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with me that He would raise up every where: such painful Laborers, and faithful Stewards. of the Word of Life; and that they may be blessed with a Measure of Success, as He is in his Ministry at Truro; and it is reasonably. presumed will be in other Places, by thePublication of these Discourses, as the first-Impression of them has been so quickly fold off..

One Thing more is humbly submitted to the Reader's Consideration, namely, whether the Points of Man's Sin and Guilt, Restoration by. Grace, Acceptance through CHRIST, and the Necessity of spiritual Renovation, are not fairly reasoned ; and whether, though not discoverable, by human Wisdom, yet, when revealed, they do not come within our Capacity of judging, and recommend themselves to our Belief and Approbation? And what I would observe upon it is, that it is doing unspeakable Mifchief to the Christian Religion, to distinguish those, who either from Principle, or Compliance with the corrupt Taste of the Age, foften, or too generally suppress these Points, by the Name of Rational Divines.


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SERMON I. ., .
The Sinfulness and Misery of Man. is

PSALM XIV. 2..3...? ! THE Lord looked down from Heaven upon the Children:

of Men; to see if there were any that did understand:

and seek God. they are all gone afide, 'they are altogether become filthy:

there is none that dotb Good, no not one. Page 1 Complaint of the general: Unconcernedness about Salvation, .

. Yet the Gospel a glorious Salvation, ... ..4 Faith in Christ, and the new Creature, contain the ... Sum of it;

. ;": Man a Sinner,. ,.,; .

ni Because an apostate Creature,..

.: The Fruits of this Apoftafy in the Heart, i t And in the Life, The Consequences of Sin terrible,

and is By Man's Apotasy, Dishonor is brought upon God's Government,

and ibid. He has lost the Image of God, and is left in a State

of Unfitness for God and Happiness, - 17 And á Sentence of Wrath is gone forth against the World,


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