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Mahalda .

Rogerus . Hathewisa . Barlez . Gunnilda 7 fit. Johannes Ema. Mabilia . Aliz. Iacob. Æditha. Radulphus . Ricardus . Rois. Henricus . Helewis, Willelmus . Reginaldus. Edith. Hugo. Rogerus. Luuofa. Reginaldus . Eldit. Alanus. Willelmus . Christina . Reginaldus. Aliz . Radulphus . Edricus . Mactildis . Gaufredus . Auicia.

... Mahalda . Robertus . Aliz. Robertus . Albereda. Gunnilda . Mahalda . Robertus . Agnes . .... da Ricardus . Wluofa. Editha . Alanus . Radulphus . Rical. Amicia. Isabel . Robertus . Sehild.

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Basilia . Isabel . Æditha. Johannes Agnes Adam . Editha. Johannes . Agnes . Ema.

Walterus .
Seuuia .
Willelmus .
Willelmus .
Cecilia .
Johannes .
Petrus .
Walterus .
Nicolaus .
Christina .
Johannes .
Willelmus .

Æwinus .
Ricardus .
Osbertus .
Juliana .
Osbertus .
Aluofa .
Mabilia .
Henricus .

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(LIST OF RELICS.] 100) $ De uestimento SANCTE MARię .

7 De uestimento Sancti Petri .
De barba Sancti Cuthberti. 7 de uestimento eius.
Brachium Sancti Stephani prothomartyris .
Brachium Sancti Vincentii & leuite 7 Martyris .

25 5

1 At the foot of the page several names have been partially cut away by a binder.

2 Bishop of Lindisfarne, 26 Mar., A.D. 685—20 Mar., A. D. 687.

8 Archdeacon of Saragossa, martyred under Diocletian. His relics were famous. For the arm, see “ Narratio translationis brachii" in Acta Sanct. orun, 22 Jan., ii, pp. 413, 414. He occurs again lower down in this list.

Brach[ium] Sancti Victoris Martyris .
Brachium Sancti Benedictio abbatis .
Dens Sancti Simeonis : qui stetit iuxta column[am].
Reliquæ Sancti Acc'h'ę. episcopi .
Reliquie Sancti Boiselli 6 episcopi .
De monte Oliueti ubi dominus orauit ad patr[em].
De Sancta Felicitate 6.
De stola Sancti Petri Apostoli .
Reliquiæ Sanctæ Edburge? Virginis .
Reliquiæ Sancti Wilfridi 8 episcopi .
De Sepulcro SANCTE MARIE .
De presepe domini .
De monte Sion.
De sepulchro Lazari .
Dens Sancti Erasmi o episcopi .
Reliquie Sanctorum Dionisii 10. Rustici . 7 Eleutherii .
Reliquię Sancti Christofori 11,

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1 There are many Saints of this name; it would be impossible to identify the one in question.

3 Possibly the illustrious Benedict of Nursia, whose life was written by Pope Gregory the Great. But Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth, ob. A.D. 703, co. Durh., may be more likely, as there are several north country saints whose relics are included in this list.

3 St. Simeon Stylites, Senior, ob. A.D. 460; or Junior, ob. A.D. 596.

*St. Acca, Bishop of Hexham, in Northumberland, A.D. 709, deposed in A. D. 732 or 733; ob. 20 Oct., A. D. 740. He occurs again lower down in this list.

6 Bosel, Bishop of Worcester, A. D. 680, resigned A. D. 69r. & St. Felicitas of Padua, eleventh century. “ Deo devota."

7 Eadburga, nun of Wilton, ob. circa A.D. 985; or Eadburga, daughter of King Edward, ob. circa A. D. 860.

8 St. Wilfrid, of York, A.D. 669-678, 686-692; Leicester, A.D. 692; and Hexham, A. D. 705 ; ob. 12 Oct., A. D. 709.

St. Erasmus, Bishop of Antioch ; see Vita et passio ejus sub Dioclet, et Maxim. scripta a Joh. Caietano, Romæ, 1638 ; and Act. ss. Bolland, 18 Jun., iii, p. 586.

10 Of Paris. See Acta S. Dionysii episcopi, Rustici Presbyteri, et Eleutherii diaconi, martyrum circa an. 286 Parisiis, in Act. SS. Bolland, 9 Oct., iv, p. 925; and, in respect of their remains, De detectione corporum SS. D. R. et E. quæ jussu Henrici I regis Franc. facta est an. 1050, ad confutandam Germanorum .... assertionem. Duchesne, Hist. Franc., scr. iv, p. 157.

u See Vita S. Christophori mart. forte in Lycia sub Decio, by Walther, subdeacon of Spires in Pez, Thesaur, Anecdot., ü, 3, p. 27, and other lives.

De uestim[ento] Sancte Radegundis 1. Virginis .
De sepulchro domini ..
Reliquię Sancti Vincentii ? , Sancti Grimbaldi S.
De monte Cal[ua]ria , locus ubi crucifixus est dominus .
Reliquię Sanctorum Crisanti 7 Darię 4.
De spongia domini nostri Ih[esu Christi .]
Reliquię Sancti Machuti episcopi 5.
Reliquię Sancti Leufredi abbatis 6.
De Sancto Y polito martyre?.
Reliquię Sancti Natalis 8 confessoris 7.... centis . 10
De Sancto Meloro' Martyre.
De sepulchro Sancti Stephani .
De culmine Ierosolimitanę ecclesię.
Reliquię Sancti Frideberti 10 episcopi .
Reliquię Sancti Acchę 11 uenerabilis episcopi qui fuit 15

filius sororis Sancti Wilfridi 19. De monte Sinai .

1 Queen of France and Thuringia, afterwards nun of Poictou, ob. A.D. 587.

? Probably St. Vincent, Levite and martyr, Archdeacon of Saragossa, martyred under Diocletian. His reliques were translated, see Acta SS. Bolland, 22 Jan., vol. ii, pp. 406, 413.

3 See p. 5.

4 Martyred circ. A.D. 283. Their Greek and Latin lives, A. S. Boll., 25 Oct., vol. ix, pp. 467-488. For translation of relics from Rome to Gaul, see Mabillon, Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened., sæc. iv, 1, pp. 611-615.

6 Celebrated on 15 Nov, as St. Maclou, Bishop of Aleth or St. Malo, born at Llancarvan in co. Glamorgan, ob. A.D. 565.

6 or Leutfridus, abb. Madriacensis in Evreux, ob. A.D. 738. For translation of relics, see Mabillon, 1, sæc. iii, pp. 593-4.

7 Probably Hippolyte, bishop and martyr about the middle of the third century, "in portu Romano."

8 Cf. the acts of S. Natalis presbiter Casali' in Liguria, A. S. Boll., 21 Aug., v, p. 410. He is of the third or eighth century.

Capgrave wrote the life of St. Melorus the English martyr, ob. circ. A. D. 411. See A. S. Boll., 3 Jan., i, p. 136.

10 Frithbert, also called Friudubert, Frithubert, Friothubert, etc., Bishop of Hexham, 8 Sept., A.D. 734, ob. 23 Dec., A.D. 766.

11 Acca, "cantator peritissimus," Bishop of Hexham, A.D. 709, deposed A.D. 732, 233. ob. 20 Oct., A.D. 740. For a curious account of his relics and miracles, see Sim. Dunelm, ad an. 740.

12 Archbishop of York, ob. A.D. 709.

Reliquię Sanctorum Cosmę? , Damiani martyrum .
Reliquię . xlts. militum qui passi sunt pro pred[icatione.]
Reliquię de Sancto Stephano 3.
Reliquig de Sancto Laurentio 4.
Reliquię de Sancto Sebastiano ó.
Reliquie de Sancto Pancrastio.]
Reliquię de Sancto Abundio? Martyre .
De uestimento Sancte MARIę matris domini .
De Sancto Antonio 8.
De lapside) ubi dominus fuit flagellatus.
De corona domini 10.
De ligno domini 11.
De barba Sancti Pe[tri] apostoli .
Reliquię Sancti Stephani 3.
Reliquię Sanctorum Fabiani 13 et Sebastiani Martyrum. 15
De uestimento Sancti Petri ....


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1 For the acts of SS. Cosmas, Damian, and others, A.D. 297, in Cilicia, see A. S. Boll., 27 Sept., vii, pp. 469, 471, 473, and Frid. Boerner, de Cosme, 1751, 4to.

3 Cl. :-"De martyribus XL militibus Romae via Lauicana," circ. A.D. 262. A. S. Boll., 13 Jan., 1, p. 766.


3 At Mount Sion was the tomb of St. Stephen in which his body was deposited after translation from Caphar Gamala in A.D. 415, until its removal to Rome, G. F. Warner, The Buke of John Mendeuill (Roxb. Club), 1889, p. 182.

4 The archdeacon and martyr of Rome, A.D. 258. See A. S. Boll. 10 Aug.. ii, p. 518; concerning his relics, see the works of Ludovicus, sen., and Reinerus, Monachi Leod., in Pez, Thesaur. Anecdot., vol. iv.

5 Martyr of Rome, circ. A.D. 287. Cf. Alex. Salvoneus, de reliquiis S. Sebastiani in A. S. Boll., 20 Jan., ii, p. 295.

6 Martyr, 12 May, A.D. 293 or 304.

7 Abundius and Irenæus, martyrs of Rome, under the Emperor Valerian. A. S. Boll., 26 Aug., V, p. 791, from a MS. at Utrecht.

8 Probably St. Anthony the Great, abbot in the Thebaid, ob. A.D. 356, d. S. Boll., 17 Jan., ii, p. 120; his translation, ib., p. 148.

9" Fast by the mount of Caluary, at the rizt syde, es ane awter, whare the piler lyes to the whilk oure Lord was bounden, when he was scourged." Warner's Mandeuill, p. 39, and note, p. 179.

10 For a full note to the Crown of Thorns, reputed to have been preserved at Constantinople, and presented by the Emperor Baldwin to St. Louis in A.D. 1239 or 1241, see Warner's Mandeuill, p. 158, col. 2.

11 See ib., 1.c.

12 Perhaps for Fabian and Sabinian. Sicilian martyrs, see 1. S. Boll., 25 Jan., ii, p. 618.

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