A Teachers' Manual for the Use of the Binet-Simon Scale of Intelligence

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Kansas state printing office, W.C. Austin, state printer, 1914 - 56

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Strona 42 - One hears very different judgments on the value of life. Some say it is good, others say it is bad. It would be more correct to say that it is mediocre ; because on the one hand it brings us less happiness than we want, while on the other hand the misfortunes it brings are less than others wish for us. It is the mediocrity of life that makes it endurable; or, still more, that keeps it from being positively unjust.
Strona 40 - The Fox and the Crow A crow, having stolen a bit of meat, perched in a tree and held it in her beak. A fox, seeing her, wished to secure the meat, and spoke to the crow thus: " How handsome you are ! and I have heard that the beauty of your voice is equal to that of your form and feathers. Will you not sing for me, so that I may judge whether this is true...
Strona 40 - ... The chickens will become ready for the market when poultry will fetch the highest price ; so that by the end of the year I shall have money enough from the perquisites that will fall to my share, to buy a new gown. In this dress I will go to the Christmas junketings, when all the young fellows will propose to me, but I will toss my head, and refuse them every one.
Strona 32 - The first house you come to is a barn and the next is a haystack. The next is Mr. Smith's." 3. A man said to his friend, "May you live to eat the chickens that scratch sand on your grave." 4. A man came to see Professor Johnstone; Professor Johnstone was not at home. I asked him his name. He said, "Oh, it is not necessary to leave my name; Professor Johnstone knows me.
Strona 54 - F. The Present Status of the Binet and Simon Tests of the Intelligence of Children.
Strona 41 - ... differential diagnosis of the high grade defective from the normal is in question. The Binet tests are not supposed to furnish an index to the education of the individual, but to measure his capacity for education. But would not many ignorant normal persons fail to be able to tell the difference...
Strona 40 - THE MILKMAID AND HER PLANS A milkmaid was carrying her pail of milk on her head, and was thinking to herself thus : "The money for this milk will buy 4 hens ; the hens will lay at least 100 eggs; the eggs will produce at least 75 chicks; and with the money which the chicks will bring I can buy a new dress to wear instead of the ragged one I have on.
Strona 38 - Two and four differ from one and three in having a dot in each section. Once knowing the scheme, the letters may be left out and a cipher dispatch written by using for each letter the part of the diagram in which the letter is placed in the key. For example "war" would be written: VJF Having made it perfectly clear, remove the key and have child write on back of record sheet, "Caught a spy,
Strona 54 - Binet's Method for the Measurement of Intelligence. Some Results.
Strona 54 - KOHS, SC The Binet-Simon measuring scale for intelligence; an annotated bibliography.

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