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written in another wise concerning my inheritance, when I had more money and more kinsmen, and had entrusted the writings to many men, and with this same witness they were written; but now I have burned those old ones that I could discover. If any of them be found, it stands for naught, for I will that it be now thus, with the aid of God And I will that the men who have the lands, fulfil the words which stand in my father's testament, as they best may. And I will if to any man I have not paid any money, that my kinsmen at all events pay it. And I will that the men to whom I have bequeathed my bôclands, give them not from my kin, after their day ; but I will that after their day it go to the next of kin to me, unless any of them have children ; then it is to me most desirable that it go to the one begotten on the male side, while there shall be any worthy of it. My grandfather had bequeathed his lands to the spear-side not to the spindle-side ; now if I have given to any female hand what he acquired, then let my kinsmen make compensation ; and let them, if they will have it in their lifetime; if it be otherwise let it go after their day, so as we had before spoken. I say that they should make compensation, because they succeed to that of mine which I may give either to the female hand or to the male hand, whichsoever I will. And I pray in the name of God and His Saints, that no one of my kinsmen or heirs oppress any dependent of those for whom I have paid, and the West Saxons' “ Witan" have rightfully adjudged to me, so that I may let them be either free or servile, whichever I will; but I for love of God, and for my soul's need will that they be entitled to their freedom and their choice ; and in the name of the living God, I command that no man oppress them either by exaction of money, or by anything, so that they may not choose such

man (lord) as they will. And I will that there be given to the convent at Damerhamtheir charters, and their liberty to choose such hand (lord) as may be most desirable to them, for me and for Ælfæd, and for the friends for whom she has interceded, and I intercede. And for my soul's need, let there be provided in living cattle, as it may be, and also as it may be becoming, and as ye may be willing to give me.



Grant by King Eadweard the Elder to Newminster, of of land at Micheldever, co. Hants. A.D. 900 for 901.

* Omnipotentia divinæ maiestatis ubique presidente . et sine fine cuncta gubernante; Ego EADVUEARDUS . ipso largiente rex Anglorum cunctis gentis nostræ fidelibus innotesco quod pro salute anime meae quendam fundum quem indigene . MYCELDEFER , appellant , centum cassatorum quantitatem continentem benigne confero MONASTERIO Sanctæ trinitatis quod UUENTANA situm est civitate Nouumque appellatur ; Huic autem libertati fautores et consiliarii mei fuerunt duces . et magnates qui me ad hanc largitatem incitauerunt. Qui etiam omnes unanimiter constituerunt ut donatio ista firma in æternum permaneat Neque a quolibet seu superiore vel inferiore commutetur. Et quisquis uiolare presumpserit excommunicetur a societate Dei et sanctorum ejus. Proinde sit terra predicta ab omni seruitio mundana semper libera exceptis tribus causis , hoc est expeditione et pontis arcisue constructione ; Limites autem que et superdictam pertinent terram subsequens manifestat stilus Anglicus hoc modo ;

i Co. Wilts.

Đis syndon ba land gemera to Myceldefer. Erest on hafoc hlinc $ spa Jlang herpaðes on 'ecgulfes treop . bonne Ilang herpades of myceldefer . bonne Jlang myceldefer . bonne of myceldefer to tam pole . bonne of fam pole to næsan byrig. ponne of næsan byrig to pæter hlince. bonne of pæter hlince to stapola Porne . bonne of stapola Porne to horgan pege. Sonne of horgan pege. to forsæðan pylle . Ponne of forsæðan pylle to dyddan þorne . Honne of fyddan þorne to tettan grafe . bonne of tettan grafe to ceortes beorge . bonne of ceortes beorge to cleara flode . ponne of cleara flode Jlang stræte on herpes ham . bonne of herpes ham to lin leage . Honne of lin leage to bulloces sole . Honne of bulloces sole to ticces ham . bonne ofer Pone feld to bearcelea . bonne of bearcelea ford on æp lea . ponne of æp lea spa ford on hean hangran ħ ofer done feld on kendefer . bonne ylang kendefer on duddan dune . bonne Jlang streames to brocenan beorge. Of brocenan beorge Innan fa rode on beaga lea . of Hære rode on midde peardan peard hangran. Of peard hangran spa forð on papan holt suðepeardne . bonne on tæt gemot hus . bonne ofer rupan dune ß æft on hafoc hlinc ;

pis syndon da land gemæra to Cramburnan ; Ærest on myceldeferes stream fornangean tone cyric stede on pynsiges tune Jlang streames on paddan ige . of paddan ige. Jlang streames on tone blacan pól . Of Pam blacan pole . on hpelpes dell . of hpelpes delle on Yone burnan . of Sam burnan nord ylang peges on tuccinge pege. of tuccinge pege . Jlang peges on greatan díc. of greatan díc on rupan beorh . of rupan beorge þurd bone puda on cealc grafan Ilang pades on frigedæg. Of frigedæge on horpeges nord ende . Of horpeges nord ende jlang peges eastpeard on Pone smalan pæd. Of dam smalan pæde ut furh cealc grafas on Pone readan pyll . Of dam readan pylle ylang fyr innan greatan díc on þæt smale dell . Of Pam smalan delle út to lytlan dune on 8æs hundes hylle. Of Sæs hundes hylle Jlang peges on cram mere . Of cram mere Jlang peges on nannes mannes land . Of nannes mannes lande Jlang peges eft innan myceldefer ;

pis syndon ta land gemæra to cuðredes hricge. Ærest of fam readan clife . in to bican forda Jlang peges to pinter burnan . of pinter burnan on fa fearnigan hylle . of Yære fearnigan hylle ut on mattuces feld. Of mattuces felda up to tam garan on þæt typslede treop . Of Pam tpysledan treope to tam more . j ofer done mor be eastan Pan more on brom burnan . Jlang brom burnan to syle forda . of syle forda eft to bican forda ;

Đis syndon ha land gemera to deorleage . Erest on cysle burnan innan hamele þær cysle burnan ærest ingæð. up Jlang cysle burnan to pifeles stigele . of pifeles stigele on þæt read leafe treop. of Pam read leafan treope on Yone ealdan stocc . of 8am stocce be pestan burnan on pone grenan peg . of dam grenan pege Jlang Hæs smalan pades to cnollgete . Of cnollgete on þæt hpite treop . Of pam hpitan treope on Hæt nord healde treop . of Pam nord healdan treope . to cuntan heale . of cuntan heale on Pone lytlan pyll . of Pam lytlan pylle forð ofer beorh holt on da langan byrce . of Hære langan byrce innan pohburnan . Jlang pohburnan to stapol forda , up of stapol forda to apelpican of apelpican into fam holan more . Jlang Væs holan mores innan hamele ylang hamele þær cysle burnan gæd into hamele ;

Pis syndon da land gemæra to rige leage. Ærest on seaxea sead. of seaxe seade on pone holan æsc . of Pam holan æsce on trinde leage , of trinde leage on fæstan éc . of fasten éc on eadulfes hamm . of eadulfes hamme on 8a readan díc. of Sære readan díc on pa leage . of Jære leage on bær heal . of bær heale , on tæppe leage . of tæppe leage eft on seaxesead;

In nomine Jhesu christi . Pis syndon Særa syx hida gemæra æt kendefer . Primitus , fram færa burn stope . to Ham stan cistele . Ac deinde , on one greatan porn . Indeque . on bican hyrste to puda . Sic deinceps , to rupan beorge . Illincque to dam pidan herpade . Sicque promtim . tó beofan stane to nord sceate to puda . , Purh done puda inn on pidan dæll middeperd . Ex hoc . ut furh tigel hangran . et de post út furh trindlea , spa jlang 8æs smalan peges to bucgan oran on a miclan dic. Sic denique ylang dúne on pest healfe to Hære burn stope de pe ær on fruman nemdan ; y 8a seofan hida æt pordige hyrað to bam hund hidan to myceldefer . eall spa 8a land gemæra hit on butan belicgceat. J an per on ycenany healf þæt hpite clif y ses syðemyste mylen on pinteceastre binnan pealle ;

C[elebratja est igitur hec regalis institutio in pago qui dicitur Hamtun. Anno dominicæ incarnationis . DCCCC . Indictione (quarta . sub] testimonio et auctoritate gentis Nostrae principum quorum vocabulo hic cernuntur .

» Ego EadpJeard Rex. [ Ego Plego]mund bisceop. * Ego Eadgar bisceop . [7 Ego Ædel]peard filius Regis. Ego Pimund bisceop. [ Ego Den]ulf bisceop. Ego Beornelm abbas. [4 Ego Pi]ferð bisceop . * Pihtbrord minister. * Ego Dulfsige bisceop . * Deormod minister. * Ego Asser bisceop .

Beorhtsie minister. Ego Pighelm bisceop. Occa minister. * Ego Ceolmund bisceop. * Ædelstan minister.

1 Southampton, co. Hants.

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