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importing, indicating; III. ii. 124. incens'd, incited (by saying); V. i. 43. indifferent, impartial; II. iv. 17. indurance, confinement; V. i. 121. issues, children; III. ii. 291.

jaded, treated like beasts. A jade is a mare; III. ii. 280. keech, a lump of fat, applied to Wolsey, as he was sup

posed to be the son of a butcher; I. i. 55. Kimbolton, a castle in Huntingdonshire; spelled Kym

malton in Fi and F2, which indicates the pronunciation;

IV. i. 34. king-cardinal, cardinal assuming the powers of a king;

II. ii. 20. knock, strike up; I. iv. 108. late, done late at night; V. i. 13. lay, dwelt; IV. i. 28. lay by, became quiet; III. i. 11. leave, leave off; IV. ii. 94. level, range of the firing; I. ii. &. lewdness, levity; I. iii. 35. lighted, alighted; I. i. 9. like, please; I. i. 100; V. iii. 148. Limbo Patrum, see note, V. iv. 68. limbs, members, but used derisively; I. i. 220; see note,

V. iv. 66. Limehouse, see note, V. iv. 66. line, equator; V. iv. 44. list, pleases; II. ü. 22. long'd, belonged; II. iii. 48. longing, belonging; I. ii. 32. loose, too free, too generous; II. i. 127 : careless, random;

V. iv. 59.

lop, branches cut off a tree; I. ii. 96. lose, forget; II. i. 57.

made, successful, fortunate; II. ii. 52. maiden, unwedded; V. v. 41. maidenhead, virginity; II. iii. 23. malice, envy; I. i. 105; II. i. 62; etc. manage, handling of horses; V. iii. 24. mark, a coin worth thirteen shillings and sixpence; V. i.

171. marry, a petty oath, literally, by the Virgin Mary; I. i. 97;

I. ii. 38; III. ii. 47. Marshalsea, a prison in Southwark; V. iv. 90. mate, cope with; III. ii. 274. mean, means; V. iii. 146. measure, dance; I. iv. 106. memoriz'd, made memorable; III. ii. 52. mere, absolute; III. ii. 324. mincing, affectation; II. ii. 31. minded, inclined; III. i. 58. minister, give a chance for; I. i. 86. model, image; IV. ii. 132. modest, moderate; V. iii. 69. modesty, moderation; IV. ii. 74. moe, more; II. iii. 97; III. ïi. 5; etc. moiety, half; I. ii. 12. motions, motives; I. i. 153. mounting, raising; I. ii. 205. mounts, makes rise; I. i. 144. mouths, speeches; I. ii. 60. mysteries, fashions; I. iii. 2.

naught, worthless; Epilogue, 6. naughty, wicked; V. i. 138.

nor's, nor his; I. ii. 168. note, knowledge; I. ii. 48: “note's,” observation is; II.

iii. 59 : “ he gives us n.," he indicates to us; I. i. 63: melody; IV. i. 78.

o'er-great, great beyond bounds; I. i. 222. office, officers; I. i. 44. once, without question; I. ï. 82. open, public; II. i. 168: “in open,” openly, publicly; III.

ii. 404. opinion, reputation; Prol. 20. opposing, exhibiting by placing face to face; IV. i. 67. out, out of the question; I. i. 79: except; III. ii. 13: plain-song, song, simple theme in music; I. iii. 45. pluck off, see note, II. üi. 40. porringer, bowl-shaped cap; V. iv. 51. powers, people of high rank; II. iv. 113. practice, trickery, plotting; I. i. 204. practices, plots; I. ii. 127; III. ï. 29; V. i. 128. praemunire, see note, III. ii. 340. preferr'd, advanced; IV. i. 102. prescription, guidance; I. i. 151. presence, presence chamber; III. i. 17; IV. ï. 37. present, immediate; I. ii. 211. presently, at once; V. iv. 29. press, throng, crowd; IV. i. 78; V. iv. 88. pride, ornamentation; I. i. 25. prime, first; III. ii. 162; primer, more urgent; I. i. 67;

at an end; III. ii. 20. outgo, surpass, go beyond; I. ii. 207. out-speaks, surpasses; III. ii. 127. outworths, is worth more than; I. i. 123.

painting, see note, I. i. 26. pales, palings; V. iv. 94. panging, causing agony; II. iii. 15. papers, notes down on paper; see note, I. i. 80. paragon'd, regarded as a model; II. iv. 230. parted, departed; IV. i. 92. Paul's, St. Paul's Cathedral; V. iv. 16. peck, pitch; V. iv. 94. period, end to be reached; I. ii. 209. perk'd, adorned; II. iii. 21. perniciously, bitterly; II. i. 51. phenix, see note, V. v. 41. piece, used of a person; V. v. 27. pink'd, decorated with small holes; V. iv. 50. pitch, height; literally, the highest point to which a falcon

flies; II. ii. 50.

primest, most excellent; II. iv. 229. primero, a game of cards; V. i. 7. private, alone, unattended; II. ii. 15. privity, joint knowledge; I. i. 74. process, course of events; II. iii. 9. pronounce, assert; I. i. 196. proof, test; I. i. 197. proper, fine, excellent (sarcastically used); I. i. 98. putter on, originator, instigator; I. ï. 24.

quality, nature; see note, I. ii. 84. quarrel, quarreler; II. iii. 14.

rank, malignant; I. ii. 186.
rankness, excess; IV. i. 59.
receipt, receiving; II. ï. 139.
roads, stages of a journey; IV. ü. 17.
rub, obstacle; II. i. 129.
running, hurried; I. iv. 12.

Saba, Sheba; V. v. 24. sacring bell, bell rung when the Host is elevated at the

mass; III. ii. 295. sad, serious; Prol. 3, 25. salute, disturb; II. iii. 103. scarlet, allusion to the scarlet robe of a cardinal; III. ii.

255. self-drawing, drawn out of himself; I. i. 63. self-mettle, one's own fervor; I. i. 134. sennet, a series of notes on a trumpet; II. iv. 1, 8. d. shot, shooter; V. iv. 59. shrewd, notable; I. iii. 7: evil; V. iii. 178. sick, unfair, perverse, warped; I. ii. 82: eager, longing;

II. ii. 83. sicken'd, weakened; I. i. 82. sign, denote; II. iv. 108. simony, traffic in church appointments; IV. i. 36. slightly, without difficulty; II. iv. 112. sooth, truth; II. iii. 30. sound, proclaim; V. ii. 13. sound, upright, honest; V. iii. 81. spavin, a disease in the hock joint of a horse; I. iii. 12. speak, speak of, describe; IV. ii. 32. spinsters, spinners; I. ii. 33. spleen, anger; I. ii. 174; II. iv. 89; II. iv. 110. spleeny, headstrong, zealous; III. ii. 99. springhalt, lameness in a horse characterized by a jerking

motion of the hind leg; I. iii. 13. standing-bowls, bowls supported by feet; V. v. 1, s. d. state, magnificence; Prol. 3; a chair of state covered with

a canopy; I. ii. 8, s. d.; a canopy, I. iv. 1, s. d.; dignified

manner; I. ii. 10. state-statues, statues of statesmen, not real statesmen;

I. ii. 88.

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