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Most Reverend Father in God
Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.

Compiled from the Minutes of the Reve-

rend Mr. Young, late Dean of Salisbury.
By F. H. M. A.

Many Curious MEMOIRS communicated by the

late Right Reverend GILBERT, Lord Bishop
of Sarum.

Printed for E. Curll at the Dial and Bible against St. Dun-

ftan's Church in Fleetstreet; W. Taylor at the ship in
Pater-nofter-Row; and J. OSBORN at the Oxford Arms in
Lombard-Street. 1717..

(Price 3 s. 6 d.)


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GOOD HE LIFE of Arch-Bishop TilS OS LOTSON was begun by a Re

SHOs verend Clergyman, with a Bemenea View of paying fome Tribute to the Memory of One who had done so much Honour to the Order. He had Collected for this purpose a great Number of Materials from printed Books and Origi. nal Papers, and by a particular Intercourse with the late Bishop of Salisbury, seemed to have furnished himself with Matter requisite to complete his Design. But so it happened, that before he had gone half the Way in his intended Scheme, he was obliged' to drop it imperfect, being called Abroad upon some necessary Affairs. Thus the Design was interrupted, and during his Absence fome fresh Materials dropp'd in, which in the Course of the Life ought to have been mention'd near the beginning. This is the Reason why the Reader will sometimes find the Series of the Story not so well connected as it ought to be, but

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he must not impute that to want of Judgment, which was only the effect of Accident.

The Person to whose Hand the finishing this Life fell, .would have thought it a Happiness to have had the full Plan at once in his Eye, and hopes he should then have given his Reader more Satisfaction in point of Method. If this Fault may be attoned for, in another Edition he will have Encouragement to proceed in it with an exact Care, and with as little Offence to any, as a Work of this Kind can be subject to. In the mean time the Publick may be assured, that what is here offered is genuine, and the Materials received from unexceptionable Hands, and every Regarder of Arch-Bishop Tillotson's Memory is hereby importun'd to do their endeavours to make his History more complete.

As to the Prelate himself, however faulty his Life may appear as here written, we are certain (human Imperfection excepted, for I cannot say Frailties) there was none as He lived It,


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