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First Witch: Welcome to the Scottish play

Second Witch: It's "Scottish" 'cos it rains all day

Third Witch: It's cold enough to see your breath

First Witch: We're waiting here to see Macbeth.

Second Witch: Hanging out in bogs and ditches

Third Witch: Yes you've guessed it; we're the witches!

First witch: We're here to guide you all the way

Second witch: Because we know the end of the play

The Silly Shakespeare for Students edition of Shakespeare's Macbeth simplifies the famous tragedy without dumbing it down. It's perfect for introducing students to the Bard and helping English Language Learners practice speaking and oracy skills while grappling with the classics.

Author Paul Leonard Murray, director of the Belgrade English Language Theater, has cut the play down to an hour or so and made the language more accessible. But he's kept all the tragic parts while adding some jokes. And if you think jokes in a version of Macbeth is weird, the whole thing is also written in rhyming couplets. Production notes and a summary of the play make putting on Shakespeare easy and fun, even if you've never done drama in class before!

Looking for something different for drama club, student theater, or speaking class? Want to spice up your literature or reading class and give students a new appreciation for Shakespeare? This is the series for you.


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Review: Macbeth (Modern Library Classics)

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I absolutely loved this play, though I can't say it's my favourite since I have a strong affinity for the comedies. Anyway, from line one with the witches to Malcolm's ending speech; the play was a ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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Paul Leonard Murray has worked as an actor and educator for over 30 years. He graduated in Theatre, gained an MA in Educational Theatre and a PhD in Applied Theatre. Originally from England but now living and working in Belgrade, Serbia, Paul is a passionate believer in the power of theatre to engage, educate and amuse children of all ages. He is currently the director of Belgrade English Language Theatre which is a youth theatre for young people for whom English is not their native tongue.

The plays in the Silly Shakespeare for Students series were developed with the help of his youth theatre member’s and can be read in class or performed. Inspired by the humour of the Goons, Monty Python and Commedia dell Arte (and of course the bard himself) Paul hopes that these adaptations can help to inspire further appreciation of theatre, the English language, Shakespeare and silliness.

He's pretty famous!

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