A manual of Greek prosody

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Strona 19 - Musa dedit fidibus divos puerosque deorum Et pugilem victorem et equum certamine primum Et juvenum curas et libera vina referre.
Strona 13 - Incident, nee quarta loqui persona laboret. .Actoris partes chorus officiumque virile Defendat," neu quid medios intercinat actus, Q,uod non proposito conducat et haereat apte...
Strona 56 - Post etiam inclusa est voti sententia compos ; Quis tamen exiguos elegos emiserit auctor, Grammatici certant et adhuc sub judice lis est.
Strona 56 - Res gestae regumque ducumque et tristia bella Quo scribi possent numero monstravit Homerus. Versibus impariter junctis querimonia primum, Post etiam inclusa est voti sententia compos...
Strona 13 - Ne dicam stulte, mirati; si modo ego et vos Scimus inurbanum lepido seponere dicto, Legitimumque sonum digitis callemus et aure. Ignotum tragicse genus invenisse camense 275 Dicitur, et plaustris vexisse poemata Thespis Qui canerent agerentque peruncti fsecibus ora. Post hunc, personse pallseque repertor honestse ^Eschylus, et modicis instravit pulpita tignis, In that case I have at best avoided censure, I have not merited praise. Do you carefully examine and study by night and day the models which...
Strona 13 - Euripides, his cotemporary and rival. Sophocles died at the advanced age of eighty-five. Some of his biographers relate that he expired from an ecstacy of joy produced by his having carried the prize at the Olympic Games. But his number of years may alone account for his dissolution. He is said to have composed one hundred and twenty tragedies, of which seven only remain.
Strona 23 - TJÍTOJ-; because, in addition to (ест) the 3d syllable, it has a short one over. The DIIAMBUS is an Iambic syzygy, admitting the Spondee in PI. 1. The DITROCH-iEUS is a Trochaic syzygy, admitting the Spondee in PL 2.
Strona 27 - ... made long by position before the first syllable of the following line.

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