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Ah, Madam, since my SHARPER is untrue,
I joyless make my once ador'd Alpeu.
I saw him stand behind OMBRELIA's Chair,
And whisper with that soft, deluding air,
And those feign'd sighs which cheat the list’ning Fair.

Is this the cause of your Romantic strains ?
A mightier grief my heavy heart sustains.
As You by Love, so I by Fortune cross't;
One, one bad Deal, Three Septlevas have lost.



Is that the grief which you compare with mine?
With ease, the smiles of Fortune I resign:
Would all my gold in one bad Deal were gone ; 15
Were lovely SHARPER mine, and mine alone.

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A Lover lost is but a common care :
And prudent Nymphs against that change prepare :
The KNAVE OF CLUBS thrice lost! Oh! who could

This fatal Stroke, this unforeseen Distress? 20


See BETTY LOVET! very à propos,
She all the cares of Love and Play does know:
Dear Betty shall th' important point decide;
BETTY who oft the pain of each has try'd ;
Impartial, she shall say who suffers most,
By Cards' In Usage, or by Lovers lost.



Tell, tell your griefs ; attentive will I stay, Tho' Time is precious, and I want some Tea.


Behold this Equipage, by Mathers wrought, With Fifty Guineas (a great Pen’worth) bought. 30 See on the tooth-pick, Mars and Cupid strive; And both the struggling figures seem alive. Upon the bottom shines the Queen's bright Face ; A Myrtle Foliage round the Thimble-Case. Jove, Jove himself, does on the Scissors shine; 35 The Metal, and the Workmanship, divine !


This Snuff-Box,-once the pledge of SHARPER'S

love, When rival beauties for the Present strove ; At Corticellis he the Ruffle won ; Then first his Passion was in public shewn: 40 HAZARDIA blush'd, and turn'd her head aside, A Rival's envy (all in vain) to hide. This Snuff-Box-on the Hinge see Brilliants shine: This Snuff-Box will I stake; the Prize is mine.



Alas ! far lesser losses than I bear,
Have made a Soldier sigh, a Lover swear.
And Oh! what makes the disappointment hard,
'Twas my own Lord that drew the fatal Card.


In complaisance, I took the Queen he gave ;
Tho' my own secret wish was for the Knave.
The Knave won Sonica, which I had chose ;
And the next Pull, my Septleva I lose.


But ah! what aggravates the killing smart, The cruel thought, that stabs me to the heart; This curs'd OMBRELIA, this undoing Fair, 55 By whose vile arts this heavy grief I bear; She, at whose name I shed these spiteful tears, She owes to me the very charms she wears. An aukward Thing, when first she came to Town ; Her shape unfashioned, and her Face unknown : 60 She was my friend ; I taught her first to spread Upon her sallow cheeks enliv’ning red : I introduc'd her to the Park and Plays; And by my intrest, Cozens made her Stays. Ungrateful wretch, with mimick airs grown pert, 65 She dares to steal my Fav'rite Lover's heart.

CARDELIA. Wretch that I was, how often have I swore, , When WINNALL tally’d, I would punt no more? I know the Bite, yet to my Ruin run; And see the Folly, which I cannot shun. 70


How many Maids have SHARPER's vows deceiv'd? How many curs'd the moment they believ'd ? Yet his known falsehoods could no warning prove : Ah! what is warning to a Maid in Love?

CARDELIA. But of what marble must that breast be form'd, To gaze on Basset, and remain unwarm'd ? 76 When Kings, Queens, Knaves, are set in decent rank; Expos'd in glorious heaps the tempting Bank, Guineas, Half-Guineas, all the shining train ; The Winner's pleasure, and the Loser's pain : In bright confusion open Rouleaus lie, They strike the Soul, and glitter in the eye. Fir'd by the sight, all Reason I disdain ; My Passions rise, and will not bear the rein. Look upon Basset, you who reason boast; 85 And see if Reason must not there be lost.


SMILINDA. What more than marble must that heart compose, Can hearken coldly to my SHARPER's Vows? Then, when he trembles ! when his blushes rise ! When awful Love seems melting in his eyes !

90 With eager beats his Mechlin Cravat moves : He Loves,–) whisper to myself, He Loves ! Such unfeign’d Passion in his Looks appears, I lose all mem’ry of my former Fears ; My panting heart confesses all his charms, 95 I yield at once, and sink into his arms : Think of that moment, you who Prudence boast ; For such a moment, Prudence well were lost.


At the Groom-Porter's, batter'd Bullies play, Some Dukes at Mary-Bone bowl Time away

100 But who the Bowl, or rattling Dice compares To Basset's heavenly Joys, and pleasing Cares?

Şoft SIMPLICETTA doats upon a Beau;
PRUDINA likes a Man, and laughs at show.
Their several



SHARPER meet ;
Strong as the Footman, as the Master sweet.



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Cease your contention, which has been too long;
I grow impatient, and the Tea's too strong.
Attend, and yield to what I now decide;
The Equipage shall grace

SMILINDA's Side ; 110
The Snuff-Box to CARDELIA I decree,
Now leave complaining, and begin your Tea.

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Gay wrote a Quaker's Eclogue, and Swift a Footman's Ec-
logue; and said to Pope, “I think the Pastoral Ridicule is not
exhausted; what think you of a Newgate Pastoral, among the
whores and thieves there?” When Lady M. W. Montague would
sometimes shew a copy of her verses to Pope, and he would
make some little alterations, “ No," said she, “ Pope, no touch-
ing! for then, whatever is good for any thing will pass
and the rest for mine.”

for yours,

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