The Anniversary: Or Poetry and Prose for MDCCCXXIX.

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Allan Cunningham
Sharpe, 1829 - 320

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Strona 98 - ... his horse, by Allan of Edinburgh, a noble portrait over the fire-place ; and the only bust is that of Shakspeare, from the Avon monument, in a small niche in the centre of the east side. On a rich stand of porphyry, in one corner, reposes a tall silver urn filled with bones from the Piraeus, and bearing the inscription, ' Given by George Gordon, Lord Byron, to Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Strona 94 - I believe, fac similes after Melrose. The walls are hung in crimson, but almost entirely covered with pictures, of which the most remarkable are — the parliamentary general, Lord Essex, a full length on horseback ; the Duke of Monmouth, by Lely ; a capital Hogarth, by himself; Prior and Gay, both by Jervas; and the head of Mary Queen of Scots...
Strona 197 - Unsheltered else, and many an ample port Repel the assailing storm; and where his roads In beautiful and sinuous line far seen, Wind with the vale, and win the long ascent, Now o'er the deep morass...
Strona 91 - Stepping westward," as Wordsworth says, from this hall, you find yourself in a narrow, low, arched room, which runs quite across the house, having a blazoned window again at either extremity, and filled all over with smaller pieces of armour and weapons, such as swords, firelocks, spears, arrows, darts, daggers, &c.
Strona 255 - I always looked to about thirty as the barrier of any real or fierce delight in the passions, and determined to work them out in the younger ore and better veins of the mine ; and I flatter myself that perhaps I have pretty well done so, and now the dross is coming, and I loves lucre.
Strona 36 - ... only be in sleep, And that some overpowering scream Will break the fetters of the dream, And let us back to waking life, Filled though it be with care and strife; Since there at least the wretch can know The meanings on the face of woe, Assured that no mock shower is shed Of tears upon the real dead, Or that his bliss, indeed, is bliss, When bending o'er the death-like cheek Of one who scarcely seems alive, At every cold but breathing kiss, He hears a saving angel speak—
Strona 20 - Fresh, salted, pickled, seasoned, moist or dry, Whether ham, bacon, sausage, souse or brawn, Leg, bladebone, baldrib, griskin, chine, or chop, Profess myself a genuine Philopig.
Strona 205 - ... her house shining like a new clock ; and her movements as regular as one of Murray's chronometers. There sits her husband, a sleek contented man, well fed, clean lodged, and softly handled ; who glories in the good looks and sagacity of his wife, and eyes her affectionately as he holds the shining tankard to his lips, and swallows slowly and with protracted delight the healthy beverage which she has brewed. Now that is a beautiful woman ; and why is she beautiful ? — She is beautiful because...
Strona 59 - tis hard to feel resign'd, When they must all be left behind. But when the pilgrim's staff we take, And follow Christ from shore to shore, Gladly for Him we all forsake, Press on, and only look before ; Though humbled nature mourns her loss, The spirit glories in the cross.
Strona 287 - But his kindred, and the stedfast friends of the distressed church, perceiving from this heroic and holy act what such a youth might live to perform, set themselves by all means to conceal him from the public search, which was set on foot ; and to save him from the high price which was placed upon his head* Finding this to be almost impossible, in the hotness of the search which the lord...

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