading, have not been designated by marks in the reading lessons. These must be left to the taste and judgment of the teacher. The best method for teaching children to use the proper inflections in reading, is to enable them to understand what they read. If they fail in this, all the rules and exercises in the world will avail them nothing.

To the Teachers of Public Schools throughout the United States this work is respectfully dedicated, by their fellow-laborer,

BOSTON, August, 1845.


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73. On the Improvement in the Construction of School-


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