Process Modelling, Identification, and Control

Przednia okładka
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 20 lip 2007 - 480
Control and automation in its broadest sense plays a fundamental role in process industries. Control assures stability of technologies, disturbance - tenuation, safety of equipment and environment as well as optimal process operation from economic point of view. This book intends to present modern automatic control methods and their applications in process control in p- cess industries. The processes studied mainly involve mass and heat transfer processes and chemical reactors. It is assumed that the reader has already a basic knowledge about c- trolled processes and about di?erential and integral calculus as well as about matrixalgebra.Automaticcontrolproblemsinvolvemathematicsmorethanit is usual in other engineering disciplines. The book treats problems in a similar way as it is in mathematics. The problem is formulated at ?rst, then the t- orem is stated. Only necessary conditions are usually proved and su?ciency is left aside as it follows from the physical nature of the problem solved. This helps to follow the engineering character of problems. The intended audience of this book includes graduate students but can also be of interest to practising engineers or applied scientists.

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