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Chap. 20. Sect. 7. continued.


1. Subjects expressed figuratively, 303 2. Attributes expressed figuratively,

309 21. Narration and description,

322 22. Epic and dramatic compofitions,

365 23. The three unities, 24. Gardening and architecture,

425 25. Standard of taste,

481 Appendix. Terms defined or explained,






HE five senses agree in the following particular, that nothing external is per

ceived till first it make an impression upon the organ of sense. But they differ as to our consciousness of that impression : in touching, tasting, and smelling, we are conscious of the impression; that, for example, which is made upon the hand by a stone, upon the palate by an apricot, and upon the nostrils by a rose: it is otherwise in seeing and hearing; for when I behold a tree, I am not sensible of the impression made upon my eye; nor of the impression made upon my car, when I listen to a song * This difference in the manner of perceiving external objects, distinguishes remarkably hearing and seeing from the other senses; and I am ready to show, that it distinguishes still more remarkably the feelings of the former from those of the latter : a feeling pleasant or painful cannot exist but in the

because in tasting, touching, and smelling, we are conscious of the impreffion made upon the organ, we are disposed to place also

upon it the pleasant or painful feeling caused by that impression: but with respect to seeing and hearing, being insensible of the organic impression, we are not misled to assign a wrong

See the Appendix, $13. VOL. I. А



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