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substituting the title of “Encyclopædia of Useful Knowledge” for the more vulgar one of “Penny Cyclopædia,” he always conceived that he was doing a service to that very publication itself. At all events, the change of title, if it were indeed such, appears to have been a very proper one, since it met with the tacit approbation of certain so-called critics, who would never have allowed this opportunity of gratifying personal animosity to have passed unheeded, had they conceived it capable of furnishing any ground of attack. The account of Coins, Weights, and Measures, which accompanied the edition of Lempriere in two volumes, has been appended to the present work in a more condensed and convenient form. It is from the pen of Abraham B. Conger, Esq., formerly one of the Mathematical instructers in Columbia College, but at present a member of the New-York bar. The very great clearness and ability which characterize this Essay have been fully acknowledged by its republication abroad in the Edinburgh edition of Potter's Grecian Antiquities, and it will be found far superior to the labours of Arbuthnot, as given in the Dictionary of Lempriere. Before concluding, the author must express his grateful obligations to his friend, Francis Adams, Esq., of Banchory Ternan, near Aberdeen (Scotland), for the valuable contributions furnished by him under the articles detius, Alerander of Tralles, Areta:us, Celsus, Dioscorides, Galenus, Hippocrates, Micander, Oribasius, Paulus JEgineta, and many other medical biographies scattered throughout the present work. Mr. Adams is well known abroad as the learned author of “Hermes Philologicus,” and the English translator of “Paul of AFgina.” Whatever comes from his pen, therefore, carries with it the double recommendation of professional talent and sound and accurate scholarship. With regard to the typographical execution of the present volume, the author need say but little. The whole speaks for itself, and for the unsparing liberality of the publishers. In point of accuracy, the author is sure that no work of its size has ever surpassed it; and for this accuracy he is mainly indebted to the unremitting care of his talented young friend, Mr. Henry Drisler, a graduate of Columbia College, and one of the Instructers in the College-school, of whose valuable services he has had occasion to speak in the preface to a previous work. Columbia College, August 1, 1842.

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