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will, with bitter Scoffs, drag him to Tor


On the other Side, could you see the Glories of the Saints and Martyrs, and fully know their happy State, how would you study to imitate their Lives, that so you might at last attain their Joys! O what a glorious Day will that be, when your Soul shall be conducted to Heaven, and received there among Cherubims and Seraphims, Patriarchs and Prophets, and all the Saints of God! What Joy will your Soul receive, when it shall be presented pure and spotless before God, having all its Defilements, which it had contracted here below, washed away in the Blood of the Lamb! There all your good Works, and Sufferings for the Sake of God, shall be praised and rewarded; then shall you bless the happy Hour in which you resolved to forsake Sin and keep God's Laws. Then your Warfare will be over, and you placed out of the Reach of all Danger for ere, your only Work then will be to rejoice and triumph, to sing Hallelujahs to the Lamb that hath brought you to this Happiness. And how will your Bliss be increased, when you shall find all your pious Relations and godly Friends in Heaven,

Heaven, your Father and Mother, Brethren and Sisters, with Crowns of Glory set on their Heads? The only Way to obtain all these Blessings is to lead a virtuous, holy Life; Up, then, and be doing, resolve to break off your old darling Vices this very Day, and prefer the Mournings of a pious Penitent, before the vain Noise of an unthinking Life. Cast out the evil Thoughts that defile your Soul; be often upan your Knees confessing your Sins: Obey the Laws of your Maker, so shall you walk before God as Enoch did, all the. Day long, and then you may be assured at last to have eternal Rest with all the faithful in Abraham's Bosom.


O ETERNAL and unchangeable Lord God, who art the same Yesterday, To-day, and for ever, be pleased to give some Part of that Steadfastness to me, thy poor Crea-. ture, who am light, inconstant, and vain. Behold with Pity and Compassion the Dangers to which the Frailty of our Nature is perpetually exposed, from the Assaults of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. O State full of Hazard, full of B 4 Dis

Disquietude! Keep me, gracious Lord, from the Snares of the Devil who would betray me into Sin. Let no Terrors or Flatteries, either of the World or my own Flesh, ever draw me from my Obedience to thee, but grant I may remain steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the Work of the Lord; so shall I all my Days feed on the pleasant Fruits of Piety, and the heavenly Feast of a good Conscience, and at last arrive at the Kingdom of Heaven; that blessed Kingdom, where I shall be no more exposed to Temptations, but where all shall be Joy, and Love, and Peace, and Perfection, for eternal Ages.

The Lord God of Heaven give me Grace to resolve wisely, and keep his Commandments always even to the End of my Days, for Jesus Christ his Sake. Amen, Amen.


IN the Morning, when you find yourself refreshed with Sleep, safe from the Danger of Fire, Thieves, Storms, and every sad Accident; when you consider also, how many have spent the Night past in racking Pains, and languishing Distempers; and how many Souls were summoned from their Bodies to appear before God, and that you are spared; let your Thoughts be taken up with all these Wonders of Love, and enter upon the Day with an Act of Piety: Strive with all your Might to keep all sinful Thoughts out of your

Mind, and present your whole Heart to God, and beg of him so to take Possession of it, that no unclean Spirit may enter in and defile you,

When you first Awake.

ALL Glory be to the ever blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Amen. I bless thy Name, O Lord, for watching over me this Night, and for bringing me to see the Light, and taste the Comforts of another Day. Praised be the Name of the Lord, from the rising up of the Sun, unto the going down thereof.

Being moderately refreshed, rise early; this will help to keep off loose and vain Thoughts, which might otherwise start up in the Mind. Besides, too much Sleep will hinder the Works of your Calling, hurt the Brain, and be, in many Respects, prejudicial to your Health. If a plentiful Estate has set you above bard Work, yet you have something to do. Manage your Affairs with Prudence and Discretion; govern and instruct your Family: Make Peace in your Neighbourhood; and not waste your Time, the most valuable Thing in the World, in unaccountable Sloth, or Diversions. You have an immortal Soul, and as you hope to save that Soul, serve God, pray, read, meditate, &c. and you will have Work enough.

While you are getting up.

As I now rise from my Bed, so must I one Day rise from my Grave; Lord,

B 5


give me Grace so to live here, as that I may obtain a joyful Resurrection.

As you are Dressing.

I AM now covering my Body with these perishing Garments; O Lord, clothe my Soul with the unfading Robes of Righteousness, through Jesus Christ.

Here reflect upon the true End of Cloathing; which was to preserve Modesty and Health. In your Dressing let no Immodesty appear; remember to reverence yourself.

When you Wash.

O WASH me thoroughly from my Wickedness, and cleanse me from my Sin. Make me a clean Heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit within me.

All the intermediate Time, think on some of God's glorious Attributes, as of his infinite Purity, that he hates all filthy Pollutions; of his Power; of his Presence; that he is about thy Path and thy Bed; of his Omnisciency, that he knoweth the Secrets of your Heart; and that you must one Day give an Account of all your Actions at his Tribunal. Thus if good and holy Thoughts first possess your Mind, the wicked Suggestions of Satan will be more easily kept out.

When you first go abroad, or sce the Light.

BLESSED be thy, Name, O Lord, for the glorious Sun, whose cheerful Beams enliven

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