John Cassell's illustrated history of England. The text, to the reign of Edward i by J.F. Smith; and from that period by W. Howitt, Tom 6

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Strona 267 - Captains are to look to their particular line as their rallying point. But, in case signals can neither be seen or perfectly understood, no captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy.
Strona 172 - There is no if in the case," replied the Admiral : " that we shall succeed, is certain : who may live to tell the story is a very different question.
Strona 339 - Augustina sprung forward over the dead and dying, snatched a match from the hand of a dead artilleryman, and fired off a six-and-twenty pounder; then, jumping upon the gun, made a solemn vow never to quit it alive during the siege.
Strona 267 - ... command) that the order of sailing is to be the order of battle, placing the fleet in two lines of sixteen ships each, with an advanced squadron of eight of the fastest sailing two-decked ships, which will always make, if wanted, a line of twenty-four sail, on whichever line the commander-in-chief may direct.
Strona 502 - PIECES OF CANNON, with their ammunition, which fell into our hands. I continued the pursuit till long after dark, and then discontinued it, only on account of the fatigue of our troops, who had been engaged during twelve hours, and because I found myself on the same road with Marshal...
Strona 243 - ... consciences ? I consider it as no disgrace to make the first step. I have, I hope, sufficiently proved to the world, that I fear none of the chances of war : it, besides, presents nothing that I need to fear.
Strona 53 - Santerre, accompanied by seven or eight municipal officers, entered at the head of ten soldiers, and drew them up in two lines. At this movement, the King came out of his closet, and said to Santerre, ' You are come for me ?' — ' Yes,
Strona 224 - Keston," with the younger Pitt, his friend William Wilberforce, whose position as a representative of the evangelical party gave weight to his advocacy of such a cause, resolved to bring in a bill for the abolition of the slave trade.
Strona 363 - ... of every beast in the country ought to be directed, the bravery of the soldiers, their losses and their success will only make matters worse and increase our embarrassment and distress. ' I positively will not move, nay more, I will disperse my army, till I am supplied with provisions and means of transport as I ought to be.
Strona 99 - A government in every country should be just like a corporation ; and in this country, it is made up of the landed interest, which alone has a right to be represented...

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