The Chemist ; Or, Reporter of Chemical Discoveries and Improvements, Tom 1

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1840-45., 1840

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Strona 83 - Moved by Mr. Herring, seconded by Mr. Farmar, and resolved, " That the best thanks of this meeting be given to the chairman, for the official performance of his duties.
Strona 37 - The heat in the immediate adjacency is intolerable, and you are drenched by the vapour, which impregnates the atmosphere with a strong and somewhat sulphurous smell. The whole scene is one of terrible violence and confusion — the noisy outbreak of the boiling...
Strona 305 - Having thus described the nature of my invention, and the manner of performing the same, I would have it understood that what I claim is the mode herein...
Strona 40 - This is no doubt the proper dose to begin the exhibition of arsenic with; but it will be very soon necessary to increase it. The division into draughts is here necessary: first, to insure accuracy of the dose, so essential in the case of this active medicine: and next, to prevent injury to the ingredients by the use of a metallic spoon as a measure — the general way in which, unfortunately, the dose of a medicine is determined.
Strona 74 - ... the very locality from which some of the first waters which I examined were taken, and nothing more is wanting to identify the cause of the rapid decay of the ship's copper with that of the mortality of the climate.
Strona 83 - That the gentlemen whose names are appended be requested to act as a Committee (with power to add to their number) for the purpose of carrying out the previous resolution and of reporting to an adjourned public meeting to be held during the second week in October next.
Strona 47 - There is nothing that will prove this evil more than by observing the black streaks of a ship after being in a tropical climate for any length of time. It will be found that the wood round the fastenings is in a state of decay, while the white work is as sound as ever ; the planks that are painted black will be found split in all directions, while the frequent necessity of caulking a ship in that situation likewise adds to the common destruction ; and I am fully persuaded that a piece of wood painted...
Strona 376 - ... them, together with the true weights and measures by which they are to be prepared and mixed, and containing such other matter and things relating thereto as the General Council shall think fit, to be called
Strona 368 - ... expressed by the different density of the milk-white deadened silver, the shadows by the black carbonized plate. In a few seconds, the picture is finished ; and the plate is so sensitive, that the reduction of the silver begins even by the light of a candle. For fixing the image, nothing else is required, except dipping the plate in alcohol mixed with a small quantity of the hyposulphite of soda, or of pure ammonia.
Strona 74 - ... and the prevalence of the deadly miasma, to which we were nightly exposed from the surrounding swamps. The horrid sickening stench of this miasma must be experienced to be conceived : no description of it can convey to the mind the wretched sensation that is felt for some time before and after daybreak. In those accursed swamps, one is oppressed not only bodily but mentally with an indescribable feeling of heaviness, languor, nausea, and disgust, which requires a considerable effort to shake...

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