Weird Sports and Wacky Games around the World: From Buzkashi to Zorbing: From Buzkashi to Zorbing

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ABC-CLIO, 28 kwi 2015 - 369

Weird Sports and Wacky Games around the World: From Buzkashi to Zorbing focuses on what many would consider abnormal activities from across the globe. Spanning subjects that include individual games, team sports, games for men and women, and contests involving animal competitors, there is something for every reader. Whether researching a particular country or region's traditions or wanting an interesting read for pleasure, this book offers an array of uses and benefits.

Though the book focuses on games and sporting activities, the examination of these topics gives readers insight into unfamiliar places and peoples through their recreation—an essential part of the human experience that occurs in all cultures. Such activities are not only embedded in everyday life but also indelibly interconnected with social customs, war, politics, commerce, education, and national identity, making the whimsical topic of the book an appealing gateway to insightful, highly relevant information.


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Victoria Williams, PhD, is an independent writer and researcher who has contributed to several ABC-CLIO encyclopedias.

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