Diary and Letters: 1781-1786

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H. Colburn, 1842
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Strona 281 - I prized every hour that went by, Beyond all that had pleased me before ; But now they are past, and I sigh, And I grieve that I prized them no more.
Strona 164 - True wit is nature to advantage dress'd ; What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd ; Something, whose truth convinc'd at sight we find, That gives us back the image of our mind.
Strona 407 - In the third place, you must not, upon any account, stir either hand or foot. If, by chance, a black pin runs into your head, you must not take it out. If the pain is very great, you must be sure to bear it without wincing; if it brings the tears into your eyes, you must not wipe them off ; if they give you a tingling by running down your cheeks, you must look as if nothing was the matter.
Strona 407 - If, however, the agony is very great, you may, privately, bite the inside of your cheek, or of your lips, for a little relief; taking care, meanwhile, to do it so cautiously as to make no apparent dent outwardly.
Strona 339 - This day was the ever-honoured, everlamented Dr. Johnson committed to the earth. Oh, how sad a day to me ! My father attended, and so did Charles. I could not keep my eyes dry all day; nor can I now, in the recollecting it; but let me pass over what to mourn is now so vain...
Strona 155 - ... was an espy ; for I look away from him, and in a moment I look to him again, and I behold his tablets. Oh ! he was to the work of writing down all I say ! Indeed I was angry. But soon I discover he was no impostor and no espy ; and I only find I was myself the monster he had come to discern. Oh, — is a very good man ! I love him indeed ; so cheerful ! so gay ! so pleasant ! but at the first, oh ! I was indeed angry.
Strona 49 - This speech, which she made with great spirit and dignity, had an admirable effect: every body was silenced. Mr Cator, thus interrupted in the midst of his proposition, looked quite amazed; Mr Pepys was much gratified by the interference; and Dr Johnson, after a pause, said 'Well, Madam, you shall hear no more of it: yet I will defend myself in every part, and in every atom!
Strona 372 - Yes, sir,' he bowed, and with a countenance of the most perfect good humour, came close up to me. A most profound reverence on my part arrested the progress of my intended retreat. 'How long have you been come back, Miss Burney?
Strona 295 - I went to Dr. Johnson, and spent the evening with him. He was very indifferent, indeed. There were some very disagreeable people with him ; and he once affected me very much, by turning suddenly to me, and grasping my hand, and saying, " The blister I have tried for my breath has betrayed some very bad tokens ; but I will not terrify myself by talking of them : ah, priez Dieu pour moi...
Strona 163 - ... joined Dr. Johnson, with whom he entered into an argument upon some lines of Gray, and upon Pope's definition of wit, in which he was so roughly confuted, and so severely ridiculed, that he was hurt and piqued beyond all power of disguise, and, in the midst of the discourse, suddenly turned from him, and, wishing Mrs. Thrale good-night, very abruptly withdrew.

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