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i. Sigar episcopus : ii. Byrhthelm episcopus . iii. Cyneperd episcopus. ïïïi. Cynsige episcopus.

v. Ælfpine episcopus. vi. Byrhtpig 3 episcopus.



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1 Here a note in Astle's handwriting : “Eadnoth was Bishop of Crediton from A.D. 1014 to 1032." Dr. Stubbs finds the first signature of Eadnoth in A.D. 1012, and the last in A.D. 1019.

2 1.e., of Wells, co. Somerset.

3 Dr. Stubbs' list, probably founded on Cotton MS., Tiberius B.V., f. 216., differs considerably from this. Brihtwin's first signature is given in A.D. 1018. of Hampshire, ob. A.D. 971.

of the East Angles, A.D. 975. 6 of the Northumbrians, A. D. 966. or of the South Saxons, A.D. 680. 7 An Alfric dux was killed in the battle of Assandun, A.D. 1016.

xiii. Eadpine dux.
xiiii. pured dux,

xv. Godpine 2 dux.

i. Æbelgeard préng. 3
ii. Mann minister.
iii. Mired minister.
jjii. Pulfsige minister.

V. Ælfsige minister.
vi. Ælfpine minister .
vii. Ælfpeard minister.
viii. Byrhsige minister.
ix. Pynsige minister.
X. Ælfric niger.
xi. Leofpine filius ejus .
xii. Ælfpeard dudd.
xiii. Ordnop minister.
xiiii. Byrhtric minister.
xv. Dulfstan minister.

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PETRI APOSTOLI DEO INIBI SERVIENTIUM . i. Domnus Beatę memorię pater Apeluuoldus . ponti.

ficii infula Deo sublimante nobiliter insignitus .
totius huius sancti templi siinul ac monasterii 25
uigilantissimus renouator et instructor . pri-
musque domini opitulante gratia . huius sacre
monachorum familię propagator atque defensor.
Cuius depositionis memoria . prima kalen-
darum augustarum die 4 . cum ueneratione 30

annuatim recolitur.
1 of the Southsaxons, ob. A.D. 982, buried at Abingdon.

: Dux, comes Cantiæ, Suthsaxonum, et Westsaxonum, A.D. 1019; 06. at Winchester, A.D. 1053.

3 A name of which we have an earlier example in Eadbryght Praen, King of Kent A.D. 794-796.

+ Ethelwold I, Bishop of Winchester, 06. 1 August, A.D. 984.

ii. Domnus quoque successor ipsius aeque uenerabilis

Ælfheah . eius exempla imitando . sanctę huius ecclesiae constructioni simul et decori uigilanter

insistens. ipsamque diversis ornatibus diligenter p. 25.)

adtollens . episcopalii huic cathedrę . xiiii . 5
kalendarum nouembrium die presul ordinatus .
et ad illam honorifice. v. kalendarum earundem
die perductus . ejusque hodie Christo auctore

prae est.
iii. Ælfstan 8 episcopus Piltuniensis ecclesiae. 10
iiii. Sidemann+episcopus Cridiensis ecclesię.

v. Ælfnog 5 episcopus Dorcensis ecclesię.
vi. Æbelsige 6 episcopus Scirburnensis ecclesie.
vii. Pulfgar7 episcopus Piltuniensis ecclesię.
viii. Ælfstan 8 episcopus Hrofensis ecclesię.
viiii. Ælfheah' episcopus Licetfeldensis ecclesie .

X. Æscpig 10 episcopus Dorcensis ecclesię.
xi. Abulf 11 episcopus.
xii. Sigar 12 episcopus Pyllunnensis ecclesię.

1 A.D. 984 ..."and seo halgung bees æfterfilgendum bisceopes Ælfheages . se be ofran naman pæs geciged Godpine . pæs. xiiii . kal'. Novembris , and he gefæt bone bisceop-stol an þara tpegra apostola mæsse-dæg . Simonis and Judæ . [v. kal. Novembr, or 28 October,] on Pintanceastre. "-A. S. Chr, ad an.

3 This paragraph must have been written before 19 April, 1012, the date of Ælfheah's death. It indicates the date of the first handwriting or original text of this MS.

3 Ælfstan, Bishop of Ramsbury, ob. A. D. 981.

Sideman, Bishop of Crediton, ob. 30 April, 977. 5 Eadnoth, Bishop of Dorchester, circ. A.D. 975. 6 Ethelsi, Bishop of Sherborne, circ. A.D. 978-990. 7 Wlgar, Bishop of Ramsbury, circ. A.D. 981–984. 8 Elfstan, Bishop of Rochester, ob. circ. A.D. 995. 9 Ælf heah, Bishop of Lichfield, ob. circ. A.D. 1002. 10 Escwy, Bishop of Rochester, ob. circ. A.D. 1002. 11 Athulf, Bishop of Hereford, A.D. 973-1012. 12 Sigar, Bishop of Wells, A. D. 975--995.


xiii. Domnus abba Uuomarus ?. Qui olim c'o'enobio

GENT prelatus , hanc devotus adiit gentem.
huiusque se familię precibus humillime

5 xiiii. Osgar? abbas . Abbandoniensis c'o'enobii .

xv. Germanus 3 abbas. Ramensis coenobii. xvi. Beorhtnoð 4 abbas . Elgensis coenobii.

xvii. Byrhteah 5 abbas. xviii. Alfpoldo abbas. xviiii. Apelbold? abbas.

xx. Godemann 8 abbas , : Thorneie 9 xxi. Ealdpig

Sacerdos h!! xxii. Ælfpine . i. Sacerdos. xxiii. Eadpine

Sacerdos. 15 xxiiii. Æbelmær

Leuita. xxv. Ælfgar . i. Sacerdos. xxvi. Lyfingc.i. Caluus Sacerdos . xxvii. Osulf

Monachus. xxviii. Goda

Sacerdos. xxix. Oda


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20 5

1 A.D. 981. “And on bam ylcan geare forferde Pomær. abbod on Gent,” A. S. Chron., ad an., wrongly translated by the Editors of the Mon. Hist. Brit. at Ghent."

a ob. viii . kal. Jun., probably A. D. 984, MS. Cott. Titus D. xxvii, f. 56.

8 Occurs in A. D. 993, 995, Kemble, Cod. Dipl., Nos. DCLXXXIV and MCCLXXXIX.

+ Brihtnoð, Abbot of Ely, occurs in the A. S. Chr. in 963. “Ob. ii. id. Mai . Brithnodus primus abbas hujus ecclesiæ . "-Ancient Calendar in the Historia Eliensis, Irin. Coll. Cantab. MS. O. 2. I.

B Occurs in A. D. 970, 972, 974; Kemble, Cod. Dipl., Nos. MCCLXX, DLXX, DLXXIV. DLxxxv. Hoare, Registr. Wiltun., p. 50 (Erihteah). Brihteh, Abbot of Pershore, occurs A.D. 1032—1038. Dugd. Mon. Angl.

6 There are several Abbots with this name about this period. ? I have not been able to identify this Abbot.

8 Appointed circ. A.D. 968. Occurs in A.D. 993. in Kemble, Cod. Dipl, No. DLXXXIV ; and Godman also later, to 1012, ib. MCCCVII, but perhaps not the same man.

9 This word in a later handwriting.


xxx. Dulfric Aurifex Leuita .
xxxi. Pulfstan. i . Cantor Sacerdos h'.1
xxxii. Alquinus

xxxiii. Ælfheah Cellerarius.
xxxiiii. Ælfsige . i. Sacerdos.
xxxv. Beornpig

xxxvi. Bryhtelm Aurifex.
xxxvii. Ælfpeard .i. Sacerdos.
xxxviii. Pulfhelm

xxxix. Æbelsige. i. Puer.
xl. þrudgar

xli. Eadpeard

Sacerdos. xlii. Godpine .i. Sacerdos. xliii. Ælfpig

Leuita. xliiii. Æbelpig

Leuita. xlv. Lyfingc

xlvi. Æbelnog

xlvii. Godpine. ii. decanus. Sacerdos h'.1
xlviii. Godemann.i. Sacerdos.
xlix. Leofsige . i . . Sacerdos .
1. Eadpold

li. Alfpold

Sacerdos. lii. Æbelpeard Sacerdos. liii. Pilstan

Sacerdos. liiii. Pulfsige

Monachus. lv. Æbelpeard

uestiarius. Ivi. Cynepine

Sacerdos. lvii. Eadsige

Monachus. lviii. Eadric

lix. Ælfred

Ix. Byrnelm

Ixi. Landferð


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1 This word in a later handwriting, on the outer margin.

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